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Choose an established Canberra SEO Agency, and nothing can stop you from becoming a celebrated business brand among the competition! The only condition is to look for a reliable and proficient source that can bring you the actual results other than making false and hollow promises!


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There’s no doubt that there’s such an influx of Canberra SEO companies that you’ll find at every corner. But the question worth asking is how to find the one company that can get you closer to your goals or, say, help realise the goals you’ve predetermined for your business.

The simple answer is to look for a credible source whose achievements and work done in the past can help make the best judgement about the firm. A Canberra SEO company is best judged by the results it has brought for its past clients. When a company brings skill and knowledge into play, there’s no reason that can keep it from realising the desired results. That is why it stands as the best testimony to assess the credibility of an SEO firm.

We at Make My Website stand tall about the achievements that not only make us proud but enable us to find the purpose in our work. Our Canberra SEO Agency is not only a means of performing SEO campaigns for our clients but a platform that helps us bring out our expression in a personal and professional capacity. Professional because we hone our skills from time to time and bring results for our clients. And personal, where we ensure following all the business values and ethics on which we laid the foundation of our organisation.


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Explore our Results-Driven SEO Strategy

On-Page SEO is where we employ our technical expertise to let your website run in the most potent and functional manner.

Core Web Vitals:

Core Core Web Vitals are among the essential metrics that Google introduces to assess a website’s performance. Keeping them in balance and finding a perfect spot where they can contribute to improving the ranking of your website is what our experts are good at! These vitals are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and First Input Delay (FID).

Featured Snippets:

To get the prime spotlight of your key audience, line up your content in the featured snippets. Among the prime reasons users surf the search engine – is to find answers to their queries and featured snippets. Our experts are adept in putting your content in line with the accepted standards so that your website not only enjoys the attention of the users but gains reasonable authority in the eyes of the Search Engine and intended users.

Improving E-A-T:

E-A-T stands for Expert-Authority-Trustworthiness. This is by far the most crucial guideline issued by Google that sets the base intention for performing SEO in the first place. Following it – attribute by attribute, we at Make My Website ensure the full compliance of every guideline so that we can get your website to the top of the ladder, following organic ways.

Page Speed Optimisation:

As the term suggests, page speed optimisation is among the most crucial steps in ensuring the success of an SEO campaign. Imagine a web page taking a long time to open up on the screen; what else can contribute to its success when it fails to hook up the user’s interest in the first instance? This is where the role of our technical experts comes in to bring your website to the most optimal condition.

Indexing Optimisation:

Indexing Optimisation is crucial in lining up your website with the search engine’s pick-up process. Google’s activity is divided into three main stages. The first is when a user hits a query. Next is when Google sends its crawlers to find the relevant pages for the typed query, and the final step is when it organises (indexes) the collected sources to show the final results. Here’s when you can’t afford to skip the expert interference of our experts to align your source with Google’s parameters.

Technical SEO:

In Technical SEO involves all those tricks and tactics that make your website run in the most optimal fashion, whether it’s compressing the size of images for better performance of the website or ensuring fast time loads for a good first impression. Our experts have achieved true proficiency with thorough practice and wide exposure to get their clients exactly what they need.

Page Structure Optimisation:

You might consider it a trivial attribute but know that page structure optimisation has a huge impact on the user’s psychology other than being an important parameter of getting your website in the top searches. At first glance, how presentable and scannable your website is what creates the difference in whether a user chooses to stick by or exit the source. And here’s where we sprinkle our SEO expertise to make it work in favour of your website.

Link Building:

Link Link building is creating the inbound-links to increase the authority of a webpage. In a way, it is an integral step in establishing the authority (credibility) of a website. It not only requires expert research and networking but a thorough analysis of the field ground (authoritative websites) that only a professional is capable of searching and linking using their sharp-witted acumen.

Backlink Analysis:

Sometimes, there can be backlinking that depletes the link juice that you might think is benefiting your website. This is where you need to view the situation from an expert’s lens to find whether it’s acting in the website’s best interest or causing it to lose its authority. Implementation without proper analysis and study is futile, which is why our experts remain curious and alert at every step of the process to take note of every single detail.


