4 things users must feel on your website

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Your website is your identity on the web, which helps the users to know what you do as a business. It is a portal where all users are welcome, but only a few choose to stay and move forward with your services. As expert web designers, we are listing down 4 simple feelings that your users must get after browsing through your website.

Once you read it all, you will be able to have a better understanding of what impact your website is creating on the users online, who might be your potential customers in the future.

Let’s get started!

1. Credence & Faith

As soon as a user lands on your website, they should develop faith in your brand. With so many online scams and frauds, people have become picky whilst choosing to trust a certain website or a brand on the web. Hence, to make sure you generate that sense of credibility, your web design should be top-notch with easy navigation and relevant information being displayed on the screen.

If you add a section of your client reviews or testimonials wherein people can learn from your past customers’ experiences, it would develop faith in them and would certainly convey that you are a credible company.

2. Attention

Web design should be all thing intriguing and appealing! Your website must have an “x” factor that catches the attention of the users and doesn’t let them go. Having a mix of illustrations, graphics, and pictures which are visually appealing certainly leave a long-lasting impression on the users.

3. Concept Visualisation

Everything on your website holds a meaning, which is imparted to the users automatically. The message you want to convey through the design elements allow them to visualize the entire concept of your website’s existence and how you plan to help them with their requirements. When using different colors on your website, make sure it has the right impact in the subconscious mind. Your website ought to resonate with the emotions of your customers, and must have the appropriate colors set in place- delivering the right message.

4. Comfort & Ease

To give an ultimate user experience to your users, this is the most important feeling you must look after. They should be comfortable in browsing through different pages, the menu bar, the options to contact you, etc. An advanced web design is good, but a too complex one can confuse the users while finding simple information thereby making it unfriendly for the user to scroll through.

Hence, generating a sense of comfort is very important to have a great user experience, and to urge the users to stick to your website.

So make sure your website does the talking 24/7/365 while you focus on growing your business.

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