Why Having A Responsive Website Will Boost Your Business?

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Accessing the internet using mobile devices has been increasingly on the rise. So much so that a recent survey says that 92.3% of internet users access the internet using mobile phones. With such facts and stats coming to light, there’s not a slight chance in hell that your business can survive without optimising your website for mobile devices. And the best way to approach this is by opting for a responsive website design.

For all those who do not know what responsive website design is! Here’s a brief explanation of what it is and how it helps SEO gain momentum.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is a website design that adapts to every screen size and device. No matter from which device you are accessing a website or its content, it adapts itself to the dimension of the given device and provides a user-friendly experience when a user tries to explore a website.

There are many advantages to utilising the responsive web design that we will be studying in the further part of the blog. Here’s what it does when you choose to include it in your SEO strategy.

Enhanced User-experience

When you include responsive web design as a part of your SEO strategy, you are opting for a convenient means for your audience to explore your website. Responsive website design gives your audience the freedom to access your website from different devices without having to face any difficulty or discomfort in the display. Although most users are inclined to access the internet from their mobile phones, creating different websites for different categories of users (laptops, tabs and desktops) makes no sense.

Other than providing them with a smooth experience, responsive web design increases the likelihood of their engagement with your brand and converts them to loyal customers, where you have removed their every hassle to smoothly interact with your website.

Competitive Advantage

Staying ahead of the competition is another prerequisite that must be kept in consideration. And there’s no way you can skip adopting responsive website design when your competitors aren’t missing a beat to capture the interest of their audience.

By using responsive website design, you are signing up for greater user engagement and reliability on your brand that comes from their free and smooth access to your website from any device. Not only does it offer you the direct benefit from your clients, but SEO companies that aim for better search engine ranking keep responsive website design in their highest priority list.

Faster Page Loading Speed

Mobile devices usually run at a slower internet speed. And to counter it, responsive web designs are optimised for faster page loading. Whenever a business chooses to scale on responsive website design, it automatically aligns with a faster page load, better performance and an SEO-friendly website. There are several technicalities (efficient-code structure, responsive images, reduced HTTP requests, optimised mobile experience, or performance testing) involved that make it a fast and smooth experience for the audience whenever they browse through your site.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

If you hire an SEO company, it would tell you how important it is to opt for a responsive web design. Besides providing a smooth user experience and getting many direct benefits from the users end, responsive web design plays a significant role in gaining authority and recognition from the search engine. Google has issued many parameters and guidelines that stand as a determinant of providing ranks to the websites, and responsive website design is among one of them. All the websites that choose to remain outside the scope of responsive web design are assigned the lower ranks and are displayed beneath those websites that use responsive web designs.

Futuristic Website Model

As we read, 93.3% of people have been accessing the internet from their mobile devices, this figure is set to rise with people’s increasing usability and dependency on mobile phones. And while you miss optimising your website to responsive web design, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to tap the greater traffic to your website. While mobile users have smooth and hassle-free access to your website with responsive web design, not only you’ll see a boost in traffic but an increase in their engagement and participation level when they spend relatively more time on your website.

Cost Effective Measure

Now that you don’t have to maintain separate versions of your website, keeping a single responsive web design would do for the needs and requirements of all your customers. It’s not only convenient but cost-effective that saves you from the unnecessary costs of maintaining different website versions for different devices. While you invest all your efforts and creativity in designing a single website for all categories of users, it further brings ease and convenience for the users, where they have to interact with a single website’s version, no matter which device they access your website from.

Easy Monitoring

In the age of competition, where you must survive a hundred different things to sustain in the market, you need expert SEO services to keep your business afloat. Ask any reputed SEO company, and you’d know how important it is to keep a strict tab over the metrics to find how the website is performing on the actual ground. In such a scenario, it would be confusing and taxing to keep a close eye on the aids and analytics of two different versions of a website. Also, it’ll be a distracting course to reach a firm and evidence-based decision-making, whether it’s studying user behaviour or interpreting the given metric to the advantage of your business.

Easy Maintenance

Again, there won’t be any complex maintenance work for your developers if you side with the responsive web design. They’ll simply need to invest their efforts and expertise in a uni-focused goal, i.e., improving the performance of responsive web design, and it would do the trick. Whether you want to introduce regular changes or incorporate heavy changes in your website, all you need is to make adjustments to a single resource, and you’re done! Other than offering a single platform for users of all categories, responsive web design is a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain resort compared to the other website versions.

Also in content marketing, it provides an easy resort of generating less content, which otherwise doubles if you have to float two different website versions.

Boost Brand Image

In times when people are getting brand conscious, this is the least you can do to remain in line with the latest trends and technologies. Imagine a scenario where a user has to juggle between zoom-in and zoom-out options to scroll through your site. Not only will you lose a prospective customer who wants to explore your website but would have a compromised brand image where users will perceive your website as non-functional and obsolete, which isn’t very healthy when your business is surrounded by such competition.

It’s not just about losing on the monetary front but hurting your brand image, which is the most prestigious asset in the prevailing times.

Final thoughts

Now that we are through with every possible reason to opt for responsive web design, you must align your website with this technology. Businesses that want to stay ahead in the competition must stay consistent with Google’s guidelines which suggest that a responsive website design serves the customer a better experience in terms of speed, performance, and functionality and therefore deserves to stay in the higher order of the hierarchy.

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