SEO vs Google Ads – What’s Best for Your Business?

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These days, the two most common buzzwords in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. As a company providing Google Ads and SEO services to businesses in and around Melbourne, our clients often ask us, “What is best for our business?” But the answer to this question depends on your business needs and the goals you want to achieve for your business through Search Engine Marketing.

This article briefly explains the two highly popular marketing tools to help you decide which one best aligns with your business goals and needs. Once you have a better understanding of both tools & how they will benefit you, you can make an educated decision. You might want to opt for Google Ads or SEO services, or a combination of both, to market your business online.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It involves optimising your business’s website and content to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The search engine shows relevant websites that match the search queries whenever a browser initiates a search. A significant reason why SEO is gradually becoming popular amongst business owners is the fact that it significantly boosts organic traffic. In other words, SEO websites that appear organically on search results exhibit a level of trust since search engines only display trustworthy websites as top results.

With growing consumer awareness, browsers are becoming savvier with their searches online. Most users refrain from clicking on paid ads since anyone and everyone can advertise their business online. However, websites appearing on organic search results generate more trust and often have a higher click-through rate. This perception of trust is perhaps the most fundamental reason businesses are gradually turning towards SEO. Thus, a properly optimised website drives more organic traffic and increases conversion rates and revenues.

The Pros
  • It is an excellent long-term solution to get a higher ranking on search engines like Google.
  • It helps generate higher organic traffic rates, which in turn reduces the early abandonment rates significantly.
  • Search engine algorithms promote optimised websites more than unoptimised ones.
  • It cultivates greater trust amongst customers than ads.
  • You do not have to pay for every click.
The Cons
  • It takes a long time investment to show results.
  • When using SEO services, you’ll often notice that the results are not immediate.
  • It can take you upto three to six months to see an improvement in your rankings on the search engine.
  • It also requires consistent efforts to maintain the ranking. And often, hiring an SEO agency is the best bet to ensure that.

Google Ads

Previously known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is an advertising platform by Google. It is the largest Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising supplier, and businesses often use it to reach out to customers. You can use it to advertise your business on the results page, any website that is part of the AdSense programme and Google products like YouTube, Gmail, etc. As the name suggests, these ads are pay-per-click, i.e., you have to pay every time someone clicks on an ad, irrespective of whether that click converts into a purchase.

Advertisers often opt for Google Ads to immediately increase their website’s visibility. Moreover, suppose you have a Google Ads campaign set up. In that case, your ads can go live within a matter of hours, and it is highly dynamic, allowing changes to reflect in real time. Although it might seem like a cost-effective option upfront, this tool can become too expensive to sustain in the longer run. Hence you must opt for it only if you have a very high budget for your marketing campaign.

The Pros
  • Google Ads help you get faster results as compared to SEO.
  • It boosts your domain to appear within the top five search results.
  • You have the provision to track your conversions and leads.
  • You can specify the ZIP code or the area around your business to target the local audience.
  • It also has the provision to create a custom remarketing list to help you reach out to a specific customer base/target audience.
  • It also helps drive more traffic to your website’s specific landing page.
The Cons
  • It is not a long-term solution.
  • Over time, it gets costlier than SEO.
  • Every click is a cost incurred for your business.
  • All ads show up on search results with the ‘Ad’ label.
  • You can only use this service for only one website or domain for an account.

SEO vs Google Ads: The Key Takeaways

The key takeaway from here is that the bottom line of this discussion is that the time frame you are looking at determines which of the two is a better tool. While Google Ads can help you get immediate results, SEO services are for the medium to long run.

Here are some key takeaways from this discussion.
  • In the longer run, Google Ads can be expensive for a competitive niche. Hence, most SEO agencies suggest getting started with Google Ads. But eventually, you can cut back on this spending once your SEO services start showing results.
  • Changes with Google Ads are immediate. Any changes you make in an ad render almost immediately, whereas SEO can take some time to reflect them. Hence, it can be frustrating for some business owners looking for immediate results.
  • Since browsers often click on ads for research or price analysis. Hence, with Google Ads, each click costs you from your daily budget without leaving any significant online presence. On the other hand, SEO guarantees gradual yet guaranteed results.

Hence, most businesses often use a combination of both Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation to create an effective marketing campaign. Consult with your SEO agency to find the best strategy for your website.

What is Better for Your Business?

This article points out how SEO and Google Ads Search Engine Marketing tools enhance your business’s online visibility and their advantages and drawbacks. However, several factors will determine which of these tools is better for your business.

On the one hand, you have Google Ads, which give you almost immediate results. And on the other, you have SEO, which requires long-term commitment and effort to rank your business. Hiring a professional SEO agency can help boost the process, but you get the results gradually.

It is up to you to decide which of the two tools is right for you. You can consult a reliable SEO company to learn more about how these tools can help your business grow.

The Final Words

It would be best if you clearly defined your goals, expectations, time frames and budget before asking your SEO agency which tool is a better fit for your business. Depending on the same, your SEO company will plan a marketing strategy for you that aligns with your goals, promotes your business and gives you the desired returns.

You can connect with our experts if you want a trusted SEO company. We can help you formulate a Search Engine Marketing strategy that ensures your business gets better online visibility. We make consistent efforts and combine various methodologies to provide an innovative strategy that enhances your marketing efforts and boosts your business’s growth.

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