Do I Need To Make My Website HTTPS?

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If you are in the process of creating a business website, you must have received a recommendation to secure your website with an SSL certificate. Also, if you approach a reputed web design agency, they’ll anyway offer you a resort to designing an HTTPS website.

Even if there isn’t much about deviating from the current trend, it becomes imperative to enquire what it does to your website. What is the significance of adding an extra ‘s’ to your website protocol, and how does it help in providing you with a secure connection with your viewers?

Also, before we proceed to find the other reasons that make it a popular website protocol, know that every reputed SEO company prefers to have it installed to ensure complete website security before working towards improving the website ranking.

Here’s an in-depth enquiry into what an HTTPS website is and why you must opt for it to secure a safe website protocol.

What is HTTPS?

For those who do not know, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. And any website displaying a padlock at the beginning of its URL means it is SSL secured. There has been a debate over why it is necessary to secure a website with an SSL certificate; other than citing the major reasons for installing it, the best bet of having it in the first place is that it encrypts the data.

Initially, when websites were run on HTTP protocol, the information that used to get exchanged between the servers and the customers was unsecured and exposed to the risk of being misused by hackers and cybercriminals. The issue was addressed when HTTPS replaced the old protocol and now provides a safe mechanism for transmitting information between the server and the client. Let’s try to understand it with the help of an example.

Suppose you run an ecommerce website. When customers buy products from your website and then proceed to make online payments, they will be required to enter their card details. Sharing such information when your website isn’t secure with some added layer of protection can be dangerous. No wonder hackers are always on the lookout for such unsecured sources and ready to hack the information that can make them instant money with the least amount of effort. This is where the role of the SSL certificate comes in.

An SSL certificate ensures that the information exchanged between both parties remains encrypted and shouldn’t have any unauthorised access.

Let’s hop on to the other reasons why you must get your website HTTPs secured.

Top Reasons to Make Your Website an HTTPS

1. Enhanced Security

The first and foremost benefit of installing an SSL certificate and converting it into HTTPs is adding protection and security to your website transactions. There can be different types of information that need to be exchanged between the server and client, and when it is not protected or encrypted, it can be intercepted or tampered with by malicious actors. The information can be in the form of login credentials, financial transactions or other personal data entered on the website.

2. Trust and Credibility

A prominent indication of an HTTPS website is a padlock at the URL’s beginning. It is a secured sign that assures the visitors that the website is secured from every aspect and there’s no security threat with respect to browsing or transacting through the website. SEO companies suggest that it might appear as a simple benefit, but it goes a long way in creating users’ trust in your website. Once their apprehensions are clear about getting their personal details or information from being compromised, they stick to your brand and become worry-free about having further transactions.

3. SEO Benefits

Google has been the first promoter of HTTPS websites. And the testimony includes an HTTPS website as a parameter to assign websites their rankings. Google shows no mercy in displaying the disclaimer for non-HTTPS websites. It ensures that the visitors remain vigilant when they are visiting unsecured websites and should own the responsibility of experiencing any data breach or other violations if they choose to do so. Also, when it displays HTTPS websites over the other sources, you are bound to receive SEO benefits like increased visibility and traffic from the search engine. Ask any reputed SEO company, and they’ll explain the significance of HTTPS websites.

4. Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

Many data protection regulations (such as General Data Protection Regulation) come with various regulations and compliances of their own. And when you opt for an HTTPS protocol website, you ensure it remains compliant with all of those automatically. While HTTPS website provides an added layer of protection to websites, it complies with many such regulations that stand in favour of website security to secure the interests of the audiences.

5. Protection Against Phishing Attempts

Once you secure your website with an HTTPS protocol, you’d significantly reduce the chances of being the prey of phishing attempts. When attackers gain unauthorised access to sensitive information or try to misuse the data shared between the server and the client, they require some kind of loophole or inadequacy in the security provisions to create room for their illegal access.

Expert SEO companies suggest that when websites with HTTPS come with strong visual indicators and complex encryption, it becomes nearly impossible for them to find their way into hacking or phishing attempts.

6. Browser Compatibility

HTTPS websites are compatible with the latest browsers and technologies, which adds to its brownie points. As the emphasis is on website security, browsers have become particular about its application. They ensure that they remain compatible only with HTTPS websites to promote secure sources and provide the same to the end users. Every popular browser, from Chrome to Firefox and Safari to Edge, remains compatible with HTTPS websites. And while you think it’s just about browser compatibility, it runs way deeper into establishing a positive or feeble reputation for your brand.

7. Improved User Experience

An HTTPS website improves the user’s experience in many ways. Apart from saving users from being shown the warning signs when they access unsecured websites, it renders many other benefits like remaining compatible with modern technologies, progressive web apps, reducing user concerns and potential bounce rates and so on. When users browse or visit the HTTPS website, they are assured of their data security and feel confident while making purchases or doing any financial transaction on the website.

Final Take Away

After reading through all the perks and benefits that come with HTTPS websites, you might be thinking about how to get it installed. Well, there isn’t much that you need to worry about! Even if you like to avoid getting into the technicalities, you can simply ask your hosting provider to provide you with an added layer of protection. Many hosting providers include them in their packages. Also, if you are looking for a reliable source, consider availing it from Make My Website- a well-established web design and SEO company serving its clients to the highest standards.

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