AI Content Creation Best Practices

By: Ashmita Ahuja
Ashmita Ahuja is a seasoned content creator, editor, and strategic thinker, currently working as a senior content writer and editor at Make My Website. With a rich background in content creation, marketing, leadership, and business, Ashmita brings a wealth of experience to her role.
April 30, 2024

In today’s oversaturated online world, reducing the noise to create content that resonates has emerged as an immense challenge. Ideation blocks, exhausting writing approaches, and lacklustre performance can derail even the best-laid content strategies.

Producing a steady stream of exquisite, attractive, optimised content is a draining attempt. You make investments in limitless resources, yet there needs to be assurance that your content will have an effect on your marketing goals among the immense content deluge.

Also, did you know that the projected growth of the universal AI content creation market is expected to increase from $5.2 billion to $16.9 billion by 2028. Yes, it’s going to be a big segment in the coming years.

It is time to supercharge your strategy with AI content creation. By taking advantage of artificial intelligence abilities, you could overpower content roadblocks and secure an unparalleled competitive advantage:

  • Generate satisfactory output at scale
  • Optimise for search and engagement from the beginning
  • Continue consistent brand voice across channels
  • Personalise content for granular target segments
  • Refine your technique with performance insights

AI acts as a force multiplier on your content team, enabling you to create greater effects with fewer sources. In this guide, we will walk through proven effective practices to maximise the whole ability of AI and optimise your content marketing outcomes.

Top 7 Benefits of AI Content Creation

Yes, it’s a fact that you will gain numerous benefits with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for content marketing. Here are the top 7 benefits of the usage of AI in your content approach:

1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

AI tools can improve the content creation process. They can quickly produce drafts, outlines, or even complete pieces on a given topic. This simplifies the workflow, letting your group produce better content in much less time. For instance, an AI writing assistant could generate a 1,000-word blog post in minutes as per your provided prompts and content creation guidelines.

2. Improved Personalisation and Relevance

AI algorithms can analyse audience data, preferences, and online behaviour to tailor content for specific segments. As a result, this personalised approach increases relevance and engagement. AI can also dynamically update website content based on user attributes like location or browsing history.

3. Boosting Content Marketing ROI

The small businesses often deal with limited resources and time constraints, which makes efficient content strategies extremely important. Therefore, AI can be a game-changer in this regard.

The 2024 AI content report by Semrush uncovers that 68% of companies experienced higher SEO and content marketing ROI when using AI.

The following statistics illustrate the impact.

SEO and Content Marketing ROI with AI by Semrush
Source: Semrush

AI empowers businesses to create content faster, freeing up resources to invest in other areas supporting business growth. Moreover, AI-generated content tends to produce more engagement and drive higher traffic, contributing to improved ROI.

4. Better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

AI-powered tools will optimise content for search engines by:

  • Suggesting relevant keywords
  • Meta tags
  • Structuring information hierarchically with proper headings

On top of that, some tools even score content based on SEO best practices. Ultimately, this can boost your online visibility and organic traffic.

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5. Consistent Voice and Tone

Maintaining a solid brand voice across multiple authors and content types is challenging. However, AI writing models can understand and replicate your preferred tone, style, and personality. As a result, this ensures that the content ends up on-brand regardless of the creator.

6. Multilingual Content Creation

For businesses looking to reach global audiences, AI translation tools support the creation of multilingual content at scale. Consequently, this allows you to engage with prospects and customers in their native languages.

7. Content Ideation and Research

AI can analyse vast datasets to provide content insights and identify captivating topics to cover. On top of that, it can also quickly summarise long-form content or research papers to highlight key points for creativity. This helps in developing a more data-driven, audience-centric content strategy.

Furthermore, AI can be utilised for a wide range of content creation tasks beyond those already mentioned. For that, let’s have a look at the following infographic.

How to Use AI for Content Marketing?

AI writing tools have shown up as strong forces within the content marketing industry, permitting entrepreneurs to conduct research, writing, and strategy in a manner that raises efficiency and productivity. In addition, AI tools can be used for the following content material creation purposes:

What AI content used for by Semrush
Source: Semrush


Researching Content Ideas

AI can help uncover trending topics, popular questions, and content gaps in your niche.

