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SEO needs no introduction! The segment that deserves thorough scrutiny and attention is finding an SEO firm that can do justice to it. You’ll find many companies vouching for their skill and expertise, but finding the one that stands true to its promise is a real challenge.

This is when you must be extra cautious and alert when choosing an SEO partner for your business!

Make My Website is an established Brisbane SEO agency that has proven its worth and stands tall on all such parameters, so much so that it managed to grab the opportunity of becoming a 3-time award-winning agency.

If there’s anything we’d like to say, It’d be – Don’t take our word when we say how proficient we are in the field of SEO! Come and experience it for yourself!


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Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vitals include three pillars: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). It helps professionals assess the loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability of a website. At Make My Website, we ensure flawless and consistent performance of your website to maintain the rankings. Since SEO is an ongoing process, it involves consistent efforts from our end to ensure our client’s website stays on top.

Featured Snippets:

A brief explanation of the user’s query displayed at the top of the results is known as a featured snippet. It is displayed in the 0-position and involves crisp and optimised text in response to the user’s queries. Our Darwin SEO professionals ensure utilising it in the client’s favour and include optimised content to get the user’s attention. Also, it is a great way to earn extra brownie points and help websites rank at the top of the SERPs.

Improving E-A-T:

E-A-T is an acronym for Expert -Authority and Trustworthiness. It comes under Google guidelines, where it is prescribed to follow it as an underlying intent before floating any content on the digital platform. As expert SEO professionals, we understand the importance of performing every action and keeping these standards as benchmarks. These guidelines are crucial, especially in the finance, health and legal sectors.

Page Speed Optimisation:

Page speed optimisation is about optimising the page loading speed to enhance the user experience. It involves compressing the images, minimising HTTP requests, using content delivery networks, enabling browser caching, and so on. Our technical experts have proven their proficiency to stand as the subject matter experts and attain the desired results in the least possible time and effort.

Indexing Optimisation:

Indexing optimisation is about putting all the website elements in alignment so that they can be well-indexed when a user hits a related search query. Our Darwin professionals ensure putting every possible effort, from submitting a sitemap to using robot.txt file, avoiding duplicate content, and ensuring mobile friendliness so that a client’s website can be brought in the best possible spot. Our expertise stands as testimony to providing our clients with the most efficient SEO services.

Technical SEO:

In technical SEO, Our Darwin professionals work on the technical infrastructure to increase your website visibility and search engine ranking. Whether it’s making changes in the website's code/structure, performing on-page optimisation, submitting XML sitemap or using schema markup, we incorporate every possible strategy to improve the website’s relevance and authority like no other. The overall aim is to improve crawlability and indexability to search queries and reserve top slots for our client’s websites.

Page Structure Optimisation:

As the name suggests, optimising page structure is about optimising the content and layout to improve the overall user experience. From using a clear and logical hierarchy to descriptive and concise page titles, we leave no stone unturned to get our client’s website in the best shape and order. For us, it is important to pay attention to every little detail to attain our planned goals and aspirations.

Link Building:

Link Building, as we all know, is about creating relevant and influential inbound links to gain website authority. At Make My Website, our experts ensure linking their clients’ websites to high-quality links to improve their visibility and ranking in search engine result pages. It could be through guest blog posting, fixing broken links, building resource page links, or influencer outreach. While creating links, it’s important to take into account the quality of the links being created. On the contrary, creating spammy or low-quality links can backfire and even attract penalties.

Backlink Analysis:

In backlink analysis, our Darwin SEO professionals ensure re-evaluating the link profile and assess whether or not the created links are adding to the advantage of the website. It includes analysing the factors like anchor text, linking domains, number of backlinks, reference pages and so on. To gain a better understanding of these factors, we incorporate the use of tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and so on. The ultimate goal is to rule out the already created links that might hurt the search engine rankings and create strategies that can boost the visibility and performance of the website.


Posting citations is crucial when it comes to gaining website authority. It involves the mention of your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) and displaying the business references for the interested audience. Apart from boosting the website ranking, it becomes a prominent medium for letting interested users know that your business exists. Several tools like Yext, Moz Local or Bright Local are important resources for managing and monitoring citations on multiple platforms. Also, our Darwin SEO professionals ensure the implementation of every possible tactic that can encourage people to leave positive reviews on the listings.

