The Backbone of Digitization (Edition 2020) : Website Optimisation

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Contrary to popular belief, Website Optimisation does not simply translate to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) even though it is a major constituent. It is a vast realm that pretty much impacts everything we see today on the internet. Website Optimisation, as the term rightly suggests, is enhancing the efficiency of your website and content to refine the quality of experience for your users and thus draw more and more online traffic directed to your website.

Halfway into the end of this dreadful climax year of the decade, the world is more digitized than ever before! The Corona situation has brought more businesses and people online, garnering more attention to the World Wide Web. With this surge in online traffic and engagements, it makes Website Optimisation essential for every venture to keep up with the market’s changing requirements. For SEO, the Bible for most optimization work is Google, the ranking criterion of which is more nuanced than ever. Given that the algorithms of the tech-giant are hard to predict and incorporate, the only way to keep up with the constantly changing policy is, to align yourself with the same goal consolidated in your optimization i.e user experience (UX).

While there are design and first look elements that should be kept in mind as basic criteria when looking to optimize a website, beyond that it’s a very subjective process. As mentioned above, everything is to be optimized keeping the user experience at the centre. One of the most common problems are loading errors, we’ve all had them come up some time or another. They take the form of an HTTP protocol like 4XX or 5XX and basically end your user’s visit right there. They can be tackled with different tools but mostly it is a matter of hosting which can be easily resolved with opting for a higher subscription as your traffic goes beyond your package’s range. Further, your website loading speed (ideally >2.5 sec) and compatibility with mobile and tablet browsers is a major determinant of your conversion rate. More than 50-60% of online traffic today is coming from these handy devices which is why it is imperative that your website has a good layout and design corresponding to that, especially in the rising digital era of 2020.

Further, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the predominant fuel to your drive of quality user experience. This is where content plays a huge part because that is what is going to bind your users with you and build reliance, credibility, and boost the sharing of your content. This in return would help you rank much better apart from the word of mouth that will also be at play. This is why having a blog to your website is important and, updating and optimising it is even more important. When it comes to SEO or even Website Optimisation as a whole, content is king. Try supporting your content with visuals, videos, and graphic representation to help users grasp what is intended to be conveyed, quickly. On the technical side, target keywords and backlinks go a long way in making your content more visible and interactive. More than anything though, given that user experience is what is supreme, there is nothing more constructive for your website than user feedback.

Keep creating, sharing, and, optimising as the world rises to new perspectives and meaning.

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