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Once you have a professional website ready, the next step you must take is setting up your Google business page. Creating a google listing helps local businesses to reach out to the local people- when the products/services provided by them are search for, on the web. And, considering that creating a Google Business Page is free, you must no way skip it and utilize this opportunity to engage with the locals. While we answer your most asked question as to why it is important for a small/medium or even large business like you is that, every person surfs Google before making any decision! They would like to find service providers or buy products from their local area and hence, would certainly land up choosing the ones available at their service locally. Being a small/medium business, your goal should be to capture the local market and enhance conversion rates amidst the potential local customers. With a free Google listing, people start to know that you exist in there are and hence, prefer you over others taking in account various other factors like reviews, quality of website, etc.

For example, when you search for “web design near me” in Werribee, the following appears-

As it is visible, Make My Website appears on the top, has a website button, and a little excerpt that says, “Their website mentions web design”. This certainly would generate traffic on your website! Having said that, the Google listing has an option to send the users directly onto your website as soon as they click on the globe. If your website is professional, responsive, and user-friendly, there are high chances that your listing appears amongst the top listings. However, it is important to note that the details about the location and other keywords should be in alignment with the reality- let’s talk about the excerpt, the keyword is web design which holds true for us as we design websites!

As and when your local audience is redirected to your website, what will allow them to stick around and read through about your business or have a look at the services you provide is an efficient web design. A fully mobile responsive website, which provides excellent functionality, is easy to navigate and has content placed in perfectly with a beautiful balance of pictures and content, is what works to get attention from your visitors. Hence, having a professional website linked to your Google listing enhances your credibility and increases the chances of you being chosen as a service provider for the users located locally.

Along with the website option, there is a separate tab of reviews wherein your customers and clients and share their genuine experience with your business. Considering that you’d keep high standards of customer service and quality, you have a fair chance to endorse and proudly share your Google reviews on your website and on every social media channel. However, it is essential that you ensure updating your Google Business Page to make sure it contributes to SEO and doesn’t provide any false information to the clients.

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