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Choosing the right SEO company for your business is the trickiest task of all. The company can take care of the part where they need to apply the right knowledge and implement the bespoke strategies, but reaching that safe spot requires expert discernment and precision. To help you find the most suitable Newcastle SEO company for your business, here are a few takeaways you can keep in mind.
Once you decide to associate with us, you’d realise that Make My Website is not only a living example of all that’s stated above but a brand that doesn’t mind going a mile extra for the contentment of its clients. Our experts have gathered the requisite knowledge and training, following the practical experience that satisfies every customer we get overboard.

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Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vital, as the name suggests, is the vitals that helps assess the page performance and keeps it functioning at its optimal capacity. Any fluctuation and variation in it may affect the page ranking from time to time. This is where our Newcastle experts assume the role of keeping them in check, practising their advanced methods and tactics. It majorly consists of three elements: LCP: Largest Contentful Paint, FID: First Input Delay, and CLS: Cumulative Layout Shift that tells us about the page, speed, interactivity and stability.

Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are the quick shots we see when we hit a Google query. A simple answer and explanation, appearing at the top of the results, are what we call featured snippets that serve as the best means to put your brand under the spotlight. Our experts find the most optimal ways to place your brand in the top category to not just improve your website but improve the brand image in the most organic manner. This way, we facilitate inbound leads by ranking your content in the featured snippets and setting new milestones for your business growth and expansion.

Improving E-A-T:

E-A-T, as we call it, stands for Expert-Authority and Trustworthiness. These guidelines laid by Google prescribe businesses to operate from such grounds. Whatever task or activity a business chooses to perform on the digital playground must complement these attributes to add value to the user’s experience. We at Make My Website are particular about following these underlying rules in every action we perform. Whether it’s posting guest posts on digital portals or connecting the networks of backlinking websites, we remain intact in our values to do just the right thing to promote your business in an organic way.

Page Speed Optimisation:

Among the crucial steps we take to build a robust SEO strategy is page optimisation, which accounts for the speed at which a page loads after a user clicks on a web link. Our experts are efficient in taking care of every single element, from reducing redirects to removing the cache files, so that your web page speed performance never suffers. Their technical soundness assists them in employing some of the best hosting solutions to ensure a swift opening of our client’s web pages.

Indexing Optimisation:

Indexing optimisation is when we optimise your web pages for aspects that allow the search engine to consider all the important pages while showing the result pages. This requires the technical expertise of a certain grade where your available resources are well-aligned with Google’s issued guidelines. It includes making your website design mobile-friendly, updating regular content, submitting sitemaps and minifying the on-page resources. We at Make My Website like to remain updated with the latest technologies and notifications to get the finest results for our clients.

Technical SEO:

In performing technical SEO, we ensure compliance with every possible step for the search engine’s spiders to crawl and index your resources more efficiently. A few instances of technical SEO would be submitting your sitemap, working on the page’s speed, creating mobile-friendly pages, finding and fixing inferior content concerns and so on. We have gathered sufficient knowledge and exposure to serve our clients in a way that exceeds their expectations. The end goal is to land the website in the best place so it functions in accordance with the search engine’s guidelines and garners the maximum attention from the target audience.

Page Structure Optimisation:

Page structure optimisations consist of three basic components: Content Elements, HTML Elements, and Site Structure Elements. From establishing a hierarchy to organising subpages in logical categories, our experts leave no room to bring your website to the top results. Other steps involve boosting your page speed, creating relevant pillar pages, optimising URL structure and so on that help us get your resource on-point from every aspect and functionality. For us, no project is complex that cannot be worked upon to get it to the top of the ladder when it comes to performing its SEO.

Link Building:

Link building involves acquiring high-quality links that can boost the authority of a website. It could be through posting content on various channels and working on expanding the outreach of a given business. Our Newcastle experts have formed influential networks of sites and websites to find the best possible resorts for our clients. No matter your industry, our extensive research and effective link-building strategies would give your Newcastle business the thrust it requires to outshine the rest.

Backlink Analysis:

The job doesn’t get over with creating the backlinks for a given project. A proper and thorough analysis from time to time is the key to maintaining an earned spot in the search results. Our experts at Make My Website are equipped with the knowledge and tools to find you the top slots in SERPs. We are trained and experienced in finding all kinds of fallacies and fixing them right away before they adversely affect our client's website. Our wide experience allows us to find inconsistencies in a single glance, bringing desired results in a short span of time.


