4 Things Your Customers Want You to Share

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Situations change inevitably, and as much as we want to believe that the change would not affect businesses, we cannot deny the fact that the outcome is the opposite.

The situation of COVID-19 is getting better in Australia, and this is certainly an opportunity for a comeback in a better way.

Understanding your customer is the key to successfully plan a comeback, and here we are to help you out with the same!

Following are the 4 things your customers want to know about:

1. Unusual Business

“Business, as usual”, is the term businesses have been using on their website, and on social media channels in different situations. Yet, this time, you need to be vocal about being open, yet doing business as unusual- with all the necessary precautions, updated protocols, and the measures you have been taking for being able to do a safe business! Post about it and let your people know that you are a team of responsible people, trying to provide them with solutions in the scope of your business.

2. Necessary Transitions

Do what you can to get to the other side, and the smartest way to do is to go digital.

If you have a website already, your job is half done. If you don’t have one, you better get it designed from experts and utilize it to make a healthy transition for your business. Share it with your customers and let them know that you can still serve them while they are at home, and ensure them about the ongoing services post-coronavirus outbreak that would include:

– Contactless deliveries
– Online Shopping
– Online consultations, and others as per your niche.

3. Motivation Factors

We all know the pandemic has hit us hard, yet there are some motivating factors that help us sail through and make it to the other side.

Whether it is the support of your customers, their reviews, the driving force behind your establishment, or any other factor that has been motivating you, is what your customers want to see to feel that connection, stay engaged, and happy to be a part of this hard time with you.

4. Support Local

Let them know how your business, your service, and/or your product is supporting the locals. Be it the local community or local businesses.

For instance, if you have a restaurant in Australia, which is open according to the government regulations, let your people know that the ingredients used in all your dishes are sourced locally!

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