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Finding the right spot on the internet is about optimising your website. And that comes from the right SEO!

If you want to establish a solid online presence of your business utilising SEO, look no further than Make My Website – a well-known brand that delivers its client’s absolute value for their money!


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SEO companies in Geelong are many, but the zeal to exceed their client’s expectations are rare! We are among the top brands who find their success in their client’s success! Our creative and technical experts find their purpose in getting spectacular results for their clients! And this is what fuels our inspiration and keeps us going!

Practising SEO in Geelong isn’t a matter of implementing a few tactics by the book! It’s a work of science that requires constant research and monitoring and assessing the direction of efforts! This is where we lay our entire focus to find you the results that can only be a product of complete focus and dedication.


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Geelong SEO Services

On-Page SEO demands a high level of technical expertise to load the page in the perfect manner. Here are a few metrics that help us define it to the best standards.

Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vitals stands on the 3 principles – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and First Input Delay (FID). In simple terms, the defined terms are meant to find how your website is responding in the real world. The lower the metric, the better it is for your website to secure a decent rank on the search engine.

Featured Snippets:

Among the low-hanging fruits of SEO come the featured snippets that assure a huge success for your website. We make sure that we leverage this parameter and take every action that’s needed to get your business in the top results. Google runs its crawlers to find the most suited explanation to people’s queries, and this is where our expert writers and seo experts work in tandem to get the best possible results.

Improving E-A-T:

E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness) ranking factor is crucial for securing a worthy place in the eyes of a search engine. It is one of the prime guidelines in the page quality section, which comprises human quality raters that scan the content for these three factors. If your website stands tall on these principles, you will likely jump the competition and reserve a top spot in the SERP.

Page Speed Optimisation:

Optimising the page speed is counted among the most important steps of on-page SEO. When a website doesn’t open in a few seconds after a user clicks on its link, chances are that the subsequent efforts of making a website SEO-optimised would go in vain. That is why it stands crucial in ensuring the overall success of your business.

Indexing Optimisation:

Index Optimisation is making your website conducive for search results. Google reads and collects the information from its database to show the relevant results as soon as a user enters a query. And we, as experts, step in to bring your website and other resources in line with the search engine’s parameters to make sure it gets picked up for the relevant searches.

Technical SEO:

For the technical part, our experts are fully equipped and trained with the necessary knowledge and resources to give your business the boost it requires. Whether it’s optimising the load speed, compressing images or code, our experts are ever ready to help your website become the perfect resource for its users. Technical SEO is a major determinant of your website ranking; that’s why we never allow even a single lapse when it comes to performing technical SEO.

Page Structure Optimisation:

Featuring a web page in systematic and symmetric order holds great importance. Minor elements like font style, font style, and page layout can have a huge impact on your ranking that you may not wish to leave. That’s why here at Make My Website, our experts take the load of every minute detail to make sure your website comes out in the perfect shape and order.
Off-page SEO involves all the SEO tactics that remain outside the scope of a webpage. Other than executing the actions like content marketing, it includes:

Link Building:

Link building is where our experts focus on creating relevant links (following and remaining within the permissible limits of Google). Our extensive research and analysis allow us to find reliable (DA, PA) resources where we do timely postings to improve the website’s ranking. The hyperlinks we create lay a boastful impact on your business’s online presence.

Backlink Analysis:

Our experts have created an extensive network of websites for exclusive backlink profiles for our clients. When we talk about SEO, backlinks are the most popular and exclusive wing of SEO that promises a major boost in the online presence of any business. Implementing it effectively and smartly is where the catch is, and our team is highly skilled and proficient in getting the job done to perfection. But to do it effectively, it is crucial to analyse it well beforehand.


Among the essential steps is to put business citations on the high authority websites and directories. Our Geelong SEO experts are trained in finding the lucrative spots for your business website where they get the maximum limelight. A simple mention of the name and address of your company (website) can do wonders when done correctly.

Penalty Recovery:

If your website is under any Google penalty, fret not! Our Geelong SEO experts have specialised hacks to recover it for you. Google penalty is given when one or certain conditions do not align with Google’s guidelines. This is when you require professional assistance to help you recover from the penalty and gain back your position and authority in the eyes of the search engine. At Make My Website, our precise knowledge and subject expertise would help you track and then bounce back from such instances like no other.
In case you made substantial changes in the site location, structure, content, and url, etc., know that it will impact the elements like search rankings, authority and so on. In such instances, it is imperative that you seek professional assistance to transfer the SEO benefits from the old address to the new address. At Make My Website, we accommodate all the needs related to SEO migration and make sure all your previous efforts of bringing your website to the top searches don’t get wasted.

Google Analytics Setup:

We enable complete Google Analytics setup for our clients. It features the audience’s impressions and interaction with your website. Carefully monitoring the data and then translating the insights into actionable steps and tactics is the way to succeed in SEO. We know how to make the best use of available resources in order to generate maximised returns for our clients.

