Open For Business: COVID-19 Update

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The Coronavirus pandemic has left us all in a place where we never thought we’d be in. The entire world has been affected, in the light of which the Government of Australia has taken major steps to manage the outbreak.

With the partial lockdown in effect, please be advised that we are continuing our operations at a regular pace whilst taking all the preventative measures and carefully considering everything we can do to help the situation.

We are taking all necessary precautions, and are operating in accordance with the updated guidelines provided by the Australian government. Our major operations have always been online via emails and phone calls making it feasible for us to still deliver the best services to our clients. The steps we have taken are as follows:

1. Regular sanitisation of the entire office space, including those of our systems and desks.

2. Meetings over phone-calls only

3. Social distancing amidst the staff

4. Work from home for staff-members feeling unwell/ or those who need to be self-isolated.

In this time of distress, we stand tall together with small businesses like ours who are doing their bit to support the community. If your business falls under essential services, this is the right time to reach out to more people and provide them with what they need. If your business comes under the non-essential services, please be advised that your interaction with your existing clients is what matters the most at this time. COVID-19 is brutal, but we need to fight it together, and since we are all in this together, we are offering massive discounts for creating high-quality websites for businesses who understand the importance of engaging with your people. And with the government offering grants for Melbourne-based small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organisations to invest in going online and developing e-commerce capabilities, it is evident that the government is encouraging the businesses to go online and innovate in response to the COVID-19.

If you are an eligible business or a nonprofit organisation, you can get a grant of upto $5000 for the same.

To find out more about the help government is providing to businesses, click here.

Please feel free to reach out to us for building your online presence during this time, while we continue to work harder and deliver the best of our service.

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