Performing citations is not about listing the source on random websites. It requires detailed research and expert analysis to know how to get the maximum benefit from the listings. Our Canberra SEO experts at Make My Website are alpha geeks in finding the most influential sources to place your business listings. Not only do you benefit from this SEO tactic, but you reap the fruits of years of research and networking that our experts carried out searching for powerful and authoritative links and websites.

Penalty Recovery:

If your website needs expert assistance to get over a penalty, we are at your assistance. Our expert’s diligent approach and core knowledge suffice to not get your website a penalty recovery but a complete overhaul to regain its lost position. From fixing bad links to removing any duplicate content, our experts know it all to take your website to the upward stream.
We are experts in undergoing site migrations. It might appear a tricky and complex task to transfer the domain authority and rank from your old address to your new website address, but know that it can be done to perfection when the task is assigned to the team with the right skill sets. We at Make My Website are the specialists of this trade and know how to carefully execute the task of transferring your SEO benefits, whether it’s transferring online visibility or shifting the indexing signals to replace your old source with the new one.

Google Analytics Setup:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offering deep insights into customers’ responses and activity. Our Canberra experts are not only adept with decoding its plots but putting them in your favour so you can reap the complete benefits of our skills and expertise in the field of SEO. We, as SEO experts, make sure to upscale our knowledge and resources from time to time so that their due benefit can be transferred to our clients.

Google Search Console Setup:

Google Search Console is a much more sophisticated tool for interpreting the website’s interaction with the search engine. It tells how efficiently a website is making its mark while performing on the user’s front. As Canberra SEO experts, we perform this task with extra diligence to get you the most lucrative spot so you can get the maximum benefit of our technical knowledge and expertise.

Conversion Tracking Setup:

To get visible results, it’s pertinent to effectively follow the Conversion Tracking Setup. It not only updates us about the significant stats and figures but also shows an accurate picture of where all the SEO efforts are leading. If you think SEO is about applying a set of practices and then waiting for the miracle to happen, you are losing the whole point. Tools like Google Search Console are the heart of SEO campaigns that guide businesses to find the right direction for success.

Heatmap Setup:

Heatmap softwares is a tool that helps assess visitors’ activity based on the colour representation. Our Canberra experts have been deploying such advanced measures for a very long time that helps them evaluate the actual results of their performance (on-page optimisation). From decoding the hot and cold spots to understanding the warm-to-cool colour scheme, we have delivered exceptional results to our clients using our professional skills and acumen.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

If you are running an eCommerce portal, running through the eCommerce Conversion Tracking becomes all the more critical. We, as Canberra experts, know how to transform useful insights into meaningful actions to make it a game changer for your business. We dig deep into the information like total purchases, signups, subscriptions, etc., so that our SEO strategies are built on firm grounds delivering exceptional results to our clients.

Scheduled SEO Reporting Setup:

At Make My Website, we understand the relevance of detailed reporting; that’s why we include every metric, from click-through rates to organic traffic. We make sure to present our report in every possible format to give our clients a fair view of the exact picture. From citing stats like cost per lead to providing them with a detailed analysis of the campaign goes without saying so that they are able to make informed decisions in the future.

Canberra SEO Process


Competitor’s Research

When we say competitor research, we mean complete scanning of the top competitors that fall on the closest radar. Reinventing the wheel without analysing the top-performing players would not only expend more time in completing the same tasks but result in a waste of resources. We at Make My Website are determined to get the best analysis to create a firm basis for our SEO strategy. Whether it’s finding the top-performing keywords or reaching the bottom of their backlink profiles, we ensure foolproof research to bring the best results for our Canberra clients.


SEO Audit

At Make My Website, we like to perform careful audits of your existing website (if there are any) to find the best possible route. Our Canberra SEO experts are adept at paying attention to little details and formulating a custom strategy based on the specific requirements of the business. To know where you currently are and where you intend to reach in terms of your digital marketing journey, assessing the present position is of utmost importance. We study it in detail so that we can get miraculous results for our clients.


