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Online visibility has become the most crucial aspect of a business. For the most part, it’s not possible for the company owners to stay updated with the skills and knowledge of this field; that’s why it is essential to work with a reliable SEO company in Wollongong.

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SEO strategies include a set of practices that must be followed by applying professional acumen. Blindly following the trail would not yield the results you might expect. To realise the actual potential of SEO efforts, you must lay out a systematic procedure to keep track of every activity that you perform – keeping in mind a specific goal.

SEO is more like an organised science that helps businesses get the online visibility and recognition required to get the leads for their business. If a parallel thought strikes that the same can be achieved from paid marketing, stick around and see how SEO outshines every other resort in taking your business to heights you haven’t imagined.


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Wollongong SEO Services

On-page SEO involves all the SEO tactics that are performed to optimise the web pages and improve its rankings.

Core Web Vitals:

One of the critical steps of performing SEO is to keep a close tab on core web vitals. Measuring these vitals from time to time is essential as it helps keep the website organised and improves its visibility and rankings. The core web vitals consists of three pillars, namely, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and First Input Delay (FID).

Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are the highlighted text that appears at the top of the Google search, explaining specific terms or concepts. There are among the easiest and most effective ways to secure the top spot in SERPs. As experts, we comply with all the parameters to qualify for this spot that is literally displayed on position 0.

Improving E-A-T:

Being Wollongong SEO experts, we understand the value of E-A-T (that stands for Expertise- Authority-Trustworthiness). It comes under one of the crucial guidelines of Google that ask the companies to maintain a character while aiming to appear in the top searches. We come from the same school of thought and ensure following it with best of our efforts.

Page Speed Optimisation:

Optimising page speed is fundamental. The entire SEO efforts will go in vain if a user doesn’t get a smooth experience with your website, which starts from the moment they choose to click on your website link. This is where our experts step in to ensure that their client’s website runs at its optimal capacity rendering its users the experience that they expect.

Indexing Optimisation:

Creating favourable conditions for your website comes with performing indexing optimisation. Indexing is when Google sends its crawlers to find the relevant link searches for a registered query. And for any website to stand qualified for the same, it requires fulfilling certain parameters. Here’s where our experts would intervene in the process and make sure you lack in no particular segment when performing indexing optimisation for your business website.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO forms the most critical part of SEO. Only subject-knowledge and wide practical exposure is the resort to gain mastery over this field – where lies our true proficiency. We remain committed to our client’s success and do whatever it takes to improve their ranking in search engine results. Our professionals are thoroughly skilled and trained in their field and know no boundaries when exercising their skills.

Page Structure Optimisation:

It might skip from your notice, but there’s not a single clause that misses from the sight of our experts. Paying close attention to the page structure is crucial; that’s why our experts exert due efforts to bring your website in line with the accepted standards and practices. Whether it’s arranging the content in the preferred layout or setting the right tone for your website, we only believe in bringing out the excellence.
Off-Page SEO is the tactics applied outside your website. It involves posting content, creating a solid online presence and building networks with other websites and brands.

Link Building:

Link building, as we all know, requires links and association with high-authority websites. We remain consistent with creating quality link-building so that a website can gain sufficient authority and hold over its competitor sites. We like to remain selective about the hyperlinks we create. Our high-standard model makes sure that we only sign up for premium resources to get the best impression on our client’s website.

Backlink Analysis:

Backlinking is when SEO experts establish links with other websites, whether through posting content pieces or otherwise. Our powerful database is no less than a gold mine of resources that we have created to save the time and effort of our clients. No matter the industry and sector you relate to, our researchers have got all the resources you need to shine at the top of the SERPs. We create quality inbound links to get you its maximum benefit and make sure we don’t skip on any part to ascribe our clients with the extra brownie points.


Ever Googled ‘Best places near me’ and landed on a website containing a list of places along with their address and phone numbers! Those are the directories with influential links that help your business gain popularity among people. The process of listing your website on influential spots is called Citations, and we run a detailed search to submit your Wollongong business listings on all relevant pages.

Penalty Recovery:

Penalty Recovery includes fixing the previous errors that weren’t in alignment with Google’s Guidelines. This not only requires a deep understanding of the subject but demands an expert command over all field-related areas. Our Wollongong SEO experts are trained to sniff all the existing irregularities of their client’s website and ensure its timely recovery to regain its authority and position.
SEO Migration is a vital step in ensuring that you don’t miss out on any SEO benefits if you migrate your website from one address to another. Many reasons stand behind migrating the website from one spot to another. It could be to improve the design, layout or overall usability of the website. In such instances, if you wish to retain the previously attained SEO benefits, don’t skip to engage our Wollongong SEO specialists to take advantage of your past efforts.
We have a trained team of SEO professionals to undertake the task of proper management and reporting, ensuring everything runs smoothly at all step of the process. We base our expertise on the results we bring for our client’s companies and ensure timely reporting to our clients to keep them well-informed about every little detail.

