Steps to Consider while Moving your Business Online during COVID-19

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Covid 19 has been a nerve-wrenching experience for us all. Coming with all its might, the virus left no stone-unturned in turning people’s life upside-down.

So far businesses are concerned, there’s not a single industry that remained untouched by the monstrous effects of Covid 19 and eventually letting businesses go through the transition phase that might appear draining at first.

Overcoming the effects of this catastrophic event – that’s happening around the globe, hasn’t been easy and left behind a strong message that says,

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene, Writer

So what’s needed is to come to the total acceptability of the situation and do what’s required!

In the context of business, bringing your business into the digital space is something that has worked wonders and has broadened its horizons in terms of both productivity and returns.

If you are someone who is hesitant to bring your business to the forefront of digital existence then this post is for you!

Here, you’ll get all the information you’d ever require to transform your business’s identity from physical to digital.

Also, if you are thinking of waiting for the storm to pass, then know that the situation has hardly changed over the last two years and the tremors of Covid keep coming back as waves which doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

Find out the simple ways of how you can bring your business online and word towards its growth and development:

1. Define your Online Marketplace:

The first step in bringing your business online is to define your online marketplace. By marketplace, we mean to filter the products or services that you are willing to sell online.

Make a list of the products and services and start to categorize them while defining the scope of your online market.

For instance: If you are into the plumbing business, then the first step would be to define the scope of services that you are willing to offer, categorize it well and take the first step of establishing your digital marketplace.

2. Do the Necessary Arrangements to Support the Transition:

Based on your business type, you are required to make the necessary arrangements to survive the shift.

Whether it’s about hiring the needful staff (delivery man) or doing the necessary collaborations (Packaging and Delivery Services), you need to structure the expense model of your business, and figure out the new ways that would support your business activities.

For instance: If you are into the grocery business, then chances are you’d be required to do the home deliveries. In place of hiring a work help at your shop, what’s needed is to now make a fair arrangement with delivery services or hire your personal delivery personnel that could make the deliveries on time.

3. Understand how the Digital Ecosystem thrives:

If you’ve decided to bring your business online then there’s no reason holding yourself back from learning the mechanics of online marketing. Spend some time learning how the digital space thrives with opportunities and how you can interact with your audience to increase the brand value.

The order of marketing in the digital space is slightly different with what you do at the personal ground. Here,marketing begins with interacting at a mass level and narrows down to individuals as you progress on the journey to connect with individuals.

The crux is to remain intact in your business values and mission, keeping in mind that it is only the mode of business that has changed, not the business that has been your pillar of strength ever since.

4. Seek Professional Assistance:

Conducting a Google Search is convenient. But thinking it’ll impart in you the necessary skills to do a task with supreme perfection is an immature thought.

Saving your time and energy is of prime importance. And trusting professionals to best perform a particular task is the best resort.

Trust us when we say that all you require is a professional for you to have the smooth sailing of your business into the digital space.

Whether it’s about designing a professional website or hiring the digital marketing experts to spread the name of your business, years of practice and hard earned expertise of a professional would get your business the reward it deserves.

Even if it’s about standing at the vulnerable edge and making efforts to survive a pandemic.

5. Select a Payment Mode for your Business:

Shifting business from physical store to online platform altogether can be overwhelming.

Also, if you are concerned about the mode of collecting the payments, be rest assured you’ll not run any short of the alternatives that are available in the market.

From payment aggregators to banks, there’s no dearth of payment options anyway.

What demands your attention and discernment is for you to consider the terms and policies of each platform so that you could choose the best payment platform for your business. No wonder you’ll be amazed with the ease and convenience that would come along with digital transactions.

6. Do Participate on Social Media Handles:

The biggest opportunity of doing business online lies in connecting on social media and other platforms. Not only does it expand your outreach but gives you the opportunity to connect with the audience on a better level.

Replace the art of interacting and negotiating with your customer on a personal level with having it on social media and you’ll realize that now you are able to target a greater audience with the same amount of resources. Utilizing the same time and energy, you’ll be able to tap more customers and can expand your business size beyond your expectations.


After reading this post, you have a fair reason to think of Covid 19 as a blessing in disguise that not only dragged you out of your comfort zone but became the reason for you to adopt a more inventive and efficient way of doing business i.e. running your business operations online.

Follow the steps mentioned above, and you’d realize that grass is actually greener on the other side (digitizing your business).

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