SEO Strategy

Wherein comes our SEO strategy; we like to keep distinctive tools and strategies in our quiver, depending upon a business’s specific needs and requirements. Following the unique business goals we need to achieve, it’s important to align our strategies with those plans so that visible results can be achieved by employing our expert SEO strategies. Constant monitoring of the actions is the key to bringing the desired results that remain the prime step in ensuring the success of an SEO campaign.


SEO Execution

Execution is almost the last leg of the race that determines a campaign’s success. Here at Make My Website, our experts remain fully devoted and passionate about following the set plan inch by inch to ensure the sureshot success of their clients. Needless to say, execution is among the trickiest part of the process, wherein lies the highest probability for lapses to occur. A consistent approach and constant monitoring to swap the key strategy is the key ingredient to finding success in any project.


SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting is something we take very seriously and provide our clients with the true picture of their project’s performance. SEO is a subjective stream that majorly operates on the trial and error approach. And providing the actual picture becomes paramount to maintaining a true and just equation with our clients. Our comprehensive report structure is not only presented in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format but is backed by concrete statistics and figures to provide a scientific report as far as justifying our extensive research and practical efforts are concerned.

Why SEO is an integral part of any Business

SEO is integral to every Canberra business that has or is planning to step up in the digital territory. SEO is a means to appropriately propagate the existence of a business. It’s as simple as putting the marketing efforts but in online mode. Imagine opening a house business and not telling anyone about the business activities you conduct. Do you think you'll get any response from the outside? Similarly, create a parallel paradigm where you decide to create an online existence of your brand but choose to refrain from online marketing in any way. Do you think you’ll be able to make any progress?

This is because remaining low-key about your business is the worst thing you can do! And when floating your business in the digital space, know that barely relying on paid marketing is like flying helium balloons in the air. It might produce results but not in a sustainable manner as you like them to be. That is where you require the solid assistance of Canberra SEO experts that work at the ground level so that you can see the business blooming in terms of increased revenue and ROI.

Make My Website is one such resort that helps you get the best returns in terms of website traffic, search engine ranking and other specific outcomes that you expect from them. SEO, as it might appear, isn't just about serving a few predefined goals on a plate. It is about understanding the unique needs of a business and helping it realise those with the help of expert tactics and strategies.

Choose from a range of SEO Services to get the Desired Results


Local SEO

In layman’s terms, Local SEO is when you choose to employ SEO strategies following your local goals. For instance: You happen to be a local electrician in Canberra. Your sole intent behind getting your business’s SEO done would be to gain popularity among the locals so that you can be called upon to avail of your services.

Propagating your business in other far-away areas would be futile even if it shows results. In such a scenario, you can simply opt for local SEO in Canberra to get the top results so you can get the leads from your SEO campaign.


National SEO

National SEO is about competing on the national platform. If you wish to compete with the national brands and aspire to capture a larger market, then the right measure is to go for National SEO, where the experts would work towards attaining a nationwide reach. Businesses that remain free from geographical boundaries and are proficient in providing their products and services in any area of the country must opt for National SEO to reap the maximum benefits of the SEO.


Ecommerce SEO

If you are running an eCommerce portal and require expert scrutiny of every single movement, from placing relevant keywords to precise descriptions, there can be no better resort than us. We have been the reason for the success of our hundreds of clients in getting them the desired results and enhanced performance of their portals, employing our expert SEO strategies.

Elevate Your Business with the Best SEO Agency in Canberra

When we say professionals, we mean passion-driven personnel who find their work satisfaction in bringing real success to their clients. We, as Canberra SEO experts, understand the relevance of performing every action with precision and dedication so that the outcome, when it appears, can speak for our hard-earned mastery and expertise over the subject, which is to bring organic traffic to client’s website while gaining a genuine ranking to appear in top results of the search engine.


We are passionate about our roles as SEO experts, and that’s what makes us different from the rest. We know every business is unique and requires a custom solution to witness their peak-level growth. That is where we employ our skills and translate them into the growth and expansion that our client’s expect from us.