Google Analytics Set:

Our experts are trained in handling the Google Analytics Setup for advanced monitoring. It is the most crucial step in preparing the SEO strategies and getting along with the SEO roadmap. Driven by the outcomes, we are beyond passionate about finding the exact impressions of the customer’s response and then translating them into useful strategies so that our clients can benefit from them..

Google Search Console Setup:

To keep proper track of how Google perceives your website, our professional team will track the important findings from Google Search Console. It might appear simple on the outside, but working with advanced software like this requires years of learning and persistence to draw a valuable inference from it. We are professionals with firm technical backing and do not hesitate to walk the extra mile for the benefit of our clients.

Conversion Tracking Setup:

SEO would lose the entire point if it couldn’t generate sufficient conversions. This is where the Conversion Tracking setup comes in and allows us to track the relevant information. Information like total purchases being made, signing up of newsletters, total sign-ups being carried-out and so on. Once our experts have gained access to such useful insights, they back their decision-making with practical data and are more likely to get the desired outcomes.

Heatmap Setup:

Heatmaps are an effective tool for analysing the user’s activity on your website. To see how a user behaves when he visits your website can be easily tracked using sophisticated tools like a heatmap. Many softwares offer the heatmap features that our experts bring to their use to decode useful information about the visitor’s activity so that complementing strategies can benefit our client’s business.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

Among essential tracking tools is eCommerce Conversion Tracking, which helps our experts understand the client’s behaviour based on their shopping activity. Extracting relevant information like which products are emerging, the best-selling products and which aren’t performing well becomes easy with such tools.

Scheduled SEO Reporting Setup:

How categorically an SEO report is presented to the clients says a lot about the professional demeanour of an SEO firm. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering our clients the most diverse yet detailed SEO reporting to show them the picture from every lens and angle. Whether it’s using technical jargon to justify our efforts in terms of technicality or making it understandable for our clients to absorb its gist, we follow a flexible approach to strike a balance between both sides of the scale.

SEO Process

The SEO process can be complex in many ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to follow a certain order; rather, professionals have to steer it considering the timely development of the project. Here’s how the system flows once we are assigned a project:

Competitor’s Research

The next step in line is to conduct thorough research of your competitors. It includes scanning their online strategies, backlinking profiles, and their approach from head to head to toe. This allows us to develop useful insights on which we base our core strategies and build our SEO blueprint. We like to fine-tune our efforts inter-departmentally and remain in sync all the while to reach the exceptional outcomes.


SEO Audit

The SEO process begins with a complete audit of your existing website if there’s any! At Make My Website, we are beyond passionate about finding the best solution for our clients right from the beginning of the task. As soon as you assign your project, our researchers will dig deep into every aspect of the project to find the most suitable resort for your business.


SEO Strategy

After careful analysis, we move to meticulous planning, focusing on building the SEO strategies. Our Wollongong SEO strategies involve all the steps in the right proportion and order. Whether it’s finding the perfect balance of core web vitals or executing our off-page tactics, our Wollongong experts remain in full control throughout. They like to stay updated about new tactics and technology so that they can transfer its complete benefits to their clients.


SEO Execution

Execution is the most crucial part that demands maximum commitment and dedication. Going by the book and remaining flexible with our approach are key factors for our exceptional project delivery. Our every department works in tandem with one another to work for common goals. We as a team stand together exert without deviating an inch from our plan to bring real success to our clients. And this is how we turn our every project into a great success.


Tracking and Reporting

Compiling a detailed report for our clients stands as the most integral part of the process. We understand the value of transparency; that is why we choose to employ advanced and evolved tools for reporting. Keeping our clients well-informed about every inch of the process is our prime intention, and we like to follow it religiously without a miss.

How SEO helps in accomplishing Business Goals?

SEO is integral in maintaining a sound online presence. Running a business without having a robust online presence is like running a shop without a signboard. If you wish to get noticed and want to attract leads, there is no way you could achieve it without employing SEO tactics. SEO is far from applying the tactics in a disorganised manner; rather, a systematic series of activities that helps you track your website’s actual performance.

SEO, as the term suggests, is a way to get acknowledged in the eyes of search engines. And without going through this process, there’s no way you’d be able to appear in the search results (which remains the ultimate goal of SEO). SEO helps in fixing your base so that your Wollongong business can blossom to the totality. Whether it’s performing on-page SEO to make your website perform at its best or conducting off-page SEO to harness the benefits of influential links and channels, SEO is a pedestal that can raise your level beyond your expectations if you decide to invest in the right resource at the right time.

