9¾ Ways to Hook Millennials to your Website

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The largest audience that’s online the most: Youth and the audience that’s the most tech-savvy and hard to trick? Yeah, you guessed it right, Youth. However contrary to popular belief, if you’re an authentic brand looking to capture the huge demographic of the youngsters, you don’t have to be constantly working too hard. Simply having a good reach online with optimized platforms, building a connection with brand campaigns and being greatly responsive, does the job. Youth is the most responsive customer base a company can have, as once you build your competency, credibility, and connection, they are the most loyal and invested.

This makes it so very essential to capture the early but high-rise birds, here are some tips:

(Stay tuned to find the magic that awaits you in the end)

1. Sell Your Story Not Your Product

Millennials buy ideas and not products. Only once they can connect and relate themselves with the brand’s ideals will they invest their time in even reading your title. Tricking them or offering paid campaigns and fake representation puts them off. They look for an emotional connection with the brand image and correspondingly invest in their product range, for this reason, include storytelling in your campaigns and be 100% clear in your representation.

2. Be Responsive

In times of every website having 24*7 chatbots, it has become a norm. Apart from that, make sure that on platforms (that are more personalized i.e social media) there is organic and responsive engagement. Youngsters are used to and fond of quick responses, having a dedicated team catering to social media queries and engagements helps a lot. Instant replies to their queries on not just mail but social media, makes a hell lot of difference.

3. Focus On Socials

With the rising dominance of Social Media over the internet, it doubles as a search engine for many youngsters. Social Media especially platforms like Snapchat, Instagram can help you generate a lot of buzz amongst the millennials. Optimizing Social Media will drive more traffic to your venture than any other source, educating them through their choice of mediums helps them relate better and be more willing to accept. Be open, engaging, and adaptive with the constantly changing trends.

4. Meet Them Where They Are; Match Their Values

They have everything just one click away and lots of content flooding in all the time which is why to capture their attention, you will have to meet them where they are. Millennials love authenticity and transparency with a social cause. They can see crystal clear through what is bought with money and what is bought as food for thought. Nothing propels them to look for more than a fair purpose.

Hence do good in communities, putting efforts in whatever cause your brand feels immensely about.

5. Don’t Do Conventional Advertising (Print)

Millennials see paid campaigns, advertisements literally like a multi-dollar bill hung on a billboard i.e. purposeless. Avoid conventional marketing strategies when catering to youngies. Reach them with a cause that they can connect with and also contribute to.

Everyone wants to be part of a big project, and add to it. Build campaigns that allow them to take part and interact, share stories, and help build it block by block. In this way, you can market and have intrinsic value as they dive in.

6. Value Feedback

Millennials are very straightforward and make sure their opinion is out there! If you listen diligently and take their criticism constructively, it will help you strategize much better, build your reach exponentially.

Answer questions, meet them in person, sync your brand’s connect factor along the lines of their perception.

7. Utilize All Platforms & Influencers

They like graphic content more for they want to understand the crux of things fast. For the same reason, try including more of videos and flyers/posters on your website as well as socials that hook them on in the first few seconds. The Long descriptions and lengthy videos kind of patience is not what they have. In this way, optimize and utilize all your platforms, interact, and be consistent. As stated before, once the trust is built there’s nothing, they wouldn’t align themselves with.

Further, they follow influencers very closely and have a close connection with them. Among other reasons, mainly they’re of them and interact closely and regularly with them. So, endorsing your product with them would build an appeal that is emotionally locked. Try having influencers in your loop.

8. Be Interactive

Keep your platforms open, and responsive to make conversations happen. A large part of your reach is determined by how much time you spend in understanding and incorporating their fresh and quirky perspectives. Make sure that your websites have a simplified layout that’s captivating and easy to navigate through.

Apart from having a mobile responsive design in terms of varied screen sizes, try to keep the layout condensed, wrapping in minimum pages possible. So that a visitor can quickly scan through and get the job done. You can check out some amazing layouts and projects here.

Similarly, keep your socials interactive and grow with consumer behavior and preference. Keep updating your work, profile to keep your audience posted. As for professional optimization, that boosts your conversion rates drastically, you can always contact Make My Website and we will be happy to help with our well-proven and highly recommended Social Media Optimization strategies.

9. Offer Lots Of Information, Be Transparent & Accessible

As mentioned above, youngies want to know everything and because they have access to every information at their finger-tips, it’s definitely not easy to trick them. Keep your profiles, portfolios, accounts, descriptions, policies, and brand information open and transparent. Make it accessible and flexible as per your products’ requirements. Be willing to take their opinion and work with their fresh take on things.

Add your email, socials’ links, address, and most importantly phone number everywhere. This will help it be known that your brand is genuine as compared to blank or half-filled sites. Complimentarily, a contact number will help convert and close deals faster.

9¾. Add Some Magic Of Change

Last but not the least, allow some room for change as transitions are vital to transcendental occurrences and nothing proves it better than the magical platform9¾ of the wizard world. Wingardium Leviosa!

Rise & Shine.

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