Google Search Console Setup:

You can understand the relevance of this tool to how Google sees a website! Finding the critical components in our daily assessment with these tools justify our roles as SEO experts. These advanced tools might come free for the audience, but to make the most of them requires skill and proficiency that we have acquired through our hard work and persistence of years.

Conversion Tracking Setup:

As the name suggests, conversion tracking setup is when experts sign up for a detailed analysis. How many users have opted for the purchases or signed up for the newsletters or subscriptions is the kind of data it focuses on — to collect the insights that are later utilised to find the most optimal SEO solutions for our clients.

Heatmap Setup:

Understanding customer behaviour and response become vital whenever they choose to visit our client’s website. That is when we employ advanced means like heat maps that allow us to track their activity. There are numerous software offering this feature that allows us to know which part of the website they chose to stick to and where they clicked the most while they were browsing the website. Carefully analysing their activity leaves us with invaluable data to understand which areas are performing well and which areas need improvement.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

Missing out on tools like eCommerce conversion tracking is like refusing to take the money you’ve won in a lottery. eCommerce conversion tracking is essentially about trying to understand the customer’s response. Which pages are they visiting the most and which are the best-performing products are the kind of questions that get answered when we make use of such tools.

Scheduled SEO Reporting Setup:

We lay special focus on incorporating all the key metrics to prepare our report. Whether it’s employing advanced tools to measure the company’s growth or laying out every action in detail, we like to take up complete responsibility for our clients. Paying attention to every detail, whether it’s accessing the cost per lead or sale revenue, our experts like to stay immersed in their roles so they can get results for their clients.

SEO Process that we follow along the way


Competitor’s Research

The best bet comes from what’s prevailing in the market and how the tactics work for the top competitors. Individuality and uniqueness are appreciated, but inventing the wheel that’s already in place is nothing but a waste of time and resources. We make it a point to include every SEO means and method that the best players have incorporated into their SEO. From finding the best-performing keywords to accessing the entire SEO strategy, we try to take a snapshot from a bird's eye view angle and ensure nothing slips from our sight when we are running our scans of competitor’s research.


SEO Audit

SEO initiates with a complete audit of a website. Analysing what is the existing state of a website, and where it’s trying to reach is how every project kicks off. How many portals have you tapped into, what amount of content is floating, and what is the existing reach of a business is how we get answers to the subsequent queries. Finding keywords, accessing backlink profiles, and preparing site structures- all this depend on your current status, and meticulously analysing the current aspects is crucial to set practical goals for your Geelong business’s SEO strategy.


SEO Strategy

The next in line is conceptualising the SEO strategy for Geelong-based clients. It includes all steps from on-page seo to off-page tactics (like link building, content marketing, and so on). Our strategy rests on the professional acumen of our experts, which prepares the perfect blend of research and application. From setting up your Google My Business Page to creating a robust backlink profile, we like to stay alert to find your Geelong business the most-suited SEO solutions.


SEO Execution

SEO Execution is where we work on our set goals and plans. The execution part requires precision and consistency to follow the decided blueprint. Creating a digital footprint comes from the actions where we regularly work on creating quality backlinks, floating citations, preparing site structures and so on. Completing time-specific tasks and generating valuable content for the audience makes it all the more dynamic and interesting for us to create stunning brand awareness that goes a long way other than bringing you the ROI.


Tracking and Reporting

Last but not least is our reporting, where we ensure the use of all the advanced reporting tools to send our Geelong-based client’s detailed reporting of our actions. We take charge of getting the results and then share the evidence-based report of our efforts. It involves the use of tools like Google Analytics, Search Console and traffic generation that put a stamp on our hard work and dedication.

Why Does Your Business Need Search Engine Optimisation?

Do you know 75% of people stick to the first page of Search Engine Display Results when they search for their queries? Only 25% of the people make an effort and visit the second page of the display results! This clearly means you’d lose 75% of the prospect searches if you miss out on the SEO. That is where it becomes essential to understand the relevance of SEO!

As the name suggests - Search Engine Optimisation is when you optimise your digital assets to make sure it gets sufficient limelight for the customers to approach you and avail of your products/services. When planning to launch a parallel existence (online) of your Geelong business, going forward without SEO is out of the question! Even if you choose to rely on paid advertising, know that it doesn’t guarantee lasting results.

If you wish to find a sustainable route when promoting your Geelong business online, there’s no better way than to opt for SEO. SEO is where you can expect long-lasting results and set a steady foundation for your business. By cautiously following the progress of your business, you can be certain that the online presence you have created online is here to stay and will enable you to create a robust hold of your business. By channelling the technical and non-technical parameters of search engines, you are not only creating a parallel existence (online existence) but expanding the horizon of your business outreach.