Citations are when we place the business entries (Name, Address and Phone Number) on influential and top-ranking websites (directories). Placing citations at the relevant spots is of crucial importance when looking to gain authority. This is, in fact, among the most effective SEO practices for raising the authority of a given resource. On average, 20-40 citations are considered a good number to gain significant recognition and authority, and this is where we step in to serve the most optimal solutions. Our experts have done all the hard work of connecting with the top websites so they can get their clients the benefit of their hard work and expertise.

Penalty Recovery:

When certain companies choose to stay in misalignment with Google's guidelines, this is when they attract a penalty. It could be for any reason, from posting inferior and duplicate content to creating bad links in the name of backlinking. In such instances, it becomes extremely crucial to rectify the flaw and get back in the good books of Google. If you had a bad experience in the past and are looking for a reliable SEO resource to fix the inconsistencies, we are the brand to trust. Our experts will do whatever it takes to get you back on the digital playground, employing their expert strategies.
There can be instances if, for any given reason, you've migrated your website from the old address to the new one. In such a case, how would you take the SEO benefits to the new spot? Site Migration requires professionals of the highest order expertise to delicately handle the site migration and carry along the SEO benefits you gained over time. Our experts are well aware of the ins and outs of the process, whether it’s updating your site’s DNS settings or checking for redirect chains. You sit back and relax while our experts take up the job of efficiently moving your website from the old to the new domain.

Google Analytics Setup:

Presenting our reporting based on concrete metrics comes from a sound setup of Google Analytics for every client we have. Our Newcastle experts are proficient in interpreting the insights and translating them into the actions that become the breakthrough in the entire process. We like to go into small details to create the best scenario for our clients in terms of generating the maximum possible traffic and leads by taking the required action on every info (client’s purchase, add-to-cart activity) we get from the platform.

Google Search Console Setup:

A simultaneous platform of Google Search Console helps us assess your business equation with the Search Engine. Any lapse or discrepancy can be easily spotted in this portal, and our Newcastle experts remain more than alert to find inventive fixes for them all. We at Make My Website understand the relevance of handling every single tool with utmost precision and diligence to reach the targets we have set in the initial stage of our analysis. Improving our actions following the insights from Google Search Console remains one of our most reliable and effective steps that we rest our performance on.

Conversion Tracking Setup:

A simultaneous platform of Google Search Console helps us assess your business equation with the Search Engine. Any lapse or discrepancy can be easily spotted in this portal, and our Newcastle experts remain more than alert to find inventive fixes for them all. We at Make My Website understand the relevance of handling every single tool with utmost precision and diligence to reach the targets we have set in the initial stage of our analysis. Improving our actions following the insights from Google Search Console remains one of our most reliable and effective steps that we rest our performance on.

Heatmap Setup:

Heatmaps are basically the visual representation of data in a coded colour pattern that helps analyse user behaviour. It takes professionals of the highest grade and order to study and interpret the data, bringing out the valuable insights. It generally persists in the two-variable order and helps draw comparisons based on a particular study. At Make My Website, we have found our expertise and proficiency in employing heatmap setups for the benefit of our clients and extracting them maximum gains, practising our skilled moves.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

eCommerce Conversion Tracking is finding the relevant details about the customer's shopping activity. We, as experts, know our territory and don’t leave things to chance. We like to be under complete control and invent innovative ways of bringing valuable insights so that better and improved SEO strategies can be framed to get the finest results. eCommerce Conversion Tracking stands among those that serve our highest goals of extracting useful information like which products are recording high sales or low sales so that further decisions can be made based on the data extracted.

Scheduled SEO Reporting Setup:

We are a firm follower in preparing detailed and comprehensive reports for our clients to give them a fair view of the campaign. Our scheduled reporting tools will ensure sending you timely and specific reports of our SEO activities and results drawn. It includes every single component, from links and site rankings to sales revenue and cost per lead, so clients can rest find every activity and progress from the comfort of their place. Our experts ensure they work for the actual progress of their clients and not gain few presentable figures to quote on their SEO report.

Newcastle SEO Process


Competitor’s Research

We start by having a thorough analysis of the competitor’s website that tops the search list. We understand the importance of performing every task with precision and accuracy so that we can get the best results from our efforts. We pay special attention to finding the top-performing keywords and perform thorough backlink analysis to reach the most effective analysis. At Make My Website, we remain deeply committed to finding the best possible resort for our clients, whether it's about deep churning of the competitor’s analysis or driving on the strength areas of our clients.