Penalty Recovery:

Penalty recovery is when your website has attracted Google penalties for several misconducts and has lost ranking as its repercussions. It could be anything from posting duplicate content to creating bad and spammy links in the name of link building. As specialised experts in this field, we ensure through analysis and identification of the existing errors and inconsistencies and fix them from the root to regain your lost authority and ranking. Penalty recovery is a segment that demands high-level expertise and grip over the subject matter that we are proficient at.
SEO Migration is moving a website from one domain to another. There can be an ‘n’ number of reasons, from redesigning a website to switching hosting services. The attached concern is the lost ranking and authority. So whenever you decide to migrate your website, it is important to consult an SEO specialist so that proper guidelines can be followed. It may involve steps like pre-migration planning, technical setups, content migration, testing, post-migration analysis and so on. We, as SEO specialists, ensure the use of tools like Google Search Console and minimise any negative impact on search engine rankings.

Google Analytics Setup:

At Make My Website, we employ the use of every advanced tool like Google Analytics so that we can track and analyse the traffic in the best way possible. Our Darwin SEO professionals make it a point to thoroughly scan the demographics, behaviour and interests of the audience and come up with cutting-edge strategies to give their client’s website a desired boost in terms of visibility and rankings.

Google Search Console Setup:

As a free service offered by Google, Google Search Console is a vital tool in ascertaining a website’s interaction with the search engine. Our Darwin SEO professionals are trained in all aspects to bring about accurate analysis and conceptualising profit-bearing strategies for their clients. They are thorough in their conduct and know how to channelise on tools like Search Console to get the best results in terms of wide visibility and exposure.

Conversion Tracking Setup:

Conversion Tracking is analysing the conversion figures to find how well an ad campaign or other tactics are performing in the actual market. Our streamlined process begins with creating a conversion goal, ensuring its proper setup in Google Analytics, adding the tracking code on the client’s website and then testing the tracking. As experts, we ensure updating our skills and knowledge from time to time to best serve our clients.

Heatmap Setup:

Heatmap is a visualisation tool that helps professionals find where the user scrolled, clicked, or interacted on a website. The ultimate goal of performing such an activity is to analyse user behaviour and optimise it for the best results. We start by choosing a heatmap tool, installing the heatmap tracking code, creating a heatmap report, analysing the heatmap data, and then retesting and making final changes.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

For ecommerce conversion tracking, we start with an intent to measure the actions users take on an ecommerce website with respect to leading a sale or transaction. For this, our process involves setting up a Google Analytics account, enabling ecommerce tracking, setting up the ecommerce goals, adding ecommerce tracking code, testing and verifying ecommerce tracking and then analysing ecommerce data.

Scheduled SEO Reporting Setup:

As an expert SEO agency, we prefer generating automated and frequent reporting for our clients to keep them in a continuous loop. For this, we employ the use of sophisticated tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other SEO tracking tools. Our Darwin SEO professionals ensure following a systematic approach of starting with determining the key performance indicators, choosing an appropriate tool, followed by creating a relevant template and then sending reports to their clients.

The Complete SEO Process: Step By Step


Competitor’s Research

In the first stage, we carry out detailed competitor research, which involves researching the keywords and analysing the SEO strategies of top players from start to finish. This helps us gain useful insights for strategy formation and allow our Darwin SEO professionals to develop robust SEO strategies. We have laid down a consistent process to bring the best solution for our clients so that they can have maximum ROI from our dedicated techniques and efforts.


SEO Audit

The second step involves a thorough audit. Our Darwin SEO professionals ensure conducting detailed SEO audits where they deeply analyse the current position of your website. At Make My Website, we ensure a comprehensive review, which takes into consideration every single aspect involving technical elements, type of content and backlink profile to form an effective base for the entire campaign. Our experts are multi-talented professionals who like to scan the whole picture before making an actual move.


SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is where we get into the process of lining up your project with tactics you can benefit from. Whether it's on-page or off-page optimisation, our Darwin SEO professionals leave no stone unturned to get the maximum visibility for your website. From optimising the website for technical inconsistencies to promoting your website and its content on various channels, our experts adopt every possible tactic to find the optimal solution for their clients.


SEO Execution

Among the final steps comes the execution, where we follow our laid-out plan with utmost precision and accuracy to achieve the exact results. However, it is important to note that following a flexible approach becomes an ultimate requirement to see whether the planned strategies are working in the correct order and manner. And if not, it needs to be complemented with the counter strategies to go in the planned direction, while gaining the maximum benefits in terms of visibility and website traffic.


SEO Reporting

Lastly, it’s about sending detailed and thorough reporting to our clients. At Make My Website, we are committed to preparing an SEO report involving every possible metric and graphical representation of the facts to give our clients a 360-degree view of our campaign and the progress made. The advanced SEO tools (SEMrush, Aherfs and more) that we employ in the process involve timely and automated reporting from time to time so that our clients are well informed at every step of the way.

Why SEO is an integral part of any Business

SEO serves a great purpose in optimising your business’s online presence. The benefits of getting SEO done are countless! If you lack knowledge, here’s what it does to your business:

  • Increased Visibility
  • Better User Experience
  • Cost-Effective Measure
  • Long-Term Results
  • Competitive Edge

Once you hire a reliable SEO firm, there’s no looking back! It becomes the game changer and offers your business unbelievable returns.

Here’s how it does that:

  • It optimises the website for certain elements that enhance the user experience.
  • It aligns your website with search engines in a way that it is picked and shown in the top results whenever a user hits a related search query.
  • It assists in the direct promotion of your business via citations and content postings.
  • It involves the use of advanced tools (Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics) to gain valuable insights.
  • It includes aggressive monitoring campaigns to strengthen strategy formation.
  • It solidifies its actions in core metrics for better analysis.

Once all these processes are practised in correct alignment and fair balance, your business is bound to reach heights. In the digital age, there’s nothing better than SEO that can promise such return and value for money.

Choose from a range of SEO to get the Desired Results


Local SEO

Local SEO is when you are serving the local community and want to promote your business among them. Local SEO helps put forward your brand among the users of a particular region so that they can pick the reference of your business and avail of your services. Whenever a client approaches us for Local SEO, our Darwin SEO professionals apply every possible tactic, from posting their citations on local directories to incorporating area-specific keywords and help them acquire the top slots in search results.


National SEO

In National SEO, the strategies and tactics are applied with the intent to promote the business on a national scale. It generally works when you have business operations nationwide or are looking to expand your business to other areas through a digital presence. Our Darwin SEO professionals are adept at incorporating the relevant keyword strategy along with the other on-page and off-page tactics that help your business leverage the technical expertise to find its sweet spot on digital platforms. Connect with us to see how our experts can help you build the best strategy for your National-level SEO.


Ecommerce SEO

So you own an eCommerce website? Opt for ecommerce SEO, where our experts optimise your website for product descriptions, titles, images, categories and more to help you gain wide visibility and recognition in the SERPs. At Make My Website, we implement every strategy from keyword optimisation to link-building so that your ecommerce portal can get the complete benefits of SEO. To result in higher conversions and generate more revenue, it is pertinent that we analyse your website for every little detail so that effective strategies can be applied.

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Professionalism is a virtue that goes hand in hand when we work towards the success of our clients. Our Darwin SEO professionals deeply understand the value of time and consistency, which keeps them on the path of investing dedicated efforts into whatever they do. Any SEO firm working without the said value and ethics would be shooting an arrow in the dark. A clear and consistent plan followed by a disciplined approach is how we serve our clients to their utmost satisfaction.


Client’s Participation

Along the way, one thing that we ensure is the client's participation. For us, our client’s participation is a form of letting us know their expectations, ideas, and suggestions, that stand paramount to us. We, as experts, understand the value of their feedback at every step of the way and know how to incorporate them into our strategies to create a fair balance of our expertise and their aspirations.


Reasonable Pricing!