Don’t go by the Geelong SEO companies’ claim when they say they are the best! See for yourself how far they have come in handling the task with utmost perfection!

Range of SEO


Local SEO

Local SEO is when you wish to create a robust online presence in your local community. For all the businesses that are looking to promote themselves in the near proximity of their existence, Local SEO is the way to go! Whether you are a local service provider or like to receive online orders from a defined boundary, sign up for the local SEO services in Geelong, and then there’s no looking back!


National SEO

In the scope of National SEO comes the entire nation. Here, you do not choose to stick to a particular region (say, for instance, SEO in Geelong) but extend the scope of your business operations to the whole country. For ventures with expansive resources and interstate delivery of goods and services, it’s best to opt for National SEO.


Ecommerce SEO

If you own an ecommerce portal and wish to optimise it for relevant keywords and descriptions, go for our ecommerce SEO that will grant your portal the visibility and outreach it deserves. Our experts are adept at finding the best solutions to get you the leads and traffic you expect from us!

Why Choose Us?

There can be multiple reasons why to choose to invest in a particular resource. Providing SEO services in Geelong can be a complex task, but here’s how we justify our role as seasoned seo experts!

Professional Expertise

We like to rely on our strength which is the subject expertise that we have gained over years of hard work and research. For us, finding the best solution for our Geelong-based clients in terms of wide visibility, increased traffic, and expansive outreach is how we succeed in our efforts. Our hunger for knowledge and then finding the practical route to convert them into actual profits is how we keep our cycle going.


Dedicated Team

Our Geelong SEO company comprises passion-driven people that have dedicated their careers to bringing success to their clients. For them, reaching the top results of SERP is the only goal they have their eye on! The crew is the driving force of any organisation, and finding the best resource in terms of spirit and talent is how we have built the structure of our organisation - becoming the best in what we do!


Customised Approach

Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. We are passionate about finding a unique way of doing things (keyword research) for our clients. For us, reaching the client’s satisfaction is the key to finding true success. And that can never be the result of a one-formulae-fit-all approach.


Value for Money

We operate from a standpoint where we measure our success from our clients satisfaction. For us, delivering value to our client’s (in terms of increasing their brand value) is of utmost importance. Whether it's finding them the best resort for their brand promotion or getting them a fairer ROI, we stand in our strength to transfer them the benefits of our skill and expertise.


Client Involvement

For us, client involvement is paramount. From understanding their requirements to seeping their ideas and suggestions into our work, we like to take a joint leap with our clients. We believe in their equal participation and value their insights alongside our SEO journey. We find our purpose through them and believe their vision allows us to create the best-ever blueprint for our SEO strategy.


Detailed Reporting

Our reporting is the testimony of our claim, and that’s why we like to keep it in the most detailed and orderly fashion. Our experts never miss a beat in finding the optimal ways to send you a thorough report of our performance. We understand your limitation of being a layman, and that’s why we adopt every means and measure to communicate it to you in the most effective manner.

Real Feedback from Our SEO Clients

FAQ’s about our SEO Services

Looking to learn more about us? Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear almost every day. If you still have any other query, feel free to write to us or give us a call.


Search engine optimisation is like the air that helps maintain your business’s sustainability if you wish to pursue your online existence. Without employing proper channels and tactics, there is no way you can tap the relevant audience and send your business offers. To have business communication in the right order and time, it’s a must that you seek the assistance of SEO (given you reside here or in nearby suburbs). Without proper SEO, there is a chance next to zero that your business will get the adequate limelight and attention while remaining at the corner spot.


Yes and No! Wondering what it means! When we say Yes, we are indicating PPC (Pay-per-click), which means online advertising by which you can increase the number of leads (which again would depend on multiple factors). But there is no assurance that it will last or yield positive results every time you post an ad online.

If you are looking for a sustainable solution, SEO is the way! It can help gain sustainable solutions for driving traffic and eventually converting them into loyal customers. SEO has a way of putting the process in proper sequence and making sure your business grows while standing on a sturdy foundation.


Sure, you can, but it doesn’t come with any guarantee!

SEO doesn’t just mean employing certain tactics and then expecting results in exchange. It’s a full-blown science that requires proper implementation of the strategies and careful monitoring of their performance in the real field. SEO requires proper knowledge led by practical exposure that ensures its proper applicability and implementation on various projects. It’s far from shooting an arrow in the dark.


A Geelong SEO company that you would like to employ as your official resource needs to have two things. First, proper skill and expertise over the subject (which includes a complete knowledge of their trade along with how a market responds to it) and second, how to custom your project.

Every business has unique needs, and there is no one-fits-all formula that can be applied to every project. If there is a company that knows how to process their skill to get the maximum benefits for its clients, that’s where you need to invest your time and money.

