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SEO Companies make big claims. Before appointing a company for your business SEO, It becomes crucial to see whether they fit into your standards!

Most companies pitch their services and prefer to hide their inferior services under tall claims. It is for you to rule out such scenarios, knowing that SEO is a science. To bring the desired results, you need to be patient and find a reliable source that can do justice to this role.

So now, when you come across a company claiming to provide instant results, run as fast as you can. Understand that it is trying to lay a trap you must avoid at every cost.

At Make My Website, we pride ourselves on the integrity and sincerity we have kept in serving our clients. For us, earning gains and profits have never been the driving force. We like to excel in our jobs, and this is how we are able to provide unmatched SEO solutions to our clients.


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Core Web Vitals:

Web vitals are the metrics that help professionals access a website’s speed, interactivity and visual stability. The three components that assist professionals in analysing the overall performance of a website are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). LCP assists in analysing the page’s loading speed, while FID depicts the interactivity of a webpage as to how long a webpage takes to respond to the first user interaction. And lastly, CLS helps in assessing how much the content moves around while loading.

Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are the answer boxes in which Google presents quick and brief explanations to the user’s queries. It can either be in the form of a paragraph, a list or a table. It is seen as an essential component in performing SEO because, for every snippet displayed in the SERPs, a website is considered more trustworthy and authoritative - both in the eyes of users and the search engine. At Make My Website, we take every possible action to optimise keywords, meta descriptions and structured data markup to increase the likelihood of our client’s content appearing in the featured snippet.

Improving E-A-T:

E-A-T signifies the Expert, Authority and Trustworthiness within the Google ecosystem. For Google to view a resource as credible and authoritative, it must fulfil this basic criterion, which determines the quality of the content and value - a website is offering to its clients. At Make My Website, it’s not only a guideline that we follow but an ethic that aligns with our work values, where we ensure the quality and intent of every action taken in the context of our SEO campaign. We ensure floating high-quality, informative and expert content, so the end users can benefit from it other than making it qualify the search engine guidelines.

Page Speed Optimisation:

Page speed optimisation is improving the load time so that you can enhance the website performance and serve a better experience to your audience. Scaling our client’s website to the best possible experience, our Sunshine Coast professionals perform every possible action, from minimising the file size to optimising service response time, so that they can beat the odds and offer their clients a competitive edge. They know how to bring a website to its highest potential and create a positive impact to boost the website rankings while performing every tactic with absolute precision and accuracy.

Indexing Optimisation:

Indexability is the search engine’s ability to crawl and index website pages. When we say indexing optimisation, it implies taking every possible step to make a website index-ready to be displayed in the search results. It includes performing several actions like submitting a sitemap, using structured data, checking for crawl errors, avoiding duplicate content and improving website navigation. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals perform every given task with complete focus and dedication to get the expected results. Their zeal and curiosity know no limit when they implement SEO strategies on their client’s websites.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO involves taking care of the technical aspects that contribute to a website's rankings. Performing technical SEO is not just about attaining theoretical knowledge but a field that requires wide practical exposure to be able to fix the complexities that come along the way. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals are well trained and skilful in practising every technical element, whether it’s website speed optimisation or mobile optimisation. From implementing SSL to improve a website's security or creating an XML sitemap to ensure all pages are well indexed, our SEO experts have worked their way in providing the best possible solutions to their clients.

Page Structure Optimisation:

As the term suggests, page structure optimisation is about optimising the page structure and layout. It helps enhance the website’s visibility, readability and user experience. Some of the best practices it involves are using header tags, optimising images & meta tags, and using descriptive URLs & internal linking. When we assume the role of technical experts, we ensure that every element falls in place to create a holistic effect and helps a website get ranked among the top results. At Make My Website, we like to rely on our subject matter expertise and lay special focus on timely updating our skills and knowledge.

Link Building:

For Google to assess the credibility and authority of a website, the first thing that comes to its rescue is link building. The prime reason it stands among the most crucial steps in SEO is because of the substance it provides to a website. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals create a robust network of quality links so that their clients can benefit from the research they have undertaken for years. We, as SEO experts, understand our roles of providing the extra thrust that our clients need to excel on the digital platform.

Backlink Analysis:

The job doesn’t end with creating sufficient backlinks. Once professionals create quality backlinks, they must analyse them from time to time to find if they are still adding to the advantage of their client’s website. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals are trained beyond expertise to do a thorough scan of backlink profiles and get the most accurate analysis. At Make My Website, we employ advanced tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs and ensure that we keep a close tab on revisiting the created links so that it doesn’t lay a negative impact on the rankings that we have attained.


