How To Know If Your Website Is Outdated?

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A website is the face of your business. Any of the strategies and tactics can only work to your advantage if the users stick to your website, following its appeal and the experience it offers. That is why the beginning point of any successful business venture starts with creating a captivating website design.

To get the best result, you can always find an expert web design agency that can offer you the best services, employing its advanced skills and tactics. Also, the job doesn’t end here. Once you have created a proper website for your business, it is important to introduce timely changes and updates to keep it fresh and interesting.

Other than this, running SEO scans is equally important, where you’d be requiring the assistance of a top SEO company so that it can boost your website’s presence to the best possible scenario.

Sticking to our prime topic, let’s see the signs that tell us it’s time to update the website to new design, features, and functionality. If you relate to any of the points mentioned below, take it as a clear signal that you must improvise your website.

9 Signs that tell your website needs an upgrade

Lacking Responsive Website Design

Nowadays, most people access the internet from their mobile phones, so there’s no point in relying on old formats and designs. Responsive website design is the need of the hour that allows the website to adapt to the dimensions of the screen from which it is being viewed. It could be a laptop, tablet, desktop, or a mobile.

And not switching to a responsive website design means missing out on the majority of the audience that uses mobile phones as their device to access your website. Also, it adds to your website’s credibility in the eyes of Google when you opt for responsive web design and offer a better user experience in every aspect.

Outdated Content and Information

Content is the backbone of a website. And if the information or content you updated on your website is outdated, not up to the mark, or has lost relevance for any reason, it’s a clear sign that your website needs a renewal. In that case, you need to invest time, effort, and money to update your content and match it to industry standards.

Users are usually drawn to a website following its content. And when they do, content has to be fresh, informative, and well-updated in terms of facts and information. Any lapse or compromise can lead to heavy repercussions of them choosing to quit the website even before exploring it and diverting to your competitor’s website, which you certainly don’t want.

Limited Features and Functionality

Interactive websites are on a rising trend. Crisp dropdowns, smart chatbots, and appealing visuals and banners remain the face of the websites to keep the users engaged. And if you feel your website lacks in it, it’s time to give your website a complete makeover. It may involve the inclusion of automating processes and utility-based features to make the process even more smoother.

Also, a lot depends on the budget you can spend to include elements in your website that can grip the audience and persuade them to buy goods/services from your website. A dynamic website with rich features and functionality also adds to your brand reputation and makes a good impression on first-time visitors.


When you are not able to convert the users despite channelling high traffic from your SEO tactics, then one reason out of all could be a hard-to-navigate website. A website needs to be crisp and handy and must be able to provide users with a quick idea in a single glance. Creating complex dynamics for the audience can backfire when your competition is offering them the ease and convenience they are looking for.

So to make your website an asset that constantly works in your favour must come from an easy-to-navigate website that offers users a seamless experience when users browse your website’s contents.

Extended Loading Time

In today’s time, people have a very short attention span. And if you wish to capture their interest and attention, the condition of working on your website’s speed must be fulfiled. Whenever you experience that your website is taking a long time to load, or is being displayed at a slow transition speed, leaving you with an urge to quit, understand that it needs optimisation.

To even out the scenario, cache files must be deleted, small-size images must be used and compressed to feature quick load time. You must optimise your website to a standard speed so that users can at least stick by and explore what you have to offer.

Lacks Interactivity and Innovation

When you feel your website lacks interactivity with the audience and doesn’t stand on par with the latest website technologies like progressive webpages, optimised voice search, accelerated mobile pages, etc., understand it’s time to call a web design agency. Remaining up to date with the website design, features, and functionality is of crucial importance.

Take any area or segment, for that matter, and you’d see that it won’t make much progress if you don’t experiment or bring innovation in it from time to time. For a website to remain fresh and enticing, you must invest sufficient time, effort and funds if you feel it can improve its appearance, features and functionality.

Incompatible with Web Browsers

Like every other web technology, browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) are evolving in their functionality and issue updates every now and then to bring better security and browsing experience for their users. If you find that over the course of time, your website lacks compatibility with the browsers or doesn’t fulfil the guidelines that browsers have issued to improve the user experience, take it as a sign to bring updates to your website and make it worth visiting and exploring by adding the lacking features and programs.

Any reputed web design company would include it as a necessary ingredient when they initiate the task of a website design and it’s highly recommended to rely on their expertise to find the best possible arrangements for your website.

High Bounce Rate

While assessing the Analytics, if you conclude that your website is experiencing a greater bounce rate, it’s a clear signal that it needs to be updated. The reason why users are leaving your website in the middle of browsing must be some inconsistency that needs to be fixed at the earliest. That can be difficulty in navigation, lack of user-friendliness, unorganised structure and layout of your website and so on.

The best solution is to hire a renowned SEO company and rely on their expert knowledge and skills to find the apt solution. Once they scan your website for every inconsistency, it won’t take long for them to get rid of those using their advanced mechanisms.

Lack of Security

With technological advancements, threats and security mechanisms are raising their bars too. If your website lacks the security provisions and you are keeping your website deprived of it, it’s a clear sign that you have fallen back in the trail and need a quick website update. It’s important to note that updating your website from time to time isn’t optional anymore.

It’s not just a matter of enhancing the visual appeal to enchant the audience, but improving the functionality of your website has a lot to do with the security of its contents, which must be kept as a priority.

Final Thoughts

A well-structured website is a powerful tool that you can utilise to meet your business goals. Including all that’s necessary and required to make it much more enticing is a choice you must make to get the most out of it. Also, you can seek professional assistance to do this task to perfection if you lack knowledge and skills.

Make My Website – A highly renowned web design agency is your best bet that can get you closer to your business goals in no time. The skill and expertise they possess are unmatched, and they know no limit when they work towards finding success for their clients. For any assistance, you can either call or drop an email at

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