Professional Images on Website are “Necessary” or “Nice to Have” Element

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When getting a website done for their business, most of people think that images are only there on website to make it look good.  The only purpose an image serves on the website is to add some variety and images are just “Nice to Have”. But the truth is contrary to this, images have much more to do on a website than to just make it look pretty. Most of us must have heard this phrase that “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

But the question is, how does a picture can do that ?

That is because, our minds respond distinctively to visual boosts because the human mind interprets picture components immediately. While any language is first decoded in a linear, consecutive way taking more time to process in our minds.

We cannot deny that images do add the beauty to the website but image can contribute lot more. The only key is using the right and professional image and you can open your website to have following benefits:

More visitors

As studies have shown that images do attract people to click on advert which have right image for the context. Also images keep visitors to glued on website more than text which leads to more browse time on website. More stay time on website means, visitors get more familiar with your product & services.

More sales

If you are planning or already selling your products online. You should definitely be thinking about using images as soon as possible. As having the right images for your products will be going to have huge impact on your business. Studies shows that, users are tend to buy product with quality image which looks more closure to the actual product rather than products without or not so good quality images.

More Social Media followers

These days social media have a big impact on how businesses are working online. Along with your website your social media need to be update with professional images with right context, which will definitely leads to more followers on your social media profiles. These followers can be your future customers.

To conclude, website will be lifeless without images even though you have the right content in there. Because images are kind of magnet for visitors. But make sure to select your images very carefully. Selling something from distance is always the hardest part, but images can help in overcoming this issue. When buyer cannot touch something but with the help of images they can use their imagine and feel how the product going to look like. Images can affect almost everything, whether it is directly or indirectly.

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