9 age like wine ways to inculcate Productivity as you work from home

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Wake Up & Leave The Bed Alone

Get up early and get projects started to not allow the transition from your bed to your desk allow lethargy to seep in. Freshen up make up your bed and move away. Avoid working on your bed as it’ll make it harder to resist the urge to fall back in. Being in bed will keep you stuck in that laid-back mindset hence, move out.

Act Like It Is A Usual Day At Work

Get Ready as you would be going about a regular day, shower, and get dressed to begin work. This will put you in the perspective and automate you in the working mindset. Plus, since you are not going to the office, you are also saving on your commute time and can use that to get more things done early in the day (most productive hours).

Chalk Out What You’ll Be Working On Priority

Make a to-do list of the things to be done for the day (even minor things like calls, marking your calendar). Crossing out tasks done builds confidence and helps you get into that momentum to get more things done raising your confidence further! Once you’re done you can completely chill and, in that way, earn it, so leisure is even more enjoyable.
PRO TIP: Set 3 goals for the day, 3 for coming 1-2 weeks, 3 for 6 months- 1 year, and 3-lifetime goals. This will help you stay on track and bring your mind’s vision into the physical reality of your life.

Work When You’re At Your Most Productive

Nobody is productive all through the day, there are points when you slow down and the performance fluctuates so cut yourself some slack. Structure your work and schedule around the high and low points of the day (which you will have realized within a few days of working). Keep the heavy tasks for your most productive hours and small basic things for times of less motivation. Additionally, getting even one thing done when you least want to raises your overall efficient capacities. Usually starting is the hardest part, to tackle that say to yourself that you would just do it for 5 mins only. In most cases when you have your foot in, you end up completing it to the finish. The first milestone is the most important one for a reason, ace it!

Use Technology Where Possible

Some basic tasks can be done via different tools for example, for a writer, grammar checks and applications with designer templates can refine your work and help you put your mind to the more important things with the basic structure right in front of you. Technological assistance can be used to communicate regularly with your team and make sure everyone is on the same page and motivated well (especially in these extreme times of Covid-19).

In this case, having a website of your own helps immensely with 24*7 chatbots, descriptive and vivid work portfolios, diverse testimonials, and tools to cater to customers while you and your team sort other proceedings, on parallel. Check out some amazing website layouts that are currently thriving online by Make My Website!

Set Out A Separate Workstation To Yourself

Set a designated workspace and don’t disturb it. The area shall be your default catalyst for turning on work mode. Decorate it with fresh plants, your favorite stationery, incense or diffusers, or even pretty crystals. Having a pleasant working environment that has fresh air and is lit with sunlight near nature charges you up and keeps lethargy at bay for which you can move to the balcony.

A whiteboard/display board (alternatively you can use virtual boards like Trello), and some handy Stick-Ons to write important things while you process lots on information at your disposal will keep you aligned better. From creating the workstation matching your office’s to capturing an enlightening Eureka moment, it works well.

PRO TIP: Begin the day with a motivating quote on the board it will bring a great difference to your work output. Every time you feel demotivated, you can look at it and get back head-on!

Keep The Child Inside You Happy, Nothing Like A Reward

Whenever you’ve had a great day, done good work, even if one task: Treat yourself. Work has to be enjoyable and fun. Especially in times like these testing us, Mental Health should be prioritized. Simultaneous to working, have intervals for coffee/water to break the monotony while keeping yourself hydrated and focused and be in the presence of others. Make sure to completely drop things when on break, so you come back with a fresh head. The best part? Once you tick off your list for the day, you can binge-watch a series or treat yourself with a nice meal and simply relax. Knowing when to switch off work helps avoid burnout and maintain boundaries of work-life balance.

A Healthy Body + A Healthy Mind = Excellent Performance

You have to be sure that midst all this, you take good care of the most important tool to your work: You, i.e. your body and mind. Sleep sufficiently and don’t oversleep (7-8 hrs optimum) to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. You might start to feel stiff and lethargy might sweep in, keep a routine of a good amount of physical activity to keep that off, and in return yield good mental health.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Apart from general things that work for everyone; different things drive different people when they’re functioning. For some, it is leaving the TV on in the background or listening to video games music, while for some others its simply having a pet aside or a desk that allows you to work standing. Whatever helps, it’s all about getting the job done without depleting your reservoirs to exhaustion.

Lastly, being productive doesn’t mean you have to be so 24*7. Go outside for a casual car ride or find a human to interact with, order your favorite drink, run an errand, whatever. It keeps you sane. As long as not delaying things that need to done and are on the top of your game, rewards and outings are a win-win.

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