Use prompts like:
“Give me a list of trending topics in relation to [your industry] depending on current search statistics and social media discussions.”


“What are some frequently asked questions about [your product/service] that do not have effective solutions online yet?”


Rewriting Text

AI writing tools can rephrase and rewrite existing text to improve clarity, tone, and structure.

Use prompts like:
“Rewrite this [article/paragraph] in a more [conversational/professional/simplified] tone.”


“Expand on this [topic sentence/thesis statement] in 2-3 paragraphs.”


Creating Content from Scratch

AI can generate all kinds of content like blog posts, emails, ad copy etc. from scratch based on your inputs.

Try prompts like:
“Write a 1500-word web blog post on [topic] targeted at [audience] which covers [key points].”


“Create an email pitch for [product/service] highlighting the key benefits for [target customers].”


Building a Content Strategy

Use AI to analyse your existing content, identify gaps, and suggest content pillars and types.

Prompts could be:
“Based on my [website/blog] content, what major topics/pillars am I missing?”


“Recommend types of content I should create to better engage [target audience] at different stages of the marketing funnel.”


Adding More Content/Ideas

Once you have a draft, you can iterate on it using AI writing tools by asking for more sections, examples, data points etc.

For example:
“Add 2-3 expert quotes related to [subtopic] in this blog post.”


“Suggest some real-world examples/case studies to include for [concept].”


“Expand this section with more statistical data and sources about [xyz trend].”

Adding AI to your content creation procedure will definitely lead to success. Because, according to Semrush’s 2024 report on AI content marketing, a staggering 82% of businesses that report content marketing success are already leveraging AI.


Tips for Using AI Content Marketing to Get the Best Results

While AI presents numerous opportunities in content marketing, it’s essential to use these tools effectively to achieve the best results. Here are some tips from industry experts:

1. Maintain Human Oversight

When Using AI, Michael Brenner, Founder of Marketing Insider Group, emphasises the importance of human oversight: “After AI helps us lay the groundwork, our in-house writers step in to add stories, depth, and visual support to each piece of content. We’ve also added extra editorial reviews, where our writers team up to cross-analyze articles and measure up to a higher standard.”

AI-generated content should be considered a foundation or first draft, with human writers and editors adding elements to make the content more personalised and relatable.


2. Integrate Your Personality into AI Content

In an increasingly crowded content landscape, infusing your content with personal stories, real-life examples, and expert quotes can help you stand out. As Melanie Deziel, Co-Founder of Creator Kitchen, notes, “In 2024, we’ll start to see content creators and marketers become more personal and more vulnerable with their work, as an antidote to all the sterile and mass-produced content currently flooding the market.”


3. Highlight Your First-Hand Experience and Expertise

To produce content that resonates with your audience and performs well in search engines like Google and Yahoo, it is important to focus on your brand’s experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EEAT). Integrate AI tools with the skill set of industry professionals and writers, post original research, add on your real-life experiences, and provide case studies.


4. Structure Your Content to Keep Traffic Volumes High

With the arrival of Google’s Generative Search, which presents AI-generated results for search queries, it is even more relevant than ever to create content that absolutely:

  • Answers the search query, and
  • Presents an enticing experience that can not be simply eradicated through simple AI summaries

As Kyle Byers, Semrush’s Growth Marketing Director, advises, “To compete against Google’s Search Generative Experience, content marketers should provide experiences that can’t be easily replaced by simple AI summaries.”

To keep readers engaged and coming back to your website, enhance your content by integrating multimedia elements like YouTube or video embeds, interactive components, audio clips, reliable sources, relevant quotes from subject-matter experts, and useful statistics.


5. Use Multimedia AI Tools

While AI is good at producing text-based content, it’s also becoming increasingly powerful at growing multimedia formats. To spice up your content material approach and make your content extra interactive and engaging, make use of tools like:

  • Midjourney for AI image generation
  • Synthesia for AI video editing
  • Descript’s Overdub for AI voice generation
  • AIVA for AI track composition.

While AI excels at generating text-based content, it’s also becoming increasingly adept at creating multimedia formats. Make use of tools like Midjourney for AI image generation, Synthesia for AI video editing, Descript’s Overdub for AI voice generation, and AIVA for AI music composition to enhance your content strategy and make your content more interactive.


