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Successful SEO Melbourne campaigns are the top requirements of businesses. But these days, finding reliable and proficient Melbourne SEO companies that stick to their word and promise has become the next biggest hunt!

Outperform your competition with a trusted SEO agency in Melbourne with a tailored SEO strategy. We believe in complete transparency and delivering High ROI !


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When expecting to outshine in the digital space, you must understand how significant SEO is in establishing you as a brand. And that is when you’d realise it’s not about making random moves or risking your business becoming the experimental playground for novice SEO companies in Melbourne.

Only choosing the best in the field of SEO is how you could reach closer to the goal of becoming the best in your industry. And this is what we claim to be!


300% YoY increase in website leads


100% targeted keywords in Top 5


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200% Increase in Website Traffic


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Explore our Results-Driven SEO Strategy

We help businesses in Melbourne to get the leverage of our expertise. In performing on-page SEO, we devise best ploys to undertake tasks with utmost precision, whether it's about optimising the headings, finding relevant keywords, or prescribing optimised meta-tags to ensure maximum user-engagement for your website.

Core Web Vitals:

Core vitals include three pillars, namely, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and First Input Delay (FID). Search engines utilise these metrics to rank websites. The higher the metric, the better the website will be in terms of presentation, recognition, and user engagement.

Featured Snippets:

Do you want a quick-climb on the ladder of success? Don’t worry, we’ll employ our best ttactics to offer our clients all that their business deserves with the help of featured snippets for enhanced visibility!

Improving E-A-T:

Among the other most accepted and popular SE algorithms are EAT, which stands for Expertise-Authoritativeness- and Trustworthiness. To quote it in the category of a metric won’t be justified because it is the large philosophy based on which SE base their other principles. And at Make My Website, we ensure that we follow it word by word so the content posted on the brand’s behalf speaks for itself.

Page Speed Optimisation:

How quickly a web page loads and respond to the click of a button says a lot about a website. Besides that, this parameter alone determines how much potential a website holds. It stands by far the most important step of on-page SEO, and our team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your website is the quickest to respond when it comes to page speed optimisation.

Indexing Optimisation:

Indexing optimisation is where we optimise your website in every possible way so that Search engines crawl and pick up your resource for related search queries. Understanding the algorithm and requirements of the search engines and then translating them into the tactics that work for your website to appear in the top search is how we justify our roles as experts.

Technical SEO:

In technical SEO, we thoroughly scan through all the elements directly or indirectly responsible for improving your website's performance and, eventually, its ranking in the eyes of the Search Engine. Whether it's code optimisation, crawl optimisation, or technician aspects associated with optimising your website, our experts have a knack for perfection; hence, exemplary results become inevitable.

Page Structure Optimisation:

Structured data optimisation is the proper organisation of the information, so it becomes easy for the crawlers to move through the resource and fetch the required links as and when a similar search query appears in the search bar. It promotes visibility, click-through rates and overall SEO performance, eventually leading to increased traffic and leads for your business.
Covering a wide domain of off-page SEO, we utilise our brilliant minds in finding the best way to secure maximum outreach. We make sure that every effort we employ performs in the best way possible to attain the unified goals. From steller influencer marketing to dynamic content marketing, our SEO professionals in Melbourne know every twist and turn of this complex route.

Link Building:

Link building is about creating hyperlinks, and it remains one of the primary ways in which Search Engines assign rankings to websites. Over the years, Google algorithms have gone through many changes, but one constant factor is quality link building. And as a reliable Melbourne-based SEO agency, we not only understand its relevance but give link building its due share of importance to make sure your website garners the best of links and connections and creates a strong standing for itself.

Backlink Analysis:

Link Building is a work of great research and precision. It’s not just about receiving or providing links to random websites. A lot of calculations (PA, DA) and technical acumen go into deciding which website to tap for link building. Elevate the ranking of your website with the best SEO company in Melbourne.


Placing relevant citations on influential sites is one way of getting quick and effective results in SEO. Our SEO experts know the importance of grabbing low-hanging fruits like these and take advantage of every chance to put our clients in the driver’s seat. We prefer to put your Melbourne-based business’s details across all the famous portals so that you can get the direct benefit in the form of leads.

