What Makes Your Brand Name Your Best Bet At SEO Optimisation

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When people think about Search Engine Optimisation as a marketer’s priority job, people and businesses in general end up thinking about rankings, backlinks, domain authority and leads. You apply all the techniques, yet nothing seems to happen for days together. Rankings remain as it is and the SEO strategies seem to be all in vain.

The question that comes to mind then is if the techniques are actually worthwhile or to ask a more specific and refined question that is what SEO strategy would work the best for your website.

One thing that holds immense untapped potential and is at the centre of your business is the name of your business. It’s very simple to rank higher on SERPs once you decide to name your business with a solid title. A business name that is optimized based on your target keywords would help you rise much higher in the rankings and be your best marketing strategy put to play.

For more than 2/3rds of company owners and marketing professionals, gaining organic traffic is the top priority since that is what 70% of the online traffic comprises!

Since the main purpose of SEO is to rank higher and increase visibility, it all boils to the traffic being directed at your website and the subsequent leads and conversions. Given that SEO remains the cheapest way to advertise with quality blogs being high in demand, there is no doubt on the potential it holds to give you the boost that your business requires. As a thumb rule, your name should be easy to memorise, exquisitely unique and facilitate your keywords.

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a business title so it helps build your SEO.

1. Keep it uniquely you

There are so many unique names if you look at leading brands around you but you can twist and turn them to make it your own as that would only look parodic but would also seem unreliable to start a brand with. As for starters, you want to keep it unique to avoid unnecessary competition in SERPs and most definitely not with the leading market brands as you are bound to lose. Names and titles are not just attractive, they also elicit some feelings different from others.

You would surely want to avoid having a similar name to another company as that would completely hijack your SEO journey so far. You can find various business name generators and find which names match your business and are available. You can put in a bit of research and see which keywords have less volume of search results and thus less competition and can be utilized for ranking higher.

You definitely don’t want to increase the competition for yourself and for that you should keep the name so unique that even in variations it does not create many hurdles. This way you can own the SERPs for it and work on marketing it better even further.

2. Keep it easy & simple with a ring

One of the key things to remember is to keep your brand name memorable. There are a lot of ways of doing that but most importantly you should why it is important. As it is, it’s difficult to remember URLs and to top that if your brand has a tricky name, it would make it even harder. You definitely don’t want your brand to not rank in the search result for your own name or make it tricky enough for people to forget.

There are a lot of ways of making it a memorable one. Firstly, keep it short and crisp as these names tend to be easy to spell, speak and thus rank higher. Use rhyming words or ones with alliteration i.e, words with same first letter. Give it a ring.

3. Satisfy the keywords

Lastly and most importantly, no matter how memorable and unique your name is, you need for it to help you market your product which is what your entire marketing tactics and website on the web are for.

You can use a keyword generator tool and type in keywords to know their traffic volume and difficulty in terms of competition. You ideally want to use words that have moderate and medium search volume so the competition is not too much for you to partake. The best-case scenario would be high volume traffic and less competition but that’s a rare situation.

With a well-optimized, exquisite and cherishable name, you are ready to take the leap and join the crowds as a force of power in your industry. Use your name as your biggest name-building and ranking tool and you’ll see your business growing in no time.

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