About pricing, we like to stick to our traditional values and ethics. We believe providing value for money is the best way to create a consistent loop. A loop that works towards the fulfilment of mutual interests and aspirations. At Make My website, we remain reasonable and economical with our pricing to give our clients the satisfaction of having a genuine association with our company. We deeply respect the need of our clients to have a fair deal in terms of money and, therefore, offer low-cost and high-value services.


Field Expertise

We, as SEO professionals, like to remain ahead of our competition; that’s why our most valued and prized possession is our field expertise. At Make My Website, we believe in continuous learning and are determined to provide our clients with quality work. Our Darwin SEO professionals have got problem-solving skills to find solutions to our client’s problems. Also, they find joy in delivering satisfaction to the clients performing the tasks they are passionate about.


Customised Approach

A Customised approach is to study every client’s project on an individual basis and find what should be the strategy to give it the required boost and impetus. At Make My Website, our SEO experts have a wealth of theoretical knowledge and wide practical exposure to provide every project with the expertise it requires. We understand the importance of studying every business in-depth and finding gaps so that we develop a strategy that is aligned with these factors. From start to finish, we focus on building tailored strategies to achieve the business goals as we planned.


Result-Oriented Approach

SEO is nothing if it doesn’t bring the intended results. And it comes when SEO experts make it a point to keep an eye on core metrics. Applying the tactics and measuring the results from time to time is important if we want an SEO campaign to become successful. Our Darwin SEO professionals are not only focused on applying strategies but are committed to bringing the desired results for their clients. And this is what we call a result-oriented approach that ends with giving our clients the satisfaction of multiplied ROI.

Real Feedback from Our SEO Clients

FAQ’s about our SEO Services

Looking to learn more about us? Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear almost every day. If you still have any other query, feel free to write to us or give us a call.


SEO is indispensable when it comes to creating your business’s online presence. It helps search engines recognise your web resource and displays it in search engine results whenever a user hits a related search query. Earlier, it might be optional for businesses to invest or not invest in SEO, but today, when users are heavily dependent on search engines for every search and information, missing out on SEO is out of the question. SEO performs various on-page and off-page strategies to ensure the website functions optimally and properly aligns with the search engine guidelines and parameters.


Yes! You can generate leads through other means of marketing. You have the resort to run ads and other campaigns to ensure that your brand is widely visible and leads are generated through heavy marketing measures. On the contrary, SEO is your best bet if you are looking for a cost-effective resort that can render long-term and stable results. SEO is an incredible way of making progress from the root level and ensuring the leads are attracted in an organic manner. It helps create a robust online image that helps businesses sustain their brand identity for longer periods and thus brings in consistent traffic and leads.


Make My Website is a company known for its work commitment and subject matter expertise unmatched by any other SEO company. We have emerged as a company following our innate passion to excel in our roles, no matter what we do. And this is what separates us from the rest.

Whether it's doing keyword research or working on creating a dependable SEO strategy, our Darwin professionals know no boundaries. They have wide practical exposure of SEO projects that makes them the master of their field and the wizards who get their clients the desired results. When you approach us for a project, our conduct and reporting will say it all for us. Unlike other firms who falsify stats and figures to trick their clients, we believe in delivering results that can provide you with actual returns on their investments.


SEO is of various types that are applied based on the specific needs of a business. Suppose you have a local business, and your goal is to promote your services all over the region to secure a maximum number of clients. Here, Local SEO would do the trick. It will allow the users to recognise your brand and find your business reference whenever they enter a related search query. For businesses that operate on a national scale and want to expand the scope of their business activities, National SEO is the recommended type of SEO to boost their outreach and online visibility.


A reputed SEO company is known for its expertise, work ethic and commitment values that have assigned it a higher grade in status. Hiring a reputed firm would mean that you are saving your company from being an experimental playground. Also, it ensures that you don’t attract any unnecessary penalties you might receive on hiring inexperienced or novice SEO companies. Opting for a well-established SEO company brings a plethora of benefits which include positive brand images, wide visibility, and consistent traffic.


Choosing an SEO company is a crucial decision. Once you have defined your company's goals, choosing a firm that can successfully meet them becomes much easier. To initiate the process, it must start with shortlisting the companies that have appeared higher in search or came across as references from your known circle. This way, you’ll have a handful of companies to choose from. After that, you can have one-on-one interaction with them to understand their ways of performing SEO. This is where you’ll have a firm idea of whether a SEO company’s ways of doing business align with your personal goals or not.