If you think performing SEO is a simple task, try it yourself. In the next few days, you’d realise that not only does it require the subject expertise of the highest degree it, but requires powerful dedication to executing what you plan. Our Wollongong SEO experts are the epitome of proficiency and commitment. They know how to drive results by combining the flavour of their smart strategies and persistent execution. For them, all that matters is to meet the goals of their clients by employing their best-ever skills and tactics. Our professionals are go-getters whose curiosities are fueled whenever a new project comes in.

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Range of SEO


Local SEO

A Wollongong business that intends to operate from a specific geographical location can benefit from Local SEO. When we perform Local SEO on our client’s project, we ensure the implementation of every possible tactic, from GMB listing to collecting plenty of testimonials to make sure they get the complete benefits and beyond.


National SEO

When your Wollongong business doesn’t know the state boundaries, here’s when our exports step in to implement National SEO. In most cases, eCommerce portals approach to get their business website nationwide reach so that they can benefit from the larger customer base, expanding their business horizons to the entire nation.


Ecommerce SEO

Optimising your eCommerce portals for product descriptions and relevant keyword searches allows your portals to get wide visibility and recognition among the audience. Our experts ensure relevant backlinking and other procedures to improve your website rankings. Drop your concerns about preparing site structures when we are at your assistance.

Why Choose Us?

Confused about choosing a Wollongong SEO company? Read below to know why we stand your best choice!


We don’t need to make any claims when our work is our testimony. We like to say it with actions rather than singing laurels. Our Wollongong SEO services completely represent our smart strategies and hard work carried out to pull your SEO game. We have spent ample time mastering the trade (SEO) so that we can become the bridge between our clients and their ‘success’.


Customised Approach

We make it a point to see every project from a different lens. Like we always say, every business is unique, and so is the treatment (SEO strategies) that it should receive. Our Wollongong experts conduct extensive industry research once they get a project and make sure to employ the best SEO tactics complementing its specific needs and requirements. Our proficient crew is the sole reason for being able to distinguish between different types of projects and find potential that no other can see.


Expert Crew

Our Wollongong SEO experts are the secret to our success. They have come together with a uni-focus on getting their clients the success their business deserves. Their professional prowess, coupled with strong work ethics, is a deadly combination that works for mutual success. Led by the goal of getting the client’s website in the top search, they literally leave no stone unturned to place them under the spotlight (wide visibility).


Client’s Participation

We believe the client’s participation is the most important factor in determining the success of any project. Without their invaluable suggestions and directions, no company (however competent it is) can reach the milestone of success. From understanding their expectations to creating a roadmap following their vision, we believe in involving our clients at every stage of the process.


Reasonable Pricing

We believe the best way to sustain in business is to create a loop where not only past clients choose to stick with us but also recommend our services in their network. And to create this scenario, all we do is provide our clients with absolute value for money. And this includes the fair compensation that we charge for our services.


Result-Oriented Approach

To be precise, SEO is a culmination of multiple factors. Learning a segment or two isn’t the right way to go about it. A proper SEO expert needs to learn all parts of the field so that they can together be worked upon to bring the actual results. For instance, If a company claims to be good at on-page but lacks in the other area (off-page or SEO migration), there is a chance next to zero tha they’ll be able to deliver results to their clients. We at Make My Website seek pride in being an all-round Wollongong SEO company.

Real Feedback from Our SEO Clients

FAQ’s about our SEO Services

Looking to learn more about us? Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear almost every day. If you still have any other query, feel free to write to us or give us a call.


SEO is the prime requirement to get your website the attention it requires to sustain and compete with other businesses. When you decide to run an online business or assign your business a digital identity, it becomes imperative to throw yourself into the technicalities. For Search Engine to acknowledge your presence, you must qualify the prerequisite of fulfilling the given criteria and parameters. And this is where SEO steps in to serve the purpose.

SEO manages to gain brand recognition with its tried and tested techniques, which, if followed religiously, can get your business to the top of the ladder. The strategies include creating backlinks, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, submitting sitemaps, and so on. Experts are trained to perform it in the right sequence and adjust their frequencies in between as they measure the results of their actions. Following the search engine’s guidelines and aligning your website to those lay a huge impact on getting your business in the top searches- eventually meeting your business goals and requirements.


If you are running a straightaway comparison of SEO and paid marketing, know that there are a whole bunch of benefits and advantages that come with SEO. It might appear on the surface that paid marketing brings quick and better results than SEO, but let’s dive a little deeper and find how SEO establishes supremacy over it.

SEO is meant to create a systematic chain of events that helps you win traffic and leads while creating a brand image that lasts long, contrary to paid marketing which is quite an expensive resort and doesn’t promise lasting results. A simple proof in support of this explanation is to ask yourself how likely it is that you’ll click an ad section after entering a search query. The trust and credibility that an organic search holds are irreplaceable and come from an authentic SEO practice.