Citations are the business entries made on influential links and websites. It primarily includes the NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) of the businesses so that potential clients can contact them whenever they search for related goods/services. Suppose users are searching for the best restaurants in Sunshine Coast, and you’ve entered your business details in an influential directory. Not only will it give you direct clientage, but it will also help improve your business search engine ranking. Our SEO professionals know to tip the scale in your favour and post relevant citations to boost your ranking.

Penalty Recovery:

Whenever a business goes outside the prescribed guidelines of Google, it sets itself for a penalty. It could be for floating plagiarised content, creating inferior links or existing technical flaws in the website. Once you attract a penalty, the next course of action is to find a renowned SEO firm to reverse the scenario. Penalty recovery is a crucial job that requires a professional of thorough expertise, and it's only after running a deep analysis they can find the actual cause, which then needs to be fixed. At Make My Website, our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals are adept at finding and fixing the penalties in the least possible time and effort.
Whenever you migrate your business website from an old domain to a new domain, you require the assistance of a skilful SEO professional to keep the traffic and rankings intact. SEO migration involves a lot of risks. It could be losing the existing traffic, the rankings derived from the previous SEO efforts and so on. It is for this reason that SEO migration requires careful planning and execution to ensure that it is done successfully without hurting the existing SEO benefits. At Make My Website, we are a team of skilled professionals that know their job from start to finish and work with utmost precision, whether it's developing a new URL structure or creating 301 redirects to transition smooth migration of your website.

Google Analytics Setup:

To practice effective SEO, analysing the traffic and user activity is of crucial importance. And this is when a tool like Google Analytics comes to the assistance. Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google. It helps businesses and professionals track and analyse the customer’s interaction with their website. It offers valuable audience insights, sources of traffic, behaviour analysis, conversion tracking, customisation and integration and so on. And with this comes the role of experts that interprets these insights and translates them into effective strategies. It helps professionals make data-driven decisions and reach business goals much faster.

Google Search Console Setup:

Google Search Console is a counterpart of Google Analytics that helps businesses find their website interaction with the Search Engine. For a search engine to pick and display a resource in the SERPs, it requires certain criterias and parameters that must be fulfilled. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals ensure following every guideline by the book to rule out every lack and shortcoming of their client’s website so that it can get to the top results. From sitemap submission to URL inspection, we take every possible step to ensure it goes how we want it for the progress of our client’s business.

Conversion Tracking Setup:

Conversions are not just about executing sales. It can also be in other forms, such as sign-ups, form submissions, downloads and so on. Tracking these crucial activities is of significant importance to assess whether the campaign is going in the right direction or not. And to give effect to this process, we rely on a conversion tracking setup. The benefits that we get from precise setup include identifying high-performing campaigns, optimising campaigns for better performance, improving user experience, and so on. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals ensure that every aspect is taken into consideration to provide maximum benefit to their clients.

Heatmap Setup:

Heatmaps are the tools that SEO professionals utilise to look into various insights. It can track the user’s activity on search engines, a web page, a content piece or a lead form. By running the analysis on a heatmap software, our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals gain deeper insights into where the users are choosing to skip and at what section they are choosing to stay longer. Gathering this kind of information helps them find the strengths and shortcomings of their client's website. This further helps experts in identifying the opportunities and maximising the scope of gains for the website owners.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

eCommerce conversion tracking is when we track the user’s activities on an ecommerce website. Using advanced tools, our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals keep an eagle eye on every movement of the website visitor so that the right action can be taken at the right time. The greatest benefit of involving the use of such tracking is to find the ROI on the marketing campaign. It not only provides useful directions to our professionals but helps clients make informed decisions with respect to the SEO campaign. At Make My Website, we ensure following every step with precision to get the maximum benefit to our clients.

Scheduled SEO Reporting Setup:

We, as SEO experts, understand the significance of sending timely reports to our clients. And for this, we don’t shy away from utilising advanced tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Majestic. The benefit that comes from employing these tools is that it generates automatic reporting and sends timely updates to the clients. It offers a plethora of benefits, from time-saving to providing consistent insights for better decision-making. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals believe in maintaining congruous communication with clients, and these tools assist in making the process more consistent and transparent.

The Complete SEO Process: Step By Step


Competitor’s Research

The first and foremost step is to conduct the competitor’s research. It involves studying competitors’ top-performing keywords and their SEO strategy, in general, to see how they are acting upon their strengths to get to the top rank. Our Sunshine Coast professionals ensure identifying and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses so that they can develop a robust SEO strategy for their clients.