Yes! SEO is directly associated with improving the website performance and its alignment with search engine guidelines and parameters. When our Darwin SEO professionals plan and execute the strategies to improve your website, it will have a direct impact on leads. When audiences find a highly optimised resource for the products/services they are looking for, they naturally gravitate to your business website and willingly become your customer. SEO plays a huge contribution in increasing your sales and leads organically.


SEO optimises your brand’s online presence in a way that attracts traffic and leads organically. To give your brand adequate visibility in the digital space, SEO cannot be overlooked. It starts with optimising your website for technical and non-technical aspects so that it gains wide visibility and recognition among users genuinely interested in investing in your brand. Unlike paid marketing, where you invite the audience to interact with your brand, SEO works the other way around and works towards inbound marketing, attracting genuine and interested leads. SEO helps gain the interest and trust of the audience like no other and helps achieve long-lasting results.


Not really! At Make My Website, we are committed to providing every client with the best of our skills and expertise. Whether you are a start-up or a million-dollar company, we are determined to serve every client with the best SEO solutions for their customised needs. Regardless of the SEO type and budget you are looking to invest in, we'll help you find the best solutions to your specific business needs and ensure our Darwin SEO professionals perform every task with utmost precision and accuracy.


No! We stay far from applying black hat SEO to bring quick results. We believe that real success comes from working on the ground level. SEO implies working on the improvement front to bring gradual and organic results. There are companies that try to fabricate a few stats and figures in the name of SEO. But in Make My Website, we ensure delivering real results to our clients, based on which they can enjoy the multiplied returns from the SEO that we perform.


Yes, we do! At Make My website, we ensure conducting a thorough and detailed SEO. We start our campaign by carrying out a proper SEO audit to find a website’s key strengths and weaknesses. To move without a proper SEO Audit would mean not utilising the existing strengths and resources. Our Darwin SEO professionals are adept at performing meticulous audits, taking into consideration every important factor that can influence the decision-making process in a way that can provide our clients with the maximum benefit of SEO.


The time we invest in every campaign depends upon its personal requirements and the response we get through our applied tactics and strategies. How soon or late the campaign will start showing the results depends upon the level of competition and other factors that contribute to the success of a campaign. Some projects relate to the industry that involves little to no competition, while others might require dedicated efforts for relatively longer periods to show the same level of progress. Only after understanding your project’s requirements will we be able to share a specified time period for your campaign.

Also, it must be noted that SEO is an ongoing activity. Even after the intended results have been achieved, it requires consistent efforts to maintain the rankings.


SEO intends to optimise the website for performance and align it with the search engine algorithm. This helps businesses establish a robust online presence and gain a competitive edge. Apart from being cost-effective, it helps businesses gain brand credibility and authority. Unlike paid marketing, which stops the cycle of leads once you run out of the budget, SEO helps establish a positive brand image and helps secure leads and traffic long after you invest in the active campaigns. This way, SEO is visionary in driving your business towards long-term gains and profits.


A custom approach is a prime requirement to derive the intended results from the SEO campaigns. At Make My Website, our SEO experts ensure giving every project the attention it deserves. It involves studying them in depth so that their key strengths and weaknesses can be spotted. Once our experts hold a grip on a project, only then do they proceed with the strategy formation. Applying similar tactics to every project isn’t the correct approach, and our team understands it very well. They stay far from applying a one-size-fits-all approach and make sure to bring into play the key strengths of projects unique to every client’s project.


There’s no single package that accommodates the varied needs of our clients. That’s why we have kept it flexible and prefer to deliver customised solutions to our clients. At Make My Website, we like to analyse the scope and possibilities of a project before jumping onto the strategy part. And once we have deeply analysed the unique needs of every business, we like to propose custom plans to our clients so that they can get the maximum value for their money. Also, there are instances when different clients come with different needs. To accommodate their different needs, we, as SEO experts, try to understand their expectations and accordingly propose to them our plans so that they can relate to them.

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