3 Things To Include In a Website For Better Ranking

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1. Blog/News Page
A blog or a news page on your website is a platform where you can publish informative articles about your industry or share the latest buzz in the same and updates in your business. Writing regular blogs for the website, say weekly, fortnightly, or even once a month, adds quality content to it which solely contributes to optimization for search engines.

When regular content is added to any website, search engines analyze that the website is active, updated and is proving to be fruitful and productive for its users. When this happens, search engines automatically start giving preference to the websites with freshly generated content that aims at making a difference online.

Now that being said, this content must be informative, excellent quality and must solve a purpose. If you include a blog page that doesn’t offer what it should, the result can be exactly opposite to what you anticipated, thanks to the smartest search engines of this digital era.

Therefore, if you are working on improving your ranking, make sure to include a blog page that gets fresh content from you every now and then, to be crawled by the search engines and get it indexed.

2. Social Media Sharing Buttons
Social media forms a major segment of your target audience. Be it any industry, most of your prospective customers have an active social media account running- which is associated with another big bunch of prospects who can be your potential buyers in the future. With every article you publish, or with every new project you add to your portfolio, make use of the social media links to share it on your respective handles. No wonder those who come across it and read it only to find it engaging and helpful- will certainly share it on their profiles. What does sharing do? Awareness? Yes, but most importantly, it creates BACKLINKS! Backlinks form a major part of the SEO and one of the main tasks whilst implementing SEO techniques is creating numerous backlinks. Now that some of them can be catered to with the help of social media, it is like an icing on the cake!

3. Alt Text for Images
We all know pictorial representations have been in for a long time now. Images are an easy yet effective way to convey the message and convince the users. Using alternative text or alt text for images largely contribute to SEO. It is always better to interpret the image effectively so that search engines can understand it in the right manner and rank you for the keywords you intend to. Images without alt text often tend amiss for getting ranked appropriately or certainly can just be ignored, hence, the sole purpose of including images on the website can go in vain if alt text is not included. Therefore, it is a must for a better ranking.

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