Why Your Website Is More Important Than Your Business Card

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As the world is growing towards complete digitization, leaving behind the conventional print forms of media and marketing, likewise is the situation of the highly regarded business cards. What once used to be the standard way of introducing yourself to the world, has other alternatives coming up. People are opting for the alternatives as there is very little that you can convey about the ideals and vision of your business on a single paper. A website, on the other hand, introduces your clients to your world holistically and vividly.

In fact, as we move past the 2nd decade of the 21st century, a website is a basic survival kit for your business. Even if you want your business to sustain itself on an average level, you will need a website for your work. Whether you want to introduce yourself to the world or you want to grow your presence and rank higher in the competitive market, a website is an absolute necessity. Since most of the business cards are not read as intently, make sure you have something more depicting your brand identity. Stay ahead and build an effective website, here are some more reasons :

#1 Regular Updation

A business card only has limited information that is possible to be printed, like your social media handles, company slogan, contact information, etc. Let’s say if there is an update to be made regarding your phone number or address, the entire bundle would require a change. Whereas with a website, you are free to add as many elements to showcase your company profile and in case of any changes you can easily edit your website online. With a website, you can easily keep making updates to make your website more effective as a platform.

#2 No limitation to the kind of audience

With a card, your reach is limited to the person you’re passing it to and their respective company. Your reach is only reaching a limited amount of companies and demographic in that way. However, when operating with a website of your own, there are simply no boundaries. Your audience can range from people in different states and countries as well as continents across! Your say and advertisement levels, therefore, get to touch new horizons and go places.

#3 Ease of access

While your business card only shows information about you, your website has everything about your business, with things like work portfolios, team members and contact information. This apart from giving easy and quick access to reach out for your audience also helps build a trust factor courtesy the transparency one is operating with. Accessibility along with a vast database helps people relate better since they can have a reach with you whenever they need to. Be it writing in for a query or suggesting some inputs for a task, they will feel way more connected as your website works as your best client servicing staff 24*7.

#4 Feasible Marketing

A website can help promote your business like no other. You can have many leads easily converted into customers as all the information about your product/services and their packages would be easily available on your platform. You can also comfortably update and refine your content as many times as you want. When looking to advertise effectively, you can choose the kind of audience and demographic you want to target and then work on its frequency and sequencing too. Moreover, if you optimize your website’s content you will be able to rank better on the search engines and promote much robustly.

#5 Valuable Feedback

A website offers prompt and direct feedback from your clients in real-time as they are making purchases or getting a service done. Your customers can provide easy feedback through emails, text messages, linked social media platforms and phone links. Customer feedback is extremely essential to improve and grow your business in the right direction. Their inputs on your servicing are not possible through a business card while through a website you can also track consumer preferences and behaviour and work to align your website accordingly. This kind of feedback is priceless in all aspects.

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