Paint the Town Red with These 6 Perfect Christmas Marketing Ideas

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Christmas is just around the corner and with so many glittery and lit things around to explore, people have so much calling for their attention. However, with the holiday season kicking in, people also have a lot of patience and the right mood to invest in the campaign you would so diligently prepare. Make sure you make the most of these times of high-spirits, enthusiasm and euphoria in the air by planning and executing a campaign that is fun, engaging and thoughtful. The effects of your Christmas Marketing can further be amplified by understanding the cultural values of your demographic and how they celebrate their Christmas. This can then be integrated with a various lead generating, fun marketing campaigns that don’t just capture the attention of your audiences but have them recommend it to fellows.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in to explore the marketing campaigns we have shortlisted for you:

1. A Merry Countdown to Jingles

There’s nothing more thrilling than a countdown to celebrations filled with more ways to celebrate. It will not only give people more reasons to engage with your content but also come back to your website and bring in other people too. To make it an effective countdown you can use Advent Calendars or any other tool to schedule your content appropriately and adequately in advance. You can add various prizes for the engagement games you put up or pick a winner randomly.

Things to keep in mind to make this a successful campaign would be to use a captivating prize, a campaign with virality at its backbone, an engaging format and a tool that is efficient, credible and quick in implementing all of these factors.

2. Decorating the tree of the season

The most successful campaigns always revolve around the grand Christmas tree. This is essentially because every culture that celebrates Christmas embraces the ritual of decoration of the Christmas tree. You can conduct a digital contest asking people to upload the pictures of their Christmas trees and then get voting done to decide the winner. This will help each person add a personal touch to their entries and relate to your brand more intrinsically.

3. Thematized Quizzes or Puzzles

Another great way to engage your audiences is through Christmas themed Quizzes wherein you can include generic but good-level questions that are thought-provoking, informative but also entertaining. Eg: Why did the other reindeers not allow Rudolf to join in any reindeer games? a) because he was too young 2) for he had a shiny red nose 3) as he wasn’t competent enough.

Moreover, you can also have Christmas jigsaw puzzles as people land on your page and make them rewarding after 3-4 levels. Recreating a Christmas image will allow users to get into that mood of festivities and be more open to other campaigns or promotional offers you’d have displayed on your site.

4. The Perfect Gift Guide

Christmas, New Year festivities mean lots of gifts and choosing them is a real task since there are so many gifts to be bought and getting the right one for each person becomes a little hard. This is where a gifting guide would go a long way in assisting people to make quick and many purchases. You ask them a few criteria like budget, gender, relationship and interests and help the visitor explore the options. For people unable to find suitable gifts, gift cards do well. Display them at various prominent places for people to make the best use of. You can further also add bundle items under the heading “you might also like..” or “people who bought this also bought..” and help them choose better. Not to forget free shipping is a must!

5. Digital Wishes with a Landing Page

Gone are the days of greeting cards or in fact meetings even in these times of Covid-19 and social distancing hence Christmas this year is going to be all about going digital. Create a small landing page, add a few images, text, videos and gifs and link to your website and social media and you can now send a unique, sweet digital Christmas wish to your employees and clients.

6. Thematic Imagery

Most importantly, make sure when people enter your website, they are able to instantly feel the Christmas and festive vibes. Apart from engaging them with your digital wishes, quizzes, contest, countdowns and fun puzzles, you need to also make sure the colour palettes and fonts all depict a festive mood and put the visitor in that frame of mind. Let people know through banner images on your website as well as social media how you can help them save up this holiday season even as you invest in gifting.

Overall Christmas Marketing Campaigns work the best when they have an emotional aspect to them as that’s how people are able to connect to it and contribute. Tell people how you’re unique and how you can help them add to the festivities while being affordable and pocket-friendly.

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