SEO Audit

In the audit stage, our client’s website and other resources remain the key focus area. Before we apply our advanced tactics to produce desired results, our Newcastle experts like to examine the present status of our client’s website to the best possible extent. The benefit that we get is having a clear understanding of our goals and targets that facilitates us to chase them with the best possible approach and strategies. From assessing the web vitals to finding your DA/PA score, we get to the absolute basics so that we can aim to set a firm foundation for your brand’s digital existence.


SEO Strategy

After performing deep analysis and intense brain-racking sessions, here’s when we jump to the next step of preparing a strategy for the SEO campaign. Our experts’ strategies initiate with preparing a stepwise calendar for every move that we plan in the course of our SEO journey. Whether it’s planning the link-building process or finding the most befitted keywords, our Newcastle experts prefer to dive into the deepest territories to get the finest gems. We, as SEO experts, like to rely on the subject expertise that fuels our continuous learning. Remaining updated with every trend and technology is the prime priority that we never miss at any cost.


SEO Execution

Execution is where the ultimate action takes place. We, as Newcastle experts, know how to win our territory and offer befitted SEO solutions to our clients. Once we are done forming a foolproof strategy studying your Newcastle business requirements and key strength areas, there’s no stopping until we reach our fixed target. There is only one condition in which we choose to deviate from our plan: when we find any significant findings in our monitoring. Acting flexible in our approach and applying twists and tweaks is how we indulge in smart work to serve the best interests of our clients.


SEO Reporting

While compiling the SEO Reporting for our clients, we ensure to make use of the best tools and methods to present a concise and comprehensive report to our clients. We try to put our best efforts into employing the best ever tools and technologies to serve our clients with nothing but the best. Whether it’s helping them understand cost per lead or presenting the metrics to assess organic traffic, we leave no stone unturned to make our report into a concise and easy-to-understand instrument of communication. And all this comes with an intent to allow them to make an informed decision for future times.

Why SEO is an integral part of any Business

Wondering why SEO has become an integral part of online marketing! We’ll help you understand why it garnered such attention and enjoys a royal status when it comes to winning the leads in the digital space. SEO is an organic way of finding success in the digital landscape. It's about improving the overall factors and conditions to make it conducive for the interested audience to reach you.

SEO intends to employ a certain set of strategies that not only drives your immediate business goals (increasing traffic and leads to your website) but tends to work on the long-term benefits where it helps form a concrete business foundation. Unlike other marketing means, it promises lasting results and aspires to work on improving your online existence rather than chasing a random audience. And getting SEO done from an established firm is yet another condition that needs to be fulfilled. Performing SEO without the proper knowledge is no different than shooting an arrow in the dark which is of no use.

Choose from a range of SEO to get the Desired Results


Local SEO

If you are looking to gain visibility and popularity in local searches, Local SEO is the way to go. Our Newcastle SEO experts would formulate a strategy, following which you’d be able to tap into the local communities like no other. As experts, we follow a meticulous way of approaching the SEO elements to ensure the best outcome for our clients.


National SEO

National SEO means tapping the national market and competing with the national players in the digital landscape. Our Newcastle experts are adept in employing SEO strategies based on client’s needs and requirements and getting results that exceed their expectations. The key difference between local SEO and national SEO is that of choice of keywords that offer a considerable difference in the approach and geographical area where SEO tactics are being applied.


Ecommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is when you want to gain the SEO benefit for your eCommerce portals. This is when you get precise and detailed info about how your products are performing on the platform. From getting a detailed analysis to optimising every page and functionality of your portal, the eCommerce portal enables you to get the maximum visibility and recognition, employing the expert and advanced tactics of eCommerce SEO.

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Our professional conduct comes from our dedication to best serve our clients following the course we have adopted over the years of hard work and persistence. We work closely with clients to get to the bottom of their needs and requirements. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in our efforts to find the best possible SEO path for our clients.


Client’s Participation

For us, having a client's participation in the entire process is paramount. We find our vision and direction from the expectations of our clients. Also, we believe handling tasks with combined participation is the key to success in any role we define in the SEO journey. In short, we derive our inspiration from their satisfied and happy faces that stand as our biggest strength throughout the process that we follow.


Reasonable Pricing!

We at Make My Website lay our entire focus on providing value for money. We understand that by serving in the best interests of our clients, we’ll not only be able to create an ongoing loop of having them for life but find the purpose that keeps us going. We like to remain intact in our values that call for a fair pricing policy and finding rewards in our client's satisfaction.