Client’s Participation

At Make My Website, we take special note of the fact that our clients have full involvement while we are developing SEO strategies for their business projects. The valuable insights that we get from our clients fuel our inspiration to develop innovative and smart SEO strategies for their projects. We feel the right way to approach any project is to find the goalposts (inputs coming from the clients) and then chase the target by employing our tried and tested SEO strategies.


Reasonable Pricing!

Keeping our prices in a reasonable category is another way of showing our dedication to our work. We feel providing value for money is the biggest virtue a business can practice that not only works in favour of clients but helps businesses expand to their greatest potential. Building lasting relations with clients is the key to succeeding in any business that only comes from quoting a fair price for the services that we offer.


Field Expertise

Our years of practice and experience in the field of SEO have made us reach a point where we can call ourselves field experts. Learning the art and then mastering it by overcoming the practical challenges that come our way has become the biggest motivation driving our professional zeal. We, as Canberra experts, take complete responsibility for the success of our clients (in terms of getting their business the online recognition it deserves). And this is where our passion meets the accountability that prepares our foundation.


Mutual Cooperation

Following a uni-focussed SEO strategy for every given project is the lamest thing an SEO company can do. The SEO approach depends upon the industry standards and the response it receives for every action that is performed. Implementing a uniform strategy without monitoring the implications can actually backfire on the efforts and further divert from the goal that we are trying to achieve. This is where the need for a customised approach comes in that calls for meticulous and independent study of every SEO project before strategising for its goals and accomplishments.


Result-Oriented Approach

Our team experts remain committed to finding ways of performing SEO tasks that get them visible results. Performing SEO without remaining vigilant about the results it brings is of no use. That is why we at Make My Website have set systems in place that we employ to monitor the campaign progress from time to time. Our experts remain adept towards finding innovative ways to get your website the desired visibility and traffic so that our clients get what they expect and deserve in return.

Real Feedback from Our SEO Clients

FAQ’s about our SEO Services

Looking to learn more about us? Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear almost every day. If you still have any other query, feel free to write to us or give us a call.


SEO is among the prime efforts you must make when looking to establish your business’s online presence. From getting relevant traffic to expanding your business outreach, SEO serves all the motives in a systematic manner. You might think paid marketing is a parallel resort to gain quick popularity among the audience, but only on a close look you’ll know that the roots of SEO roots run much deeper than any other marketing route.

SEO works on establishing an organic and genuine brand image based on which we are likely to reap benefits compared to other tactics that work on the surface level if not carried out in tandem with the SEO strategies.


Yes! The ultimate aim of SEO is to drive businesses the profits it deserves. It helps Canberra businesses get the requisite attention and visibility online. And once you gain a luminous spot where users start recognising your brand, there’s no looking back.

>On a deeper look, you’ll realise that once you start reaping the results following the organic SEO strategies, paid marketing stands nowhere near it. To get reasonable results from the SEO campaign, it needs consistent efforts under the expert’s supervision. You are likely to miss the desired outcomes if you happen to miss out on any of these components.


At Make My Website, we are determined to get the best results working from the root level. If you’ll pause and try to understand the intent of the search engine, it is to get the maximum value and benefit from the time they invest in searching and surfing the internet. Here’s where we flip our SEO game for the best and work towards providing the maximum value to your customer base, whether it’s offering them the best user experience via on-page SEO or providing them with the best resort for their queries via content marketing. We focus on the core areas that bring our clients results that last longer while giving them the actual value for their money and beyond.


SEO is meant to serve the business’s goals and requirements, based on which you can opt for the local SEO that gets you sufficient limelight among the local community. Other than that, if you wish to establish your business as a national-level brand, you can always opt for the national SEO that lets you compete at the national-level. Apart from this, if you wish to expand your boundaries to international territories, you can go for international SEO to find world-level recognition on the digital platform. Generally, local vendors opt for local SEO, while the eCommerce portal looking to expand its market goes for global SEO.


SEO is a work of both art and science. You might think that getting the SEO done from a company offering the services at a low price can save you money, but here’s how you’re getting a pricey deal. Not only will it waste your time and resources, but it will also keep you in the illusion that the task is being performed. SEO is a matter of expertise that demands certain precision, but when done by amateurs, it can backfire on many fronts. It might earn you a penalty; certain aspects that could have been the game changer for your project might remain unexplored. Furthermore, it might tarnish your brand image, causing you to bear long-term repercussions.