At Make My Website, we are proud of having mastered the smooth transition from gaining sufficient skills to channelising them for the benefit of our clients. We are passionate about bringing results for our clients, and this is how we work in the mutual interest of both our clients and us by employing our best SEO skills and practices in Geelong.


Almost every Geelong company would claim to be the best resource for your project, but your discernment of handing over your project would come from two factors. First, how wide is their scope when it comes to handling the SEO projects in Geelong? Different sectors demand different strategies that come from understanding the market along with how it responds back. So, ultimately it is the practical exposure coupled with the subject expertise.

Second, how the company in question chooses to deal with their clients. To gain clarity on this you can rely on past clients’ testimonials, plus your initial interaction with the experts to see if they are able to understand your requirements and the type of resorts they are offering you to make your SEO campaign a great success.


At Make My Website, we believe in practising white-hat SEO, which is following the clear path to reach our destination (higher traffic and increased leads). Finding a sync with the search engine’s intent to improve the user’s experience and eventually serve their requirements is how we define the purpose of our activities. Real results are when we are standing on a truthful foundation of generating genuine leads and becoming a useful resource for the audience. And that’s what became our prime motive, farther from getting an inflated response from unreliable and transitory tactics.


You should always define your SEO strategy depending on your business goals. For instance- Local SEO is the most suited resort for businesses wanting to gain popularity among the local crowd. For any regular service provider or consultant, it’s best to get the Local SEO done so that they can promote their business and can have fair access to the local audience. Other than this, if you own an ecommerce portal – it’s best to line it up for the national or international seo (depending upon your provisions available) to get the maximum outreach.


Most certainly, Yes! SEO is a step where your business can have an online boost to reach the right audience. SEO is about letting the right audience (interested audience) find you (your business) at the right time other than projecting your business randomly. SEO provides your business with the much-needed push in the form of technical (on-page seo) and non-technical (content marketing) strategies and finds you inventive ways to bond with your audience. Whether it’s about optimising your website (on-page SEO) or creating unique ways to gain their faith, SEO acts as a bridge and works for the mutual benefit of search engines and users.


We are committed to bringing success to all types of clients, whether it’s small-scale or large-scale companies. We have not kept our resources limited to a certain kind but make it a point to deliver the expertise without utmost perfection to whoever approaches us for the given task. To acquire such status, we give the entire credit to our wide exposure and practical prowess that we are able to provide relevant solutions to the business of all grades, catering to their specific goals.


Yes, our steps of involvement do include an SEO audit! In fact, it forms an integral part of a practice where we make sure to assess the current standing of a business to see where it stands and where we intend to take it by employing our advanced SEO techniques and methods. To start working with an audit would be akin to running a marathon without accessing the distance. We like to work in an organised manner following the right sequence. SEO will lose its point if we apply the tactics without proper planning and assessment.


A simple way of measuring the SEO results is to access the traffic and footfall based on the efforts made in that direction. SEO is not done with a uni-focused goal. There can be ‘n’ number of goals that you are trying to achieve by employing SEO tactics. Therefore, finding the results corresponding to the efforts made is the best way to assess how far you’ve reached in making your SEO a success. A business that came with the intent of improving the visibility vs increasing the website traffic would have different sets of practices. Other than that, conducting a simple Google search would tell how far you’ve come in the pursuit of reserving a place among the top slots of a search engine.


Ensuring custom tactics come from thorough research and analysis before jumping to finding the best-suited solutions for our clients. We start by having detailed discussions with clients and understanding their requirements. After that, we like to jump on the analysis. The analysis is an important part of the process that defines the future trajectory of our actions. We conduct the in-depth study of the project by accessing your top competitors and charting out the possible ways of doing the SEO in Geelong, eventually adding our expert insights.


Well, this cannot be answered in a single go! We would recommend the set of services depending on the requirements of your business. Not every business that approaches us requires a single solution. Some might need a gentle push, while others might need full-fledged SEO to gain the required momentum. This is where we need to step in and do a thorough analysis before quoting you a certain figure. When we say customised solutions, that means finding bespoke solutions along with serving the different needs of a business that it might come with.


Well, this can vary from business to business. Other than that, there are multiple factors that play their role when it comes to applying SEO tactics. Businesses that are running on a larger scale and on the edge of getting relevant leads require less time compared to those running at a smaller scale and require the work from scratch-level. Plus, the response time may vary from industry to industry. SEO is about setting a firm foundation based on which you can expect future results. To state a particular duration of time would be unjustified.


SEO is the work of experts. Any amateur claiming to bring the desired results and giving unrealistic expectations would not only hurt your time and money but would make the SEO task all the more difficult. SEO in Geelong isn’t just about getting your business on the top but finding the optimal ways to employ online tactics that can benefit your business. In the end, the ultimate goal is to get the maximum leverage for your business and not win the marathon of securing the first position in the SERP.

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