The real challenge is choosing a Wollongong SEO company to meet your business goals. Every company seems to make big claims, but for a layperson, there’s no direct method that can help them choose the best out of all. In such instances, it’s best to follow your instinct to guide you through. Look for their achievement list and prefer one-to-one interaction to help you get a hold of their business values and ethics.

Believe it or not, the business values of a firm go a long way in finding service satisfaction. When deciding on your Wollongong SEO company, examine their achievement list along with the testimonials their clients have presented to see if their claims match their reality. Other than this, you can always go the extra mile of directly conversing with their experts to assess how proficient they seem in their trade.


Finding the best SEO solutions for our clients is our prime forte. We have been delivering successful projects for years, exceeding our client’s expectations. And there’s much more to why we deserve to be your first choice! We have been practising our skills for over a decade, which has let us know all in’s and out’s of our field. Our professional team is not only a workforce following the set practices and standards but also great researchers who believe in finding inventive and creative ways of bringing success to their clients like no other. We are professionals led by passion and aspire to get the best out of our skills and knowledge to deliver its maximum advantage to our clients. Apart from this, we never compromise on our work ethics, which allows us to evolve stronger from our roots.


We have been very particular about following clean practices when it comes to performing SEO. We believe in bringing lasting results for our clients that only come from working in alignment with Google’s guidelines. There are companies that promise faster results which is nothing but a big facade to trick their clients. They might show momentary results but sustaining them over time becomes the biggest challenge. At Make My Website, we have strict policies of practising white-hat seo, bringing organic and sustainable results for our clients so they can claim real benefits from our SEO services in Wollongong.


Well, it all depends on your business goals and requirements. If you are a local service provider and wish to create a reasonable business awareness in your local community, then going for Local SEO would be the best resort! If you are running an eCommerce portal, you may want to spread your name as far as possible. In that case, there’s no harm in opting for global SEO. In the last resort, if you are limited by the scope of provisioning the goods/services within the country limit, the best bet is to go for the national SEO. It’s best to access your business needs before opting for a specific SEO model—also if you wish to get professional advice.


It’s difficult to quote one figure. As we said, different businesses approach us with different requirements. And it is only possible to quote a justified amount after going through what they expect from us. For instance: Some companies might come with a custom requirement of getting done with their on-page SEO, while others may require the complete package from on-page to extensive backlink profile. Considering the different business requirements that our clients might have, it’s only recommended to request a bid if you wish to know more about our pricing.


Well, that, too, doesn’t constitute a fixed answer. For the SEO factors to play their role and bring the actual results, it is difficult to set a single timeline for every project. There can be instances where a particular project might relate to a certain industry which might be giving hard competition, contrary to the others that require very little effort to bring the same results. That is why it is very hard to answer this with certainty.

The best way to approach this is to dive deep into the process while experts are implementing the strategies. It will not only expand your knowledge but will offer a fair clarity of how the whole process works and what to expect in return.


Our skill and technical prowess don’t distinguish between our clients. No matter the service or assistance you require in the field of SEO, our Wollongong experts will find the best way to get it done. Whether you are a small-scale Wollongong company needing guidance in implementing Local SEO or a giant entity looking to tap into global resources, our professionals are adept in the totality of their field and bear the competence to serve you with whatever you ask for. No scale or grade can become a barrier between our clients and us.


The prime goal of any SEO is to help your business gain recognition among the (online) audience. And once you start noticing the increased attention of the audience, know that there’s no other than SEO tactics playing its part. SEO helps bridge the technical and non-technical gaps and allows the search engine to actively pick your resources and drop them in the SERP when a user enters a relevant query. Whether SEO is moving in the right direction or not becomes evident once you notice the signs of (online) growth and expansion of your business.


SEO is a mix of art and science! The art of inventing creative ways to bond with the audience and the science of meticulously following search engine guidelines to make them include your website in SERPs. The biggest risk you can have is to engage an amateur as your SEO company, for which your business would be no different from an experimental playground. This will not only waste your time and money but would also snatch the opportunity of becoming a top brand had you assigned your project to a well-established Wollongong SEO company.


Yes, but with consistent practice. Unlike paid marketing, SEO is something that works on the root level. When we say root level – it means to work at a level where you initiate by building a brand image so that it eventually gains awareness and recognition among the audience in an organic way. Once you successfully establish your business online following organic routes (SEO methods and tactics), there’s no looking back, whether it’s about generating high traffic to your website or systematically converting them to your loyal customer base.


To follow a custom approach, we start by having a detailed discussion with our clients – trying to understand their expectations from us. Once we get a hold of their requirements, we move to the next step of conducting detailed research, including thorough competitor analysis (keyword research, backlink profiles, studying their entire online existence, and so on). This is where we differ in our approach to following different paths in the case of different projects. Also, we ensure timely measuring of our actions to assess whether they are delivering the expected results or not. And if we find any discrepancy, we flip our approach to adjust to the best route.

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