5 Tricks to level up your social media

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1. Magnetic Content:

Social Media is all about content, and this is something every social media expert keeps on saying. Hello there, but we are adding something more to it. The content you post ought to be magnetic to make a notable difference. With robust competition in every industry, it is important to stand out.

The way you present yourselves digitally can impact your business in a practical manner. Read it again!

Your focus should be on creating content that your followers like, for they are certainly your prospective customers and, most importantly, it should be able to attract masses.

2. Engage with Your Audience:

For the content you will be posting, you are sure to get a response from your followers. They might just be liking your posts or commenting down in awe. They also might put up a few questions related to your products. The key is to be consistent in engaging with them while they show interest. Reply them in time, sort all their queries, and appreciate them for their genuine feedback. Customers must have their fair share of appreciation when they are posting reviews or testimonials on any platform.

3. Run Giveaways:

Who doesn’t like freebies? Well, your followers do like them too and its time to reciprocate the love they have always shown towards your services and products. This serves two purposes-

  • Makes your followers happy &
  • Adds in new followers

When you run giveaways, you attract a large number of people who come through the stories our followers would put as a part of the contest, and voila! You get new leads in your kitty.

4. Share Testimonials:

People who follow you on social media, are in an awe of what you post (technically, the reason), hence you got to walk them through to a point where they become your customers and for that, the best way is to tell them what people had experienced while their association with you. To develop a sense of trust, satisfaction and on top of that, earn a loyal customer- this is a significant step.

5. Do Live Videos:

Say hello to the world! You might do a live video by yourself, or make your employee do it who certainly is good at speaking. You can also associate with a brand ambassador or an influencer who is a part of your marketing strategy and let them hop on your live video to address the audience.

The outcome is easy and justified- contented viewers. They get all their answers in a single fun-live session and they would not want to unfollow you any soon, hence you keep up with their expectations which may take them further to a point while they actually purchase your product/avail your service.

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