How To Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly In 2023

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Thinking of making your website mobile-responsive? With you landing on this blog, we assume you know the relevance of getting a responsive website design for your website. Still, if you have missed taking a note of it, here are a few statistics that’ll help you understand the importance of responsive website design.

According to a Survey Site:

  • 55% of the traffic comes from mobile phones.
  • About 93% of the users access the internet from their mobile devices
  • There are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users.

So, while you are consuming these facts and figures, we’d like to tell you that apart from these statistics supporting the use of responsive website design, there’s yet another reason that stand-alone in favour of responsive web design, i.e., Google’s preference for responsive web designs.

Google tends to prioritise websites with responsive web design over others. The intent is to keep users’ interest and convenience as the prime agenda and encourage the other websites to move towards responsive web design. When you discuss the SEO aspect with the top SEO companies, they will all point you in the same direction: opting for responsive website design.

Intrigued to know more about it?

Let’s find out how to move towards making your website mobile-friendly.

Responsive Web Design

The first step towards making your website mobile-friendly is to opt for responsive web design. Responsive web design is when the website adjusts itself according to the screen size and gives the viewer a seamless experience while browsing the website. It not just offers the audience the convenience of accessing the website from any device conveniently but helps the website gain brownie points. Google gives special preference to websites with responsive designs. Hence, with this, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Mobile Responsive Layout

When offering a browsing experience to mobile users, make sure you are making them available a mobile-friendly experience so that you can generate direct leads. When users surfing the internet come across your website, they’d usually want to explore it immediately. And if you do not offer them proper CTA’s, larger fonts, touch-friendly-elements, and easy-to-click buttons, you will most likely miss out on the most important part. If you want to make the most of responsive web design, provide clear and concise mobile-friendly forms so that the users can reach you when they find your website interesting and decide to transact business.

Fast Page Loading

Another prerequisite is to maintain the fast page loading so that the users can have an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Mobile phones have relatively slow internet speed compared to desktops, so you need to stay up-to-mark with the page loading speed so it can render a seamless experience on mobile devices. Also, to catch user’s short attention span, especially when they are browsing from their mobile phones, it is important to optimise the mobile speed, even if it means hiring the top SEO company to utilise their expertise.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

If your website’s browsing experience includes any kind of user interaction, include forms that are mobile-friendly. It could be filling out a survey form or a form intending to know their specific interest and preferences. Whenever it does, make sure you provide them with a comfortable and convenient layout, displaying large field options to facilitate easy typing and minimising the required fields to offer them convenience. Also, you can add to it by including auto-filled drop downs where it becomes easy for them to choose from a given set of options and so on.

Optimised Images and Fonts

Mobile phones have smaller screens and must project neatly contained text and images for a better display experience. For this, try to include the text of at least 16 pixels and a high-contrast colour scheme to offer users a pleasant viewing experience. Also, you should avoid using too-small fonts or low-contrast colours that make reading and grasping information difficult for the users. You may also include other elements like eliminating the pops ups spacing out links so that users can gain better access to your website whenever they view it from their mobile devices.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO generally includes the same steps and processes as general SEO. It’s just that it comes with an added perspective of performing it for a specific audience group. Whether it’s doing related keyword research or creating mobile-friendly content to achieve content marketing goals, professionals perform it considering the specified interest and preferences of the target audience. Ensure that your website is optimised for mobile search engines, mobile-friendly tags and schema markups and mobile-specific metrics for the analytic part.

Test and Optimise

Frequent testing is the key when you are getting your website optimised for mobile users. Regularly performing the test and knit picking the faults and inconsistencies can help go a long way in making the website mobile responsive. The best way is to conduct the testing on different mobiles and processors to find how the website performs on every single source and then get back to finding a relevant solution for the same. Also, collecting feedback in this context can be helpful if you are trying to create a perfect mobile-friendly experience for your audience.

Mobile-friendly Navigation

Mobile-friendly navigation has certain rules that must be followed while you are creating a convenient experience for the users accessing your website from their mobiles. Including features like a hamburger menu or, say, an expandable menu along with comfortable positioning of CTA’s for the mobile users will add to your advantage and allow the users to process transactions directly from their mobile devices.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Making your website optimised for cross-browser compatibility is crucial if you want the users to have a hassle-free browsing experience from their mobile devices. Browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are specially designed for mobiles or, say, also get along with mobiles while performing effortlessly on the desktop. To ensure a consistent experience, test your website for cross-browser compatibility and see if it performs well on all platforms.

Take Away

Now that you know how to make your website mobile responsive and provide your experience a seamless experience in this direction, wait no more in offering the best viewing experience to your client base.

Also, you must have realised how important it is to tap the mobile audience, without which the scope of your business expansion would reduce to half. Any business website aiming and strategising in the progressive trend must consider every detail that matters to mobile users; only then can it chart out an expansive trajectory for the business and its goals.

After grasping all this, if you’re looking for a reliable web design agency to attain these goals, look no further than the expertise and skill that Make My Website has to offer. It is a well-established website design and SEO company that has proven its worth and helps its clients get fully functional and well-optimised responsive web design for their business.

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