Level up your Email Marketing with these 5 tips

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There is no denying the fact that email marketing is essential to build relationships, to connect with your target audience, and also to help get more leads for your business. However, this only serves well when the execution is right. In this article, we shall give you 5 tips- vouched for, by experts, that would allow you to kickstart your email marketing campaigns with efficacy.

1. Use word power as a tool- to grab all the attention!

Do you remember the last time when something landed up in your inbox and endorsed the word “FREE” or “SALE”? What was your first reaction?

Let’s guess. You would have instantly opened that email (despite you being interested or not in the product at the first place) and visited their website, only to validate the claims and then finally hit the “buy now” button. This is the word power we must own- as business owners, marketers, and as visionaries.

2. Gen-Z & the millennials don’t like to miss out on good things- be that thing!

Talk about the fear of missing out- we all are the culprits. But here’s your chance to use it for your business- through email marketing campaigns or newsletters that we often call it. A sense of FOMO in the email- would primarily get the readers to navigate through to your website. Hit them up with a “Buy it before it’s all gone” or something like “15 left in stock” to aim at the bullseye. This way, you promote the sales and help the Gen-Z & millennials to get rid of their FOMO- a total win-win.

3. Your gesture matters

The foundation of every successful business is trust, credibility, and the ability to maintain relationships. Sometimes, practicing giving is a good way to win trust, while it also, subsequently gets your customers to spend in your business.

For example, sending in a newsletter quoting “get a free gift with every purchase”.

This works wonders since everyone loves a free gift and it certainly leaves a mark. Psychologically, shoppers would react more positively towards something that fetches them a free gift. Put it up in an email, and send it through to your potential and existing customers for a response you were waiting for.

4. Add recognisable prompts, CTAs – Call to Actions

To say the least, CTAs in emails prompt the readers to take action now. These prompts are usually buttons that are coloured differently to stand out from the rest of the text. This makes it much easier for the reader to spot them and do what they got to do. “BUY NOW”, “CLAIM YOUR FREE GIFT”, etc are some of the CTAs that great marketers use whilst executing an efficient email marketing campaign. Sounds pretty obvious, but an important one that certainly cannot be ignored.

5. Go out and about to select the right colors

Color psychology is not just a study- its a real thing. It affects the behaviours of the buyers and same is the case while reading emails. Using colors strategically while drafting an email campaign can help your business in the right manner. Colors are the best mediums to convey what you are trying to share, as a business. The way you aim to be perceived is determined by using the right colours. For example, consider Make My Website’s logo- It has red color for a reason. Red is associated with excitement, action, enthusiasm, and energy- hence, it radiates our responsiveness towards the projects! No wonder, it stands out. Talking of newsletters, we use red in our CTAs, to help them stand out and pop up. Drafting an email is easy, presenting it is difficult, but we are sure these tips would help you execute your next email marketing campaign in a more effective way.

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