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UX remains to be paramount to effective web design. Considering a regular shift in the expectations of the users, the proactivity in the vast field of web design ought to be there.

Users have a habit of fulfilling the intention of visiting a website as soon as it opens, which is naturally inculcated in them. Certainly, the most user-friendly websites are those which make the journey of the user more comprehensible, which in addition to this, also saves the time of the user. The ethos of these type of website designs is that they reduce the total time taken by the user to reach their target by decreasing the number of steps that follow. This must be done by providing relevant information in a presentable manner with an easy-going navigator on the website. To build an interface which engages and attracts the users, there are many ways which should be followed. A few of them are listed below:

Anticipatory Design: Anticipatory design is a type of web design which provides the users with the information, just before they want it. The area of focus of an anticipatory design is not to assist the user in making any decision but to create such an environment which does not need any decision from the user. This is done after having a thorough understanding of the users’ needs and expectations which certainly affects the probability of a number of users achieving their goals, in a positive manner.

Progressive Disclosure: It contributes to an easy interpretation of user interfaces by the users. Progressive disclosure lets the information to be presented in a way that it is visible when the users need it to make sure that the users of the website can achieve the goal which they had in mind while visiting the website. It would certainly decrease the unnecessary confusion and cognitive workload let the viewer focus on the more relevant information.

Display of Information based on the context: It is essential to be precise and specific while choosing to display the information in front of the user. Context-based information should be presented on the interface to provide the most favourable user experience.

According to the trends, following these ways enhances the user experience to a great extent. To know more about getting this incorporated into your website and increase the conversion rates, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to see you at our office in Werribee and help you grow your business in the most efficient manner.

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