Penalty Recovery:

If, by some chance, you happened to earn a bad business reputation in the eyes of SE, there’s still a lot that we can do to turn the tables in your favour. Removing bad links and inferior-quality content is a way to ensure Google penalty recovery that our SEO experts are adept at and would do for our clients to win back their online pedestals.
Did you migrate your website? Are you concerned about losing your search engine authority and website rankings to the old website? If yes, drop your worries because we are here to transfer the complete SEO benefits from your previous website to the new website. Our Melbourne SEO consultants are the field experts in helping businesses progress in their digital journey and help them find the best solutions based on their given requirements. Rely on our skills and you won’t ever look for any other resource.
We have a trained team of SEO professionals to undertake the task of proper management and reporting, ensuring everything runs smoothly at all step of the process. We base our expertise on the results we bring for our client’s companies and ensure timely reporting to our clients to keep them well-informed about every little detail. Here’s what we offer when we say detailed management and reporting:

Google Analytics Setup:

The success journey of any SEO begins with having complete information about your customers and how they choose to interact with your website. That’s why we ensure to proceed in the right sequence by processing our client’s Google Analytics Setup and careful monitoring to get the accurate insights.

Google Search Console Setup:

The next in line is Google Search Console setup that allows us to have close and precise analysis on how your website is perceived by the Search Engine (Google). We are experts in understanding the SE algorithm and thereby, align our efforts with it to get your business the maximum attention.

Conversion Tracking Setup:

Conversion tracking is a mechanism where we measure the conversion rate by studying the in-depth behaviour and interaction of a user with a website/ad. Understanding such patterns and behaviours becomes a game changer when our experts utilise the collected insights (such as total purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions for newsletters and so on) in the most beneficial order.

Heatmap Setup:

Among effective analytic tools comes the heatmap setup that allows us to know how a user behaves on a particular web page. Whether a user chooses to click on a certain section or skip a particular part to browse the other segment are the types of credentials/behaviours that are revealed using the heatmaps. There are many heatmap software available that help experts reach such sensitive spots and deduce inferences that are not only relevant but can be used as exceptional marketing tactics.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

To get precise information on how the products are performing on the eCommerce portals, we use the latest tools and technologies, including eCommerce conversion tracking. It helps businesses access the most popular and unpopular pages based on the user's shopping activity. And when our experts have access to such valuable insights, it no longer remains the plain facts.

Scheduled SEO Reporting Setup:

As technical experts, we prefer to rely on advanced tactics, which means preparing our SEO reporting based on proven metrics that are known for showcasing measurable growth. Keyword ranking, click-through rates, organic traffic, conversion rates etc., are a few terms that justify the performance. And there’s no better way to share reports with our clients - exercising complete transparency.

The Complete SEO Process: Step By Step

At Make My Website, we leave no stone unturned to deliver the promised results for our Melbourne-based clients. First, our SEO experts like to do the proper research, based on which we set our goals and then employ our resources to achieve them to the perfection.

Let’s see how our SEO process flows!


Competitor’s Research

Once we gulp in our client’s expectations, we get to our work of finding the best possible solutions for our clients. We initiate by doing extensive research on a competitor's website, from finding the result-oriented SEO tactics to researching the most competitive keywords for your business. Our goal is to pay attention to every little detail so we can develop a foolproof strategy that can work best for your business. We lay extra emphasis on using sophisticated SEO metrics like backlink profiles, targeted keywords, and social media following to lay a practical and evidence-based foundation.


SEO Audit

In the next step, we progress with auditing our client’s website and do a detailed analysis of how it’s performing at the moment and what the gaps are that need to be filled. We are committed to finding the most optimal ways to make sure our client’s website stands out in search results. Our consistent efforts and zeal to excel allow us to do meaningful research and chart out productive territories (SEO strategies) for our clients.


SEO Strategy

In the subsequent move, we begin to work on the custom SEO strategy that involves link building, content marketing, floating citations, and other on-page and off-page SEO tasks to boost the ranking of your website. For the search engines to crawl your website for potential searches, it is important to follow some laid-down procedures like submitting a sitemap, securing backlinks and optimising the website for certain screen sizes. Being professionals, we’ll ensure the fulfilment of all such criteria so that your website not just ranks well but appear among the top searches.