SEO Audit

At Make My Website, we conduct a thorough audit of our client’s website. An audit that involves evaluating every single element, from the backlink profile to the complete website structure. Our professionals make it a point to analyse technical and non-technical aspects and ensure the website performs at its optimal capacity. A proper audit enables them to find the gaps and identify the strengths areas of their website.


SEO Strategy

In the strategy formation stage, our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals churn out every possible insight in a way to come up with a concrete strategy. Whether finding an optimal arrangement of fonts and structure (page structure optimisation) or working on the technical aspects (page speed optimisation, indexing optimisation), they know how to ace up the SEO game to find you the results that you are looking for.


SEO Execution

Execution is where the implementation takes place. From performing technical SEO to putting every possible effort into utilising off-page strategy, our Sunshine Coast SEO experts find the best possible spot for their clients. They know how to leverage the various tools and tactics to get them closer to your business goals, which cannot be fulfilled without performing in-depth research and proper analysis.


SEO Reporting

In the final stage, we go towards providing our clients with a detailed and thorough SEO report. In our reporting, we include every single metric that tells them about the progress made. We are particular about providing our clients with a detailed view to keep their participation and interest alive and intact in the process review so that we can mutually succeed in our goals.

Why SEO is an integral part of any Business

The majority of online activity starts with a search engine. And while people are starting to increase their online engagement, businesses must reserve their spots on the internet. Any business that lacks the vision of creating an online presence will lose its ground in the times to come. And why the future? All those businesses that aren’t taking digital marketing seriously are already lagging behind the competition and losing on the potential opportunities that search engines would have provided them.

SEO is about optimising your website for technical and non-technical elements so that it can perform at its best. Whether performing on-page SEO or finding inventive ways to work on off-page tactics, SEO is all you need to find the best possible rank on the search engine. It focuses on improving the website performance and indexability so that it can improve the user experience while simultaneously managing to go within the search engine’s radar.

Still not convinced? Here’s a survey that says a page ranking in the first position gets 28% of all the clicks.

Now you must have been forced to think about losing out on the opportunities by not investing in SEO.

Choose from a range of SEO to get the Desired Results


Local SEO

If you are a local business and want to attract local customers, Local SEO is the way to go. Local SEO is a practice of optimising the online presence for local search results. It particularly relates to a specific location; therefore includes the use of local keywords and other tactics that helps audiences find a business by entering area-specific keywords, such as ‘cafe near me’. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals implement every tactic, from optimising your Google My Business listing to posting entries in influential directories. At Make My Website, we ensure to bring the best outcomes for every action we perform.


National SEO

National SEO is for businesses trying to expand their reach and operations to a national level. At Make My Website, we ensure applying best practices to scale your website visibility nationwide. Our Sunshine Coast professionals are adept at using the targeted keywords in the best possible arrangement and getting their clients much-deserved success in the field of digital marketing. National SEO being operative on a larger scale includes greater scope of success for businesses that are looking for growth and expansion. And we, as SEO experts, help them in their endeavour of achieving the same.


Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO involves the optimisation of ecommerce websites or portals in a way that helps businesses leverage their key strengths. It usually includes the same tactics of identifying the relevant keywords, performing on-page optimisation, creating content and so on, but following a completely different approach. Our Sunshine Coast professionals are trained experts and know every skill and tactic to tip the scale in your favour and bring significant results with their advanced strategies when it comes to increasing your sales.

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We are thorough professionals who seek purpose in delivering satisfaction to our clients. For us, providing the best services to our clients means everything. We understand how expertise becomes the trigger of every success; that’s why we focus on adopting the best possible practices. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals are committed to their work like no other. This makes our clients have increased faith and reliability in us and help us create a positive and constructive environment in the workplace.


Client’s Participation

For us, client participation is crucial because we understand how teamwork can do wonders. We give complete importance to our client’s vision, ideas and suggestions and try to see through their lens- bringing our skills and subject expertise into the picture. Other than building trust and enhancing relationships, it helps us bring the desired outcome, which is the ultimate goal of the entire campaign. Our Sunshine Coast professionals understand the value of including a client's perspective and put every possible effort into providing tailored services to match the needs and expectations of their clients.


Reasonable Pricing!

At Make My Website, we strongly believe in keeping a fair price policy. We find inspiration in serving our clients to their utmost satisfaction. And for this, we provide absolute value for their money. Our motto is to keep competitive pricing against the higher value proposition that we offer to our clients. For us, it remains the key goal to align our pricing with the value of the service being offered. It helps us remain competitive and attract clients where they feel safe and confident about the compensation they are being charged for the services.