Choosing an SEO company in Canberra requires proper research and discernment. Picking any random SEO company without assessing its credibility and performance can land you in a hot soup. Among the things that must be noted is their achievements or past work which will give you a clear idea of how they tend to perform. Other than that, it is imperative to look for their client dealing as it goes a long way in maintaining a client-company sync while the campaign is being executed.


SEO serves as the impetus to grow your brand online. Expanding its outreach and increasing its customer base are the prime outcomes that can be successfully derived from implementing expert SEO strategies. SEO tends to perform the base level operations so you can enjoy lasting results. Without investing in SEO, there’s no way you’d be able to make a noticeable impact on the digital landscape. On the contrary, if you think of relying on paid marketing alone, know that it’ll have a temporary impact and that too, without promising any long-term benefits, unlike SEO. That means after going in circles if any resort can get your brand recognition and popularity among your target audience, it’s SEO.


At Make My Website, we have the expertise to deal with brands of all sizes and scopes. Our experts have worked beyond the limitations to get success for clients in almost every industry. Whether you are a start-up or a large-scale company, we have the necessary tools and expertise to serve with all that you expect from us. Providing custom solutions requires a certain level of precision and experience that we have gained over years of practice, and now we are more than ready to meet all your goals, whether it’s generating website traffic or creating a robust online presence to get you all the benefits of SEO.


We are very particular about following the right SEO practices. As suggested by Google, SEO is all about aligning practices with reasonable standards to help get users the maximum benefit of the services. Here’s where some SEO firms choose to take the shortcut to find a quick route to success. But we at Make My Website are not only deeply ingrained in our values but understand that real success follows true precision and expertise.

We find the perfect balance of streamlined efforts and creativity to engage the audience in an organic way, so they become inclined to stick to your brand for longer.


We have covered almost every industry to gain a wide scope of work experience. Our incessant zeal and passion have given us the opportunity to work with some of the prestigious brands that not only contributed to our work exposure but offered a unique impetus to grow our skills and abilities with time. We pride ourselves on gaining extensive subject expertise and practical exposure to provide our clients with what they expect and deserve in response to our SEO services.


SEO generally works on the principle of trial and error. Once we employ the SEO strategy, it is then assessed and measured to find its actual results. The clear-cut indication for our client to find that the tactics are working in their favour would be the outcomes like increased traffic, lead generation, pushing up the web pages to the upper slots of the SERPs, and so on. For us to reach the conclusion of whether we are hitting the success mark, there are several sophisticated tools and tactics that we choose to rely on. Other than that, the detailed SEO report you’d be getting from time to time would be a clear instrument for you to assess the actual progress of the campaign.


SEO is a way of doing online marketing in an organic manner. Unlike paid advertising, SEO first focuses on establishing a business and creating its valid identity so that it can route organic traffic and visitors to your website. Unlike temporary marketing arrangements, SEO aims to get the work done from the bottom level so that a sturdy foundation can be created to generate long-lasting results. It aims to attain milestones like building a brand image and bonding with the audience to find real success that will likely stay and operate on a self-sustaining basis.


When we say custom approach, we mean providing every project with the thrust it requires. We understand every business is unique and demands custom treatment, whether it’s building their backlink profile or providing them with on-page support. Finding success in SEO is far from applying a one-formula-fits-all approach. That’s why we ensure a thorough study of the project before putting in the real effort. To bring constant algorithm improvements, it is best to first indulge in foolproof planning and then study every move to see if the efforts are going in the right direction or not.

This is why it is more than important to associate with an SEO firm that guarantees a customised plan, as it is not unlikely that your business would have its unique needs and requirements when it comes to getting done with its SEO.


SEO costs vary from project to project, depending on your specific requirements. Some businesses might require assistance in a particular segment, while others may require complete SEO support to kick off their online presence. Analysing each business’s requirement and then working on it and determining its specific goals and objectives is how we ascertain the cost of every project. For better understanding, you can always request a bid or consult our professionals for your specific enquiries.

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