SEO Execution

Execution is where we put our planned strategy into play, whether it's implementing our content marketing strategies or working behind the scenes to make your website free from all bugs and errors. Our proven SEO tactics would ensure that your site is right under the spotlight and get sufficient attention and leads from the SEO efforts. We like to maintain a proper sync between our planning and execution (research and actual implementation of on-page and off-page SEO tactics) to reach the defined goal of making your business seen in the best light possible.


SEO Reporting

We like to remain particular when it comes to our client reporting. Considering it to be the report that would speak for our hard work and dedication, we like to portray in a form that well-explains our every move and action, whether its consistent link-building on high-authority websites, meticulously churned-out content strategy or diligently carried-out SEO tactics to take our client’s business to new heights. Whole in whole, we take every possible measure to track the exact and accurate progress of our SEO execution.

Why SEO is an Integral part for your Melbourne Business

As the adage goes, ‘ When in Rome, be like Romans,’ you must learn to prioritise the SEO and choosing the right SEO agency Melbourne when sailing in the digital territory. There’s not the slightest chance of succeeding in your business endeavours if you decide to turn a blind eye to ‘SEO’!

We are living in the digital age where users look-up to search engines, even for our insignificant queries. In such a scenario, there is no way you can afford to miss out on your business’s SEO. Earlier, it might be an optional affair but today, choosing to stay out of its gambit is the worst decision you make for your Melbourne business. This way, you would not only struggle to expand overtime but would find it hard to create a safe spot in the market.

SEO isn’t a random hit or miss game, it's an organised science with the help of which your business gets the maximum visibility online. That means, if you wish to create an online business identity, there’s no way you’d be able to do it without the streamlined ways of SEO. It's that simple!

And this is where the role of a reliable SEO agency in Melbourne begins who invest their time and energy to find the most potent ways to get to success. However simple it may appear on the surface, SEO actions involve a lot of precision and acumen that comes with years of practice. And we pride ourselves on having the top professionals in our team who have dedicated careers in finding the best solution for their clients.

Carrying out each task with extra caution whether it’s optimising page titles, creating alt plus meta tags, building backlinks or performing technical SEO on your website is where lies Melbourne SEO company's true strength and expertise.

Choose from a range of SEO Services to get the Desired Results


Local SEO

Not every business jumps in, intending to swim in the deepest pool. Therefore, If you wish to establish your brand in the local community and utilise SEO services in that direction, we play our best bet to get your business the maximum limelight. It ensures exceptional reach and visibility to get you desired results.


National SEO

If your business is aiming to stand at the national pedestal, we are all set to bring the entire attention onto your website and other portals, utilising our expert SEO tactics. We are proud to deliver our clients the best SEO results they can expect from any SEO company.


Ecommerce SEO

A portal will completely miss the point of its existence if the SEO doesn’t get its due share of importance. That is why we are here to breathe life into your e-commerce portal with our smart and adept SEO services that keep the portal intact and fully functional in every possible way.

Elevate Your Business with Best SEO Agency in Melbourne

Why would anyone be given the No.1 title? Because of their exceptional calibre and ability to bring the best results among their clan! This is who we are and what we do for our clients when they choose to associate with us!

Scroll down to find out why we deserve to be your No.1 choice as a Melbourne SEO agency!



We are passionate about our roles as SEO experts, and that’s what makes us different from the rest. We know every business is unique and requires a custom solution to witness their peak-level growth. That is where we employ our skills and translate them into the growth and expansion that our client’s expect from us.


Client’s Participation

Whether it's all-round customer support or providing the complete information to our clients, we understand the relevance of including them in the process. For us, it's imperative to keep them in the loop, not because they need to see the progress but because we truly value their vision and ideas. And that’s what keeps us going in our process of creating astonishing results for our clients.


Reasonable Pricing!

Other than our zeal to excel in our roles, it's our dedication towards our clients that fuels our inspiration. We believe in fair commitment and complete transparency whether it’s keeping them involved in the process or charging a reasonable compensation in exchange for our services. We follow fair-price-policy and give our client a clear-cut break-up of amount, so they can have clear choices.


