Marketing Tips To Make Small Business Soar In This Pandemic

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Covid, masks, lockdown, sanitizers.. have become the new norm. During these times, it’s necessary for small businesses to make an impact through their online presence. Online buying of goods and services is the new reality for people as most of the stores, businesses haven’t been running properly for a while now. Here are some tips for your business to make a niche for itself in the digital world.

Do not take social media lightly, establish yourself

Social media is the preferred medium of communication these days. One of the biggest mistakes you could make right now would be to go silent or be absent on social media. If you know your way through social media platforms, congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step. Now you have to focus on being consistent online. However if you still don’t have a digital presence, it’s high time that you start. People need and want to support each other during these tough times. They’re more likely to avail your services if they feel connected to you.

You should make it a point to post regularly on at least one, if not most of the social media platforms. Also, make sure that your content is helpful, happy or promotional, your audience wants a break from this harsh reality of Covid-19.

Always have an updated website

Keep your website updated and all the policies like delivery, shipping, return policies etc. within the Covid-19 restrictions. Use your website to communicate and ensure your customers as to how you’re conducting your business within the guidelines provided by the government. Use animations or banners to share all the precautions that you’re taking to ensure the safety of your customers.

Have an active updated and informative email list

Be transparent. Do not shy away from sharing the impact of the pandemic with your customers. You must have an already established newsletter strategy in place based on your business model. However, it is also important to acknowledge Covid-19 as a part of our current lives. Use it as an opportunity to introduce new offers and discounts for your subscribers so that they consider being a part of your email list as an advantage.

Update your Google Maps listing

Small business owners should always make their business information available on Google Maps. It helps new customers to discover them. Even though most of the stores are closed or have limited hours with minimum interactions, people are looking to support local businesses.

Update your business hours, health and safety norms, delivery timings etc. on Google Maps. They’ll be more inclined to make a purchase if it’s easier for them to find all of your required information.

During these times, when it’s difficult for already established businesses to run smoothly, small businesses cannot afford to slack off. It needs attention and practice. It is necessary to not lose hope and keep your marketing practices up to date. Research and evaluate, come up with strategies that will help your business grow.

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