Field Expertise

Field expertise is the core of any service. And we, as SEO experts, take complete responsibility for doing whatever it takes to stay ahead in the competition. From practising our skills to keeping ourselves updated about every tactic and technology, we prefer to fully immerse ourselves into the experience of finding the SEO resorts for our clients, keeping in consideration their specific needs and requirements.


Customised Approach

We completely disregard the one-formula-fit-all approach. For us, SEO is not just employing fixed methods and tactics on whosoever approaches us. We pay significant attention to the variables and like to follow a flexible approach, following the live monitoring performed by our Newcastle experts. Our team is adept at adjusting their pace and tempo as per the project’s requirement and staying updated with every update and notification that appears in real-time.


Result-Oriented Approach

SEO is futile without being result-oriented in one’s approach. Imagine engaging a firm that applies all the tips and tricks with regard to SEO but could not generate the results that have been fixed at the start of the SEO journey. Do you see any point in engaging in any such activity? That is why engaging a firm that demonstrates skills following a concise vision and brings results is crucial for the success of your business.

Real Feedback from Our SEO Clients

FAQ’s about our SEO Services

Looking to learn more about us? Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear almost every day. If you still have any other query, feel free to write to us or give us a call.


SEO stands as an important step in finding business success. This is no longer a theory but an established fact that has given hundreds and thousands of businesses the success they desire. To get your perspective straight and precise on this specific query, let’s dissect point by point what SEO does to your brand.

When you choose to step up into the digital territory, it becomes of utmost importance to bring awareness among the people and other businesses that you, too, are sharing the common space and competing for the audience's attention. Other than that, you need to find platform-specific ways and tactics to promote your Newcastle business to increase your traffic and leads. Also, in the most important segment, it is crucial to build relationships with your client to move towards a sound and credible reputation for your brand.

What do you think serves all the functions stated above in the paragraph? SEO! And that’s why it comes with no replacement when finding a legitimate space for your Newcastle business in the digital landscape.


Yes and No! Well, to justify both sides, here’s a clear explanation that will make you understand why SEO is the only way to achieve lasting and sustainable results. You may think that by investing in paid marketing, you’ll be able to generate sufficient leads and can spread the name of your brand, which will somewhat be the case. But to establish your brand in true spirit and dignity, the only way is to work towards its improvement, which only SEO can provide.

SEO works from the bottom level and aspires to set the conditions straight for your audience to approach your brand rather than you creating a marketing bubble to lure them as customers. This way, an organic chain is created that lasts long-term, promising much greater returns than any other marketing tactic can offer.


Choosing an SEO matter rests on your personal preference. For some, it might be the size of the company, while for others, it could be the cost that might influence their decision to choose a particular company. But to stay somewhere in the middle and choose what’s needed to succeed is a matter of clear analysis and sharp discernment. For a business to choose an SEO company in Newcastle, it must fulfil two qualifications. One is their wide exposure to project handling, and the second is to provide a custom plan for every project they get. No matter how big an SEO company is, if they do not follow a custom approach for every project, chances are you’ll not get the results your business deserves.

At Make My Website, we pride ourselves on fulfilling all the defined conditions and stand tall on our claims to serve our clients with the best possible SEO solutions for their specific requirements.


SEO can be categorised into various segments. It can be worked upon depending on the different requirements of the business. Suppose you are running a local business in Newcastle and want to get the benefits of online marketing. The best resort for you in the given scenario would be to opt for Local SEO. Local SEO would provide your business with the thrust it requires to reach local audiences and spread your business name. Similarly, if you are running an eCommerce portal, the prominent business requirement is to do as extensive promotion as possible. And this is where eCommerce SEO would get you the maximum benefits.

If you are clueless about the type of SEO you should opt for, consult our professionals for fair guidance; they would be more than happy to divert you to the path of success.


When choosing an SEO company, the cost factor naturally remains the dominant force for most businesses. But here's the thing, you might get tempted into getting the SEO done from a firm offering cheap services, but what would be its use if it couldn’t get you the results you are expecting in return? Not only would you lose the money you invested, but also other valuable resources like your time and effort, which, if invested in the right resort, could have been the game changer for your Newcastle business. That is why it’s never a profitable deal to overlook the expertise of an SEO firm over the cost that it's charging against their services.


When choosing an SEO company, consider checking their previous assignments to get an idea about their portfolio. Reading through the client’s testimonials is an ideal way to make up your mind and decide whether it seems to be a befitted resource for your assignment. The best resort is to have first-hand experience of their dealing by getting in touch with their professionals and then relying on your instincts. This way, you ensure digging as deep as you can while fixing your mind on a company that you think would do absolute justice to your company’s SEO project.


