Ultimate Checklist When Choosing A Right Web Design Company

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Every business owner wants the best quality work done for their brand and that includes their websites. Having a website is a necessity these days as people prefer to buy stuff and fix appointments online rather than in person. Your website is the face of your company and can help a great deal in wooing clients. With a plethora of high end web design companies available in the industry, choosing the right one can prove to be a difficult task. You need to ensure that your website is designed in such a way that it helps you reach your target audience and business goals. We’re here to help you out so that you can make the best choice for your company. Keep this checklist in mind when you decide to get a website designed for your business.

Make a list of your requirements:

Just like a business structure, you need a list of requirements for your website as well. The features, functionalities, samples and references for the website. This will give the designer an idea on how to get started.

Evaluate and set a Budget:

One of the most basic things before looking for a vendor is to come up with a budget for your website so that you can narrow down your list of options. A basic website can range from anything between $5K- $12K. So unless you have the funds for it, a DIY is your best choice.

Evaluate Vendor’s Website:

If a web design company doesn’t have a top notch website of their own, then you really need to consider whether availing their services is worth it or not. A close look will help in determining whether they have an eye for detail or not. Some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while looking at their website are:

1. Website Layout and Design
2. User Experience and Navigation
3. Features and Functionality

Observe your competitors and take notes:

Take a look at the websites of some other businesses in your industry. See what they have in common and what you can add to your website so that it stands out. Notice their approach and schemes they use to target customers.

Choose your design aesthetic and then the vendor that specialises in it:

Choose an aesthetic that suits your business and preferences. Some of your preferences might not match with the latest web design practices. This is where the difference between a novice and an accomplished web design company shows. An expert web designer will help you steer away from design ideas that aren’t beneficial for your brand.

Get Samples and References from the Vendor:

See your preferred vendor’s past works. This will help you decide whether they are able to handle complex projects or not and help you make a set of expectations. If your business has a specific target audience then you also need to check whether the vendor has experience in that field or not.

Reviews matter:

Sometimes a great website doesn’t mean that the vendor has great work ethic or work skills. You need to check up with their past clients’ regarding their service because getting a website isn’t cheap and is a one time investment.

Ensure that the Vendor is Aware of Your Target Audience:

The phrase “one size fits all” does not apply to website design. It is important that your vendor has enough experience and understanding of your target audience to fully accomplish the goals set in mind regarding your website.

Website Content is equally important:

A website’s scope is much larger than its design. According to most SEO experts, “Content is King”. However a great website needs to have eye-catching content as well as design. A vendor that creates content from scratch using all the important keywords might be your best bet for a target achieving website.

Template or design from scratch:

Some vendors might try to con you by charging you full rate for a website they designed using a common template. Imagine your surprise when you are excited to show your new, amazing website and realise that it’s similar to 15 other websites. Finalise the payment for your website depending on whether the vendor uses a template or designs it from scratch.

Does the vendor test the website before launching?

Testing is the most essential step of building a website. A well designed website is useless if it’s not fully functional. Testing helps in identifying the gaps in the website’s functionality and user experience. It is also important to test its responsiveness on different browsers.

Even after checking off all the points on the list, finding the best company for your website can be a real hassle. That’s where we step in. At Make My Website, we offer a wide range of services that include web design and development, content writing, SEO, social media management and a lot more. Visit our website or get in touch with us at 1300769302 or info@makemywebsite.com.au to avail the best web design services.
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