The Importance of Backlinks For SEO

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If you’ve ever hired an SEO company to promote your brand, you must have heard of a term called ‘backlinks’ at some point. Being a non-professional, you might not understand its significance, but here’s a blog post dedicated to making you understand its true relevance. Stick by as we dissect every scenario that comes from creating backlinks for your website.

Backlinks are essentially the outbound links to other websites that redirect them back to your source. Once you share a content piece with an anchor text, linking it back to your website, it signals Google that your website has a sound connection with the other website, making it gain significant credibility and authority. With this, we can easily deduce that backlinks are a great way to help your website gain authority, further improving search engine rankings.

Any expert SEO company would explain the relevance of creating influential backlinks. It is the most crucial activity in the process and confirms the success of any seo campaign.

Why are Backlinks important?

Backlinks help your website gain recognition wherever you place your link. It gets your website exposed to a new audience and increases brand visibility, which is, again, crucial when it comes to informing everyone of your brand’s existence. Also, while you share a common space on the internet, it is important to establish links with the related websites and channels that help your website grow in popularity and trust-building.

When you invest your time and effort in creating a sound network of backlinks, it signals Google of your valid existence, which further helps Google assign ranking based on your dedicated efforts. Other than that, creating backlinks is a great way to get more and more traffic, simultaneously working towards brand awareness. It supports the overall efforts of content marketing and ensures that websites get sufficient visibility on the internet.

Businesses that step up in the digital territory must never undermine the value of increasing brand exposure. The more links you generate in the different locations on the internet, the more possibility you generate for the users to click on the link and be directed to your source.

It’s always recommended to seek the assistance of a reputed SEO company, as it can get the job done in the least possible time and resources. Also, among the seo services they offer, you can get a complete framework of deep analysis and analytics that further in taking the data-driven decisions.

Does creating more backlinks generate more authority?

As we move forward, you might wonder if creating more backlinks adds more value and authority to your website.

Clearly, this isn’t the case! Let’s try to dissect it and see how it works!

When Google introduced the concept of backlinks, it later identified that marketers were buying the backlinks by unfair means. It was at that point that it issued explicit guidelines for how it should be done. The intent has always been to create a fair network of sites that can add value to users and not let undeserving businesses steal the limelight for personal gains.

So, if you just started and tried to gain too many backlinks too soon, it would send Google a clear indication that the backlinks that you have created are spammy and not of actual value. So any practice done with respect to creating backlinks must be genuine and authentic to render you the real benefit.

Also, it isn’t just about creating a backlink. Providing valuable content that offers real value to the audience is of equal importance. If you haven’t already created quality content and attempted to create a backlink in order to gain authority, again, it won’t be of much value to you. First, you need to create valuable content, and second, it must be shared on a relatable website.

Say, for instance, you run a yoga website. If you are attempting to create a backlink for your website, it must be shared on a relatable platform, offering relevant and valuable content linking back to your website. If you deviate from these aspects, you are clearly violating the terms and becoming a part of black-hat SEO.

So here’s the bottom line! If you try to create too many backlinks to gain authority without assessing the quality of your backlinks, you might end up attracting a Google penalty. For this, you must remain extra alert and engage a reliable seo company to create the backlinks.

What adds to the practice of creating quality backlinks for your website?

When strategising on creating backlinks for your website, ensure that you follow a few principles to steer it in the right direction. The first one is to find the relevant websites to create your backlinks. No matter how established and popular the website is, it won’t offer you any real value if it doesn’t relate to your industry or line of business.

The second prerequisite of creating a quality backlink is finding high-authority websites. If you want a significant gain from the backlink you’re creating on a source, make sure it holds a good domain authority so it can pass its value to your website.

Another thing you must remember while creating the backlinks is to choose your anchor texts carefully. It is very easy for businesses to fall into the trap of choosing their targeted keywords as their anchor texts. As lucrative as it may seem, it can backfire and bring adverse effects to your website. Google might perceive it as a manipulative tactic to gain authority and may consider it an unfair practice. To counter this, you must remain cautious about choosing your anchor text and try to make it appear as natural as it can be.

Following the steps with exact precision and accuracy requires wide exposure and expertise that only comes from a reliable SEO company. Don’t compromise when it comes to choosing your resource for the seo services, and you’ve won half the battle already.

Do all backlinks carry the same value and result?

As we discussed, not all backlinks we create for SEO ranking hold the same value. In the same way, when we talk about backlinks, there are two prominent categories that include: do-follow links and no follow links. Follow links are those links that signal the search engine to pass link juice to the linked page. On the contrary, no follow link doesn’t endorse the linked page. It might seem that no-follow links don’t serve any purpose, but they can render a huge benefit by sending in an influx of traffic. While do-follow links can work both ways and extend the benefit from both the aspect of ranking as well as traffic.

Other than backlinks, there can be internal linking that helps search engines find the link between the pages and understand the structure of the website. Also, if you want to earn extra brownie points to elevate your search engine ranking, you can practice external linking, which is attaching the links to the other content or websites you mention. When you cite information from other sources and choose to link it, it assists search engines in finding the relevance and connectivity of your content and helps in creating a better structure altogether.

Understandably, you may require professional assistance to create backlink for your website. It is a technical task and requires precision and expertise to achieve the best results. To get the best assistance and seo services to boost your visibility and ranking in the search engine, you can rely on Make My Website – A reliable and well-established web design agency and seo company. It has served its clients with top-notch services and invites you to explore the world of possibilities when creating a digital footprint.

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