Winter Festive Marketing Ideas That Are Effective For All Businesses

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As the festival season comes closer, it’s time to preplan your campaigns and marketing options so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities with your near and dear ones. With so many festivals lining up the following months, you cannot afford to not make the most of the enthusiasm and hype.

Get on the roller coaster of fun and crazy marketing ideas as we explore new options for the exciting yet cozy season of winter coming in. Keep reading to find marketing ideas that match your business and it’s unique needs.

1. Thematise your workstation and online space

You can have your store or workspace decorated with the ongoing themes of Christmas, Halloween or and make the most of the festival feels. As the chilly winds begin to pass by, make sure your store captures the vibe at its full capacity. When people are able to relate the ongoing things within the things in your offline and online store, they would want to invest their time and energy in exploring what you have to offer.

Make sure you thematically decorate both your offline workstation as well as your website so the themes are aligned and create a more wholesome impact.

2. A gifting guide for the festive season

A gift always shows that you care. Further, showing care for people that matter to your customers goes a long way! During the festive season, people are always on the lookout for gifts for their people and the best way to get your brand out there is to help them with the same. People search for gifts the most during this time and offering assistance through blogs, posts and social media campaigns is a great way to contribute to your community and build clientele.

Writing blogs and articles for people of different age groups (moms, grandparents, kids, spouse or friends), with a variety of interests (sports, décor, art or clothing) and different professions (financers, fitness trainers, writers, artists, teachers or engineers) works tremendously. You won’t have to sell your business and still make good sales during golden this golden time of the year.

3. Don’t be afraid to share a piece of your personal life

Companies and businesses are built with people and for people. Sharing real-life moments and people in action i.e your employees allows your audience to build a more strong connection with you. A glimpse of your business processes, the brand story or even your holiday pictures and favourite dishes as a festive tradition for every year lets you look more approachable and relatable. Your website blog can feature articles and blogs on recipes, portraits, decor or food photography illustrations (for event planners and photographers), promotional holiday discounts and even product inspirations.

This type of content lets you connect on an emotional basis and build engagements on human activities that are especially highlighted during the festive holidays.

4. Offer special discounts on winter essentials

Winters ask for various essential items that need to be stocked yearly. Offering good discounts on the same can let you flow with the season while boosting sales. People are on the lookout for good offers on winter clothing and you can want them to buy in bulk availing them while you have the rest of the winter to sell on your prices.

Winter staples like jackets, gloves, scarves or heating appliances are a must. You can find how your business can contribute to helping people beat the cold. A well-priced essential to cover you in the chilly winds, allowing you to fully dive in the celebrations and festivities goes a long way! People would remember your name for times to come.

5. Giveaways

It’s the season of gifting and what is more exciting than giveaways? You can plan one on your website or social media platforms like Instagram and have a real boosted reach. Keep your goals and mind and yield to them. You can target more followers, launch and raise awareness for specific products or simply add a spark to your audience’s feed. Whatever your goals are you can build your giveaways around them and redirect the audience to your website.

6. Free Shipping

Free shipping means a lot to customers, especially since so many people have now opted for online shopping. If you own an e-commerce business, having free shipping for festive times will vastly increase sales and visits. Meanwhile you can always offer free shipping for customers with bulk orders.

Don’t forget to make the most of the free shipping day on the 14th of December every year

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