How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme?

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Website is your company’s face. And having a brand represented by a website is a huge responsibility that a website carries on its shoulders.

One thing that you cannot afford to go easy with – is to randomly pick a WordPress theme for your website. Choosing a website requires great precision and an eye for detail in case you thought it to be a fluky act that goes without putting in much thought and effort.

Now, if the next thing you’re wondering is ‘How to select the perfect WordPress theme’ for your business, this post is for you!

Checkout the comprehensive list of pointers that you must put a tick on before picking a WordPress website theme, which anyway is a combined effort of putting together the visual appeal and technical superiority that comes along with the WordPress theme.

To begin with, checkout for:

1. Elegant Design:

  • Implement the rule of – “First Impression is the last Impression’ and you would narrow down your search to incredibly exquisite website themes.
  • For a website to have an eye-arresting appeal and facilitate smooth navigation, it is important to look for the simple layout that spreads out the required information in orderly fashion while having a fair play of colors and graphics.
  • A simple yet elegant theme is all that you require to put your best foot forward and come up with a perfect website that justifiably conveys your company’s standards and values.
  • Choosing a right color scheme coupled with a precise layout should be the foremost step while picking a WordPress theme for your website.

2. Bloat Free Experience:

  • The next step is to get into the details and assess whether the elegance and aesthetics of a WordPress theme is coming along with a smooth functionality or not.
  • Going by the second principle of ‘Not everything that glitters is gold’, it is important for you to look for any bloatware that comes along with the theme.
  • Choosing a lightweight theme is not only important for its load time but to have your reservations in place for making any future changes when the time comes.
  • For a website, It is a lot more important to function swiftly and with utmost precision than to accessorize it with cumbersome sliders and heavy graphics.
  • If the website is not enhancing the user experience then no amount of embellishments would suffice to reach the business goals that you’ve set for growth and development.

3. Mobile Responsive Design:

What’s no more a luxury is to make your website responsive for mobile devices.

Let’s hear some quick facts on mobile responsiveness!

According to Surveys:

  • About, 57% of the web traffic comes from the mobile
  • About, 51% of emails are opened on mobile devices
  • About 60% of the internet access is done for the mobile devices
  • 94% of the people judge the websites on Responsive Websites Designs

Knowing all these facts, there is no room left for you to not develop your website that is not as per the responsive website standards.

Also, in times where having a responsive website design is such a necessity, usually most of the website themes come along with it. But in order to be sure, you must put a tick on your checklist for choosing a WordPress theme that comes fully optimized with a responsive design.

4. Suit your Requirement:

‘What’s Good for one might be the Worst for another’.

There’s no standard list of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ that works for a given task – except for some ground level universal principles that stays the same for everything.

In the context of choosing a WordPress theme, let’s have it using a simple example. Whatever seems right in choosing a WordPress theme for a yoga business might be the exact opposite of what’s required in the hospitality business.

From having a flashy layout to dynamic color scheme is what would lure the target audience in a hospitality website than having a fairly simple layout in terms of light-toned and subtle theme.

So, the base principle is to understand your business’s unique requirements and pick a theme that complements it in all respects.

5. Plugin Integration:

The biggest attraction of any WordPress website, or any other website, is to have access to various plugins that contribute to its consistent growth.

Driving traffic, doing SEO analysis and spawning customer engagement are some of the perks of having a website on WordPress, accompanied by its inventive plugins.

And what good is your website if it doesn’t support the plugins that literally hold the potential of flipping the business game in your favor.

Websites seeking assistance from automation plugins not only tend to save their time and resources but switch to their optimal mode where it operates at their maximum capacity in terms of growth and productivity.

6. Theme Review and Ratings:

Checking for the reviews and rating of a theme is a mandatory ritual that you must perform before buying a theme for your website. This rule applies to almost every digital purchase where the existing reviews and ratings could be of great help in showing you the real picture of something.

The review section exists right below the product that helps you gain insight from the users of the product (in this case- it’s a website theme) and know how their experiences have been after going for a particular theme.

And adding the advantage of reviews and rating in your favor is something that could keep you from buying the ineffective WordPress theme that might just make first fine appearance but remain incompatible to the long term business goals.

Final Thoughts:

The quick guide would help you pick the best WordPress theme from Custom Web Design Service.

Don’t forget to find the perfect balance between the attributes of your theme being highly-functional and offering eye-arresting appeal at once. Also, the scope of doing customizations is something that you must look for in a website theme.

Checking the theme for SEO optimization like schema markups and well written codes is something that makes the perfect strategy for picking the most-suited WordPress theme for your business.

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