Field Expertise

Finding our innate passion and then putting our persistence, dedication and commitment into it is how we mastered our trade. In performing SEO, we know how to streamline our process to get the best in the least amount of time and effort. We have an amazing team of SEO experts who find their inspiration from their client’s happy faces.


Mutual Cooperation

From understanding your ideas to sending you the timely reporting, we believe in moving forward together with our clients. For us, it is your ideas that inspire our creativity and honest feedback that brings us back to the goal of achieving our targets successfully. We follow a transparent and honest approach in framing the SEO strategies, their implementation and the derived results, while keeping our clients informed at every step of the process.


Result-Oriented Approach

We understand the importance of pulling the efforts in the right direction. Our consistent efforts, coupled with measurable growth, allow us to get stunning results for our clients. Performing actions without studying their implications is like pursuing an aimless journey. We hold a strong vision for every task we undertake so that we can set our records straight for being the most valuable resource for the seo services.

FAQs about our SEO Services

Looking to learn more about us? Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear almost every day. If you still have any other query, feel free to write to us or give us a call.


SEO is the backbone of your online marketing efforts. Without SEO strategy, there’s no way you’ll be able to get closer to your business goals. Whether it’s about generating leads or establishing brand awareness online, you cannot move an inch with the proper planning and implementation that experts suggest. With our Melbourne SEO services, you won’t regret investing in your business’s SEO for a second when you see things happening. Meaning the revolutionary results that SEO can bring to your brand. Be it people seeing your website link at the top of the Search engines or seeing your outreach expanding like a big bang explosion.


Getting the leads? Yes! Creating a lasting online presence? No! To understand this science, it’s important you realise that it’s not just about getting the leads. If you simply wish to advertise your Melbourne business on the internet, you can do it by the means of PPC (pay-per-click). But to achieve the overall targets of your business and create a robust online existence of your brand (which further helps achieving the business goals like brand awareness, customer retention, customer loyalty) it is important you choose the path of SEO. A reliable SEO company in Melbourne helps attain the business goals in totality and lets you utilise the full potential of the internet, which is to create an independent online identity.


We have been a trusted SEO agency in Melbourne for our existing clients. And winning their hearts and trust becomes our biggest strength in moving forward to expand our clientele. Following exemplary results we brought to our clients, we can say one thing with certainty that we have mastered our trade and are ready to play our best bet on our SEO skills and talent. If this is a reason enough for you to associate with us, come and join hands in playing our best game, making your business a complete success with our SEO agency.


Well, that strictly depends upon your business goals and requirements. For instance; If you are running a service-based Melbourne business, then more likely you’d require local SEO for your business to gain enough attention and limelight among the local audience. For people to know you provide a certain kind of service, you are required to opt for Local SEO that lays complete emphasis on propagating your business among the local crowd.

Similarly, if you run an eCommerce business, having an extensive visibility through eCommerce SEO is how you can benefit from your SEO efforts. This way, you’ll be able tap into the larger market and expand your business horizon with the help of our SEO experts.


The Internet is a deep pool. It is practically impossible to get the job done without having the core knowledge about SEO. Apart from having a detailed knowledge of the subject, it is equally important to have practical expertise without which the possibility of driving the results is next to zero. This is where the expertise of an Melbourne SEO company matters. An SEO company standing on its hard work, experience and field expertise would effectively apply the knowledge into the practical field, using a customised approach to achieve the desired results than those standing on the hollow stage of theoretical claims and knowledge and not having the requisite skill or acumen.


Once you decide to opt for an SEO campaign, it is important to analyse the SEO company in Melbourne based on the complexity and variety of projects they have handled. Only then can you stay assured that you have your bet on the right resource. Your decision to associate with an SEO company gets firm and justified when you rely on your research and instinct at once. How many brands have they associated with, what clients have to say about the services they offer, plus your initial interaction with them has a lot to say about whether they are the right pick for your company or not. By solely relying on their projected facts and achievements, you'd miss the point of assessing their behaviour and dealings with their clients. Although achievements are a result of calibre and expertise, it is still important to have a first hand experience of having a personal interaction with them and see if they are a match to your expectations.