Field Expertise

We, as SEO professionals, keep ourselves updated with all the tools and technology to serve our clients in the best capacity. As a leading firm in the field of SEO, we pride ourselves on bringing expert solutions to our clients, knowing that the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years are our biggest strength in serving our clients to their utmost satisfaction. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals know no barriers when it comes to updating their skills or keeping them ahead of the competition.


Customised Approach

Having dealt with numerous clients from different industries, we know the in and out of the process and understand the relevance of applying a customised approach to every project. We know that what worked for one business might not work for the other. We deeply realise the fact that when it comes to SEO, every business requires custom strategies to meet its unique and specific goals. Every business doesn’t approach SEO bearing the same goal. It’s our duty as experts to understand their expectations and provide solutions complementary to their needs and requirements.


Result-Oriented Approach

At Make My website, we follow a result-oriented approach, where anything less than our planned agenda doesn’t work for us. Our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals ensure bringing up the level of the website in every aspect, whether it’s boosting the website ranking or gaining the website authority by creating sufficient backlinks. We, as SEO experts, understand our roles in bringing the desired results for our clients and don't stop at performing regular tasks and actions.

Real Feedback from Our SEO Clients

FAQ’s about our SEO Services

Looking to learn more about us? Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear almost every day. If you still have any other query, feel free to write to us or give us a call.


SEO is a supreme mechanism for maintaining an online presence. If businesses are willing to create a significant presence on the internet, they are bound to make it through SEO. SEO is essentially a way of optimising the website for every factor that contributes to the search engine ranking, whether it is optimising the page speed for better performance, creating valuable content to gain the interest and attention of visitors or optimising the page structure to align it with the search engine algorithms. SEO experts who are well-versed in their fields can get your business to witness significant growth and expansion in a short span of time. You might be tempted to invest in paid marketing to get faster results, but when it comes to getting consistent and long-lasting results in gaining leads and traffic, SEO is unmatched.


Yes! There are other marketing routes and tactics that can help your business win quick leads. But for how long and against what investment is a separate area that needs to be questioned. SEO is among the most cost-effective means that help gain long-lasting results. In contrast, PPC is an aid for businesses who are looking for instant and short-term results. SEO has a way of performing tasks and actions that get your website maximum visibility when a user hits a search query. It ensures gaining organic attention and, thus, brings long-lasting results along with gaining the audience’s trust in your brand. Paid Marketing, on the other hand, is a means of advertising your products/services that lay an entirely different impact on your potential audience. People might invest in your business while your ads capture their attention, but to say that it adds to your brand’s credibility and likeability is an entirely different thing.


SEO is a process that requires proper knowledge and precision. If not performed in the right sequence and manner, it remains far from bringing the expected results. Choosing the right SEO company is crucial. One that can take complete responsibility for its actions and make sure that the campaign is heading in the right direction. Simply put, SEO is more than implementing a few tried and tested strategies. It involves critical study and analysis that allow professionals to derive desired results.

Make My Website is a company that stands for its clients at every step of the way. We have a team of passion-driven personnel who draw their inspiration from the success delivered to their clients. Our consistent work ethic and strong grip on our field make us a perfect resource for any business where we deliver results beyond their expectations.


The type of SEO that you require would depend on your business goals. Suppose you are a local service provider and want to establish a solid online presence to propagate your brand among the local people; in such a case, Local SEO is the way to go. It’ll help boost your brand’s visibility and recognition among the local community. On the other hand, if you are running a business on a national scale and want national-level marketing to promote your brand, National SEO would do the trick. Once you discuss your business goals and plans with our executives, they’ll guide you through the entire course and will suggest the type of SEO that best suits your business needs and requirements.


Choosing a reputed SEO company is of utmost importance. When you are moving towards creating a robust online presence, engaging an SEO firm that stands tall in its knowledge and expertise is paramount. These days, you’ll find SEO companies at every nook and corner. And this is when choosing the right resource in terms of knowledge and expertise becomes all the more important. There are companies that fabricate a few stats and figures in the name of providing reports to their clients. This is why it is essential to do a thorough check and analysis before handing over your company project to any SEO company. The benefits that come with hiring a reputed SEO firm are expertise, trustworthiness, reliable resources and cost-effectiveness, which you must always consider before hiring an SEO company.


Choosing an SEO company starts with defining your business goals. Once you have figured them out, narrowing down your options becomes a lot easier. You can ask for references from your known circle or do extensive research to find the one that suits your specific requirements. Once shortlisted, check the company background and portfolio to assess whether it's the right fit. Start by asking for their case studies and the projects they have delivered to their past clients. If you feel the need, you may even try to get in touch with them to know their first-hand experience with the company and find out how satisfied they’ve been with their services.

