5 ‘Must-Have’ Chrome Extensions For Your Business

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“It’s the little things that make a huge difference.” Are you familiar with this phrase? Well, we assure you that it’s not just for namesake but 100% true. But first things first, what’s your favorite browser? Do you know what an extension is?

There are multiple web browsers available in the market and most of them are free. So how does Google Chrome stand out? It’s fast, easy to use, compatible with all devices and lets you download as many extensions as you want! Extensions are software programs that make your browser experience smooth and customized according to your needs and what’s a craftsman without his tools, right?

On that note, let’s talk about some of the most useful chrome extensions for a business owner. If you want to avoid little errors and stand out, be sure to take a look.


Tired of watching those numerous Grammarly ads on YouTube? Well get it already!(No, this is not an advertisement) Grammarly is one of those tools that even an expert shouldn’t avoid. It allows you to be spot on with your spellings and grammar. If you want to avoid being trolled by your audience for faulty writing on your social media, emails and other platforms, Grammarly is a very useful tool for that. On top of that, it’s very user friendly and provides very simplified explanations for your errors with real time checking.

Social Blade:

Did you know that you don’t have to be an expert data analyst to keep track of your social media analytics? Social Blade has you covered. Using this tool will help you understand the trends and user growth. Some of the information provided by it includes estimated earnings, future projections, numerical data and easy to read graphs. It’ll certainly help you in boosting your business by highlighting the sectors that are in need of better marketing.

Productivity Owl:

Have too much on your plate? Do you also get overwhelmed with the tons of pending work and drift off into the world of procrastination? Productivity owl won’t let you waste your time. This owl will follow you on every page you visit and will swoop in and close all your tabs when you’re not being productive. This’ll help you focus on getting the required information and stay on top of your routine.

Google Keep:

Avoid losing track of your work when you get distracted by installing this very useful extension. Google Keep is a note-taking extension and much more. It helps you take notes without any interruptions, save webpages for later, make lists etc. Increase your productivity by making a note of all your to-dos on it and never lose your findings and work progress.

Boomerang for Gmail:

Did you know that even the time of your email affects its reach? With boomerang, you can take control of when your emails are sent and received. It helps you stay on top of your emails by allowing you to snooze emails that are not of utmost importance. It also acts as a reminder when an email has gone without a response for too long so that you can follow up on it. The best part? It all happens seamlessly inside Gmail so that it won’t affect your normal working of the browser or of Gmail itself.

All these extensions are just a click away and very easy to remove if you don’t find them helpful. So there’s no harm in trying them out. Go ahead and explore!

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