Most certainly, Yes! This is what remains the prime purpose of SEO. SEO, as the name suggests, stands for search engine optimisation, which not only works to optimise your website for the respective search engines, but eventually for the audience when they type a query in the search bar. SEO is about applying all those tactics that makes it easier for the SE to crawl through the provided information and present it in the display results when a similar query kicks in. Once our Melbourne SEO company ensure the technical soundness and the required SEO steps for your website to appear in the top searches, it is only natural for you to witness a considerable spike in the leads or sales generated through your website.


SEO provides your website the much needed impetus to cut through the competition and perform well on the internet. Whenever you decide to invest in SEO in Melbourne, you are ensuring sustainable and continued growth of your business online, which remains the most important aspect of any business to maintain its sustenance. SEO makes sure your business receives sufficient limelight and is exposed to the audience that are actually making an effort to search and invest in the business like yours. Not channelising on your business SEO is like leaving a bag of diamonds on the shore, waiting for someone to claim its ownership. On the other hand, by sufficiently investing in the SEO, you not only create a safe refuge for your business to sail through in these competitive times but make room for its sustainable and long-lasting growth. Our Melbourne-based SEO company can assist you in attaining the long-lasting growth.


We are a bunch of SEO passionate professionals who are keen to see our clients grow utilising our SEO services in Melbourne. So, no matter how big or small you are as a company, we see no difference among our clients when it comes to providing them the leverage of our skills and expertise. So whether you are a multi-million dollar company or a newly established start-up, for us, the success of our clients stand our own success and we see no difference in finding them the best solutions for their specific business needs.


For us, it isn’t just about getting the work done. What matters to us is to get to success following the right path. And that comes from practicing white hat SEO (exercising organic and permitted SEO strategies). Indulging in any such practices where we are deceiving or manipulating the search engine isn’t just about dodging the search engine but throwing the dust in the eyes of our clients which is strictly against our foundational values and beliefs upon which we lay our company’s existence.

Also, black hat SEO might bring quick results but can never last long, again, which doesn’t serve the purpose and involves risks of attracting unnecessary punishments and penalties. Our Melbourne SEO agency is strictly against practicing any kind of Black-hat SEO.


A big Yes! Our process initiates from having a detailed SEO audit where we start with analysing the current standing of a business website and filling in the gaps for it to perform at its optimal capacity. Accessing the present performance of a website and charting-out the strategies to bridge the gaps is how we establish a foundation before creating a SEO campaign to facilitate its full-blown growth and expansion. Not taking into account the existing benefits of a website’s online would mean not wasting a resource.


Generally, a good online response is a clear testimony of a successful SEO campaign. When you start getting leads or traffic from the searches, it is a sign that your SEO campaign is having a great performance on the digital ground. Other than that, finding your website link in the upper slots of SERP for the targeted keywords tells you that you are on the right track and executing the right scheme as far as SEO efforts are concerned.


SEO works on the root level. Unlike PPC and other marketing tactics, SEO ensures a holistic approach where it takes into account the overall factors contributing to your business’s online growth. Whether it’s rooting to your online presence focussing on creating quality-backlinks, or capturing new markets with its content marketing strategies, its sole intention lies in successfully being indexed for the relevant searches and reaching the potential customer base. How expansive your business can become has a straight and significant connection with how well you are investing in the SEO strategies with the right SEO company.


In the initial interaction with our client, we like to ask them questions and try to understand what they are trying to achieve by employing our SEO services and how we can help them boost their online presence. All the while, we then proceed to our next step of conducting extensive research and analysis on a particular project. Based on industry specifications, Our SEO experts take sweet time to come to a fair analysis of how we can work on a specific project (breaking them into clear goals and strategies) to timely and accurately measure its success rate.


Well it depends on how deep you want us to go into the pool of services. There can be instances where you might be having surface-level requirements and there isn’t much to do on our part other than implementing a few basic SEO tips and tricks. In that case, we'll prescribe you a basic SEO costing. Other times, your business’s SEO needs can be exhaustive, and we have to work going before the starting point and work on creating an optimised web design, and other SEO strategies from the scratch. This way, cost will differ and will entirely depend on the business requirements and scope of the business in the organic search.

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