Other than following the standard process, you must always rely on your instincts and see how it feels to meet the company’s crew in person.


Yes! The primary goal of SEO is to increase traffic and lead generation by employing advanced tactics. The only difference between driving leads through SEO and paid advertising is its approach. SEO has an organic way of attracting leads, whereas paid marketing is a persuasive means to attract and engage users into buying products/services. When we speak of SEO, it comes with a lot of other benefits other than gaining leads. It helps establish a genuine bond with the audience, allows them to gravitate towards your brand organically, makes way for clients who are actually interested in investing in your business and so on. When you decide to root your business and then move towards the marketing actions, the impact it has on people is a lot different than simply advertising the brand on the digital platform. So this way, you have many ways to attract leads, but deciding to opt for SEO is the best thing you can do for your business that guarantees long-lasting and sustainable results.


SEO cannot be overlooked if you wish to sustain the digital identity of your business. It helps in ingraining the digital roots of your business, whether through optimising your website or performing off-page tactics to promote your source among the audience. In the realm of marketing tactics, it’s not just a cost-effective resort but an effective measure to bring exemplary results. Talk about wide visibility or posting business references in the directories; SEO outranks every other marketing alternative. The payoff that comes with SEO is multifold, whether it's source visibility, brand promotion, traffic, leads or conversions.


At Make My Website, we take up every project that comes our way. Our ideology is to provide the assistance of our expertise to every client that genuinely needs it. Not on the basis of how established they already are but on how efficiently we are able to help them climb the ladder of success. To us, our subject matter expertise sees no difference in our clients. No matter if you are a big company or a small start-up. For us, all it takes is custom research and strategy to run a successful SEO campaign and get your brand the visibility and recognition it deserves.


No. Black-hat SEO involves the implementation of manipulative and unethical practices that tweak the search engine algorithms in its favour. We strongly condemn this and believe in bringing results following clean and permissible practices. Keyword stuffing, content cloaking, and article duplications are a few examples of black-hat SEO. It alters the course of Google, adding value to the user experience and giving a false edge to the companies who try to tamper with the set mechanisms.


Yes, we do! SEO audit is a crucial step in assessing the current position of a website. How efficiently a website is performing and how quickly the gaps are being filled with the audit that we perform determines the trajectory of the SEO campaign. Our Sunshine Coast professionals are proficient in performing deep analysis and then implementing strategies to boost website visibility. Also, we as professionals understand that without running a meaningful audit, every effort made in the direction of SEO would go in vain. To get a clear understanding of a project with respect to its competitors is of utmost importance.


It is completely subjective in nature. Different industries have different requirements and challenges. Since SEO is an ongoing process, it is possible for one project to show early results than the other that’s surrounded by greater competition and challenges. How quickly a project responds to the campaign has a lot to say in this regard. So to prescribe a fixed time period won’t do justice to this query. Also, in the general scenario, a campaign demands a period of 3-6 months to start showing the results and requires continual efforts for its maintenance. Leaving it in between after acquiring the desired results won’t take long for your website to get back to its previous condition.


SEO ensures your website receives sufficient limelight for it to perform at its absolute best. When businesses opt for SEO, they sign up for a rooted foundation and robust online presence, which is an utmost necessity given the competition that we are running in. For our Sunshine Coast SEO professionals, nothing creates a boundary between them and a well-floated campaign that brings about the desired results that they intend to bring based on the initial planning. They invest themselves fully to see how their hard work and persistence are paying out in favour of their clients.


When we say custom approach, it implies studying every project to its finest detail. Not every business approaches SEO with the same goals. For some, it’s about appearing in the top results; for others, it can be a thorough focus on lead generation. At Make My Website, we aim to bring every business to its utmost potential. We ensure that through our efforts and technical expertise, we are able to provide every client with the boost they require to grow and thrive in this competitive era. Unlike other companies, we prefer to follow a custom approach and give individual attention to every project we undertake.


A higher ranking is a clear sign that your SEO campaign is heading in the right direction. Once you notice your website rank elevated in the sequence of search results, you’d know that the efforts you are putting into SEO are paying off.

Other than this, you'll experience higher website traffic, which will eventually lead to conversions. Also, when we share SEO reporting with our clients, it includes the mention of engagement metrics (bounce rate, time on site, and pages per session) that depicts how visitors are interacting with your website. The better the metrics, the better it is for the growth of your business.

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