Most certainly, yes! SEO can get you the leads - where your established online existence and positive brand image would get you the traffic of an interested audience, easily converting them into loyal customers. Effective SEO facilitates inbound marketing, allowing you to stand strong on your ground and improve your brand’s online performance, and employing expert SEO techniques and tactics.


SEO is important for every Newcastle business that chooses to carry out its functions online. Just like other marketing activities cannot be overlooked to achieve success in the field of business. Similarly, SEO is an important component that cannot be ignored if you are looking to find business success in the digital territory. No matter how big or small your business is, when planning to create parallel or full-time online existence of your brand, there’s no way you can emerge victorious skipping on the SEO part.


We at Make My Website are of the view that once we gain expertise on a given subject, it is unfair to discriminate among our clients to not provide them with a range of services that they expect from us. In fact, our Newcastle SEO experts find thrill and excitement in adjusting their skills and pace according to the scope of the project and getting them to the peak of success, employing their specialised skills and tactics.

At Make My Website, we work on the principle of seeing and treating every project with equal respect and honour, whether it’s a start-up or multi-millionaire project, with the ultimate goal of remaining just and fair in every activity we perform.


No! We are strong condemners of black-hat SEO. Not only does it misalign with our business values, but it defeats the entire purpose with which SEO is being performed in the first place.

Google’s prime motive is to add value to the user experience so that more and more people can rely on it and take advantage of the extensive resources that it brings together. And based on such intent, Google intends to prepare its guidelines for SEO and aspire to change them from time to time. That is what forms the basis of the SEO companies, which try to understand its guidelines and form SEO strategies and then try to qualify for Google's attention and approval.

The companies who try to breach the process and decide to take the shortcut via black-hat SEO practices are not only tricking Google but their clients into giving them less than what they deserve. This way, they are not only showing the dark side of their intentions but also losing on their business values that we believe remain the very foundation of every business.


Yes, we perform website audits. In fact, it remains the starting point with which we initiate our SEO process. According to how we work, SEO audit remains the prime job that plays the most important role in setting up the foundation for any project. It forms the basis of every strategy and tactic we ever decide to perform on any given project. Furthermore, finding how thorough a website audit can run determines the ability and expertise of SEO experts that can be a true determinant to find whether the Newcastle SEO agency you are approaching is the right resource for your company’s project or not.


Well, that depends upon the scope of the services that you avail, plus the tenure for which you choose to run your SEO campaign. SEO is a subjective process that takes its own time to evolve and progress in its path, just like a plant grows at its own pace but requires consistent efforts from your side. Similarly, SEO works on the same principle and demands consistent efforts in performing SEO optimisation and then engaging in constant monitoring to maintain its stance.

If you truly believe in the process and choose to remain patient and persistent with the activities being performed in this domain, it may attain a parallel path and will continue alongside the other activities of your Newcastle business. The underlined fact is that there comes a point where the ROI would supersede the amount of investment you make in it and then there’s no relevance in asking whether you should choose to stay on its (SEO) side or not.


SEO has a way of working from the ground level. It intends to work from roots and set the right conditions so your Newcastle business can blossom. In terms of doing effective brand promotion and finding how a given SEO strategy could boost your ranking, it helps businesses raise their actual potential so that they get a better response from the audience in an organic way. Whether it's improving the user experience by performing the on-page SEO or spreading brand awareness with the help of off-page tactics, SEO works on the right cause of the matter to bring the desired effects. And this way, it not only brings you the straight goals you've set for your business but sets a firm foundation for your business based on which you can reap the long-term benefits for years to come.


When we say we practice a custom approach for every project, we imply carrying out extensive industry-specific research and creating bespoke strategies that work for your business. Every industry and business type has its own strengths and challenges based on which it performs in the market a certain way. This is where our Newcastle experts employ their skills and expertise into practice to find out the best possible combination of strategies to find them the peak success. We don’t believe in imposing a fixed SEO formula on every project that we take, instead, we believe in taking our sweet time in performing detailed research and analysis to reach the best conclusion that stands in support of business growth and expansion.


SEO costing depends on the extent of services that you’d be availing of. One cannot have a fixed answer to this question when the range of queries and services lies in different categories. Suppose after discussing the entire plan and packages, you choose to avail of our content marketing services to boost your SEO ranking; the pricing, in that case, would significantly vary from the case where you choose to opt for our complete SEO plan from website audit to final SEO reporting.

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