6. Monitor for Biases and Inaccuracies

However, it’s worth noting that AI models can sometimes turn out biased, or provide error-prone outputs based on their training data. As such, implement processes to identify and correct any concerning issues before publishing. It’s also wise to have subject-matter experts verify the accuracy of technical or sensitive content generated by AI.


7. Stay Updated on AI Advances

The AI content marketing space is evolving rapidly. Consequently, continuously learn about new AI tools, models, and techniques to take advantage of the latest capabilities effectively. Follow industry publications, join online communities, and test out new AI products regularly.


8. Enhance Content Quality, Not Replace Humans

Ultimately, AI should be used to augment and assist your human content teams, rather than entirely replacing them. In other words, the goal is to use AI capabilities to improve quality, efficiency, and insights while retaining the authentic human element that resonates with audiences.

Also, here are some AI content creation practices that will help you attain better results on SERP.


Top 5 AI Content Creator Tools

The demand for AI-powered content creation tools is rapidly increasing, with new options emerging often. Here are 5 of the most powerful AI content-creator tools well worth exploring:


1. ChatGPT



ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can generate human-like text on a wide range of topics. As an AI content creation tool, it can assist with writing tasks such as article drafts, blog posts, stories, and even code. Its ability to understand context and generate coherent, fluent content makes it a valuable asset for content creators and writers. However, human oversight and editing are still necessary to ensure accuracy, tone, and overall quality.


2. Jasper


Jasper is one of the most popular and capable AI writing assistants. It can generate long-form content like blog posts, articles, scripts, stories, and even code in various tones and formats based on simple prompts. Jasper integrates with tools like Google Docs and Surfer SEO.




Another song the best AI content creation tools comes specialises in generating high-quality marketing copy like email sequences, ad campaigns, social media posts, and product descriptions. Its AI models can match your brand’s voice and include output personalisation based on the target audience.


4. Writesonic


Writesonic offers a comprehensive mixture of AI and content creation solution covering long-form, short-form, and even audio/video formats. Its AI can create SEO-friendly blogs, ebooks, landing pages, emails, scripts, and more with user feedback loops to refine outputs.


4. ArticleForge

ArticleForge markets itself as the top tool providing the services of utilising SEO in AI content creation with a focus on creating blogs and articles optimised for search engines. It suggests relevant keywords and topics while allowing control over content briefs and reviewing drafts


5. Rytr


Rytr seeks to make AI writing extra on hand with discounted pricing plans. It provides over 30 content use cases spanning creativity, writing, editing, and sharing across different formats like emails, ads, posts, and long-form pieces.

The Top AI Content Creator Tools

While ChatGPT has won a significant reputation, there are a number of AI content material tools out there. Here are a few specialised AI tools that allow you to remain ahead of the game:

AI Content Writing Tools AI Audio Tools AI Video Tools
ContentShake AI 

(combines AI with Semrush’s SEO data for optimised content creation)


(all-in-one podcast software with AI voice cloning)


(AI tool for adding captions, effects, and optimising short-form videos)

Jasper AI 

(AI writing assistant for enterprise content marketing)

Murf AI 

(AI voice generator for different characters and languages)


(AI video generation for long-form content, training videos, and more)

Content Creation Revolution with Make My Website

In today’s fierce digital landscape, investing in AI for content creation is no longer just an option – it’s a necessity (not entirely, though) for driving profitable marketing results. By implementing the best practices we’ve covered, from setting clear Google guidelines in AI content to combining it with human creativity. Furthermore, you’ll future-proof your strategy and gain an edge over competitors still relying solely on manual processes.

So what? AI democratises high-quality, personalised content production, allowing businesses of any size to grow in their industry. What’s next? The path is seamless with AI content marketing services like those offered by Make My Website.

Our AI experts work closely with your team to integrate cutting-edge language models and tools into your existing workflows. Also, we’ll help you ideate, create, optimise, and distribute compelling, branding content tailored to your audiences while upholding SEO best practices. Whether you need blog posts, website copy, email campaigns or beyond, Make My Website empowers you with AI’s full potential for a sustained competitive advantage.

Take the first step towards a future-proof content strategy today. Contact our AI solutions consultants to learn how Make My Website can transform your content creation process and drive more impactful marketing results. The possibilities are limitless when human creativity meets artificial intelligence.

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