The Tradies Guide to Succeeding Online

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Establishing oneself online isn’t very difficult, it is mostly about building from there and making the platforms create business for you. When it comes to succeeding online, consistency and quality take you much further ahead in the game. Since very few things on the internet are completely new as a content, it’s mostly about being able to curate unique engagements with the existing data and information.

There are various ways of creating a strong presence online, some conventional, others unique but some sure shot methods do make a huge impact on your online presence.

#1 Establish a brand identity online

The biggest step is the first one, start with creating fully-updated profiles on social media and having an optimised website. Your social media speaks volumes on your brand’s identity and helps people resonate and connect on a personal level. Once your brand identity is established, it’s easier for people to engage.

#2 We know you demonstrate great workmanship, let your customers stay in the loop too!

Your work modules are intact and of course there is no need to flaunt that but customers feel much more connected when they see work being executed and delivered along the same lines as theirs. When you put up finished projects, potential and existing customers build an impression of yours and remember you.

#3 Give them a platform to share their feedback and experience

Engagements can never be one sided for this reason, always give your clients a platform to share their feedback on your service or products or simply have a response to any recent updates you might have made. This can of course be through your social media handles or page listings on Google.

#4 Engage with your existing customers

It’s comparatively easy to have new customers but hard to retain old ones but once you learn how to engage effectively with them, it’s a cake walk. Make time to wish them on festivities, offer them some kind of discounts so they know that this association is greatly regarded by your venture.

#5 Attend to submitted queries on a personal basis

Contact forms on your website are a must but apart from that, it’s the response that is awaited and matters the most. Take out time to conduct a Q/A session with your audience/customers and help resolve their queries on a one-to-one basis.

#6 Make the customers a part of your process

Make your customers a part of the various processes of your work, that way in some ways they can add value with their feedback and if nothing being a part of the project will help them relate with you much better and build your reliability quotient. Adds to the transparency of your company’s policies.

#7 Make the most of email marketing

Your mail inbox is an underrated platform for engaging with customers who would really be looking to invest. A greeting mail on festivals and special events isnt enough, add to it newsletters with relevant topics and you will see your engagement levels take a sharp rise.

#8 Publish fresh but evergreen content

As much as it is important to publish fresh content that is not repetitive or cliche, it’s also important to make sure your effort in creating it brings fruit for longer. For this focus on creating content that is evergreen, so it never runs the risk of becoming redundant with upcoming trends.

#9 Optimise your content for a farther reach

Well, this is not a choice anymore, without optimising it even if your content is actually excellent, it’ll only be you viewing and reading it. When you optimize your content well, you can help it reach many people who may be searching up for exactly that.

#9 Dial up digital & grow your business

By taking your operations online, you can save up on so much time and effort as your website can work as your best employee, there for you 24*7. Various trivial tasks and queries can be taken by your online platforms, as you focus on more important things.

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