How to Redirect Social Media Traffic to Your Website?

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Social Media is one of the major driving forces behind generating traffic and conversions. While Social Media is a hub of interests from all the industries and has high engagement rates for the same, depending upon individual interests, it can certainly be noted that redirecting those interests to the prime direction where they must find a solution is not that difficult and ought to be done.

1. Integration
Integrating all the social media channels with your website is sure to borne fruit for it is the best way to divert the traffic to the website. Having said that, when social media pages are integrated with the website, you are able to share what you post on the website directly to those respective pages! For instance, if you are posting a blog on the website, and you have your social media channels integrated with the same, you have a fair chance of sharing it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etcetera. Once you share the link associated with the blog, social media users with similar interest would click through the link and will be redirected to your website. Not only does it help in redirecting the targeted audience, but it also helps in search engine optimization, which certainly means this simple move will help your website rank higher.

2. Strengthen Social Media
Another easy way of diverting more traffic from social media to the website is, optimizing your Facebook, Instagram, etcetera in a way that it leads to more followers and viewers who then can be redirected to the website.

Share relevant content and make the most out of the integrating options, if any, on the social media channel. For example, Instagram has a “Swipe Up” option in the stories, via which you can directly take your audience to your website. Optimizing social media means, being active, engaging with the audience and hence reaching a certain mark which allows such functionalities.

And, just to mention, do not forget to add your URL to its designated place on all the social media handles and then mention the same in the captions, posts, and stories all over.

3. Address Queries Through the Website
You would have numerous people raising a query about your range of products, the type of services you offer or they may be just curious about where you operate from/deliver to! One simple way of addressing all their queries is- SHARE. Share the link to the respective webpage on your website where all this information is listed, (like on products/services page, contact us page, etcetera).

4. Contests and Giveaways
This works well in both engaging the audience and redirecting the traffic. All you have to do is, frame a contest, introduce it to your followers on social media and include all the procedure that follows on your website. For instance, you can create a form online on your website, making sure the website has got relevant backlinks and hence when the participants enter the contest, they would be curious to know more about you. Hence, increasing the traffic!

5. Website Update- Call to action
There must be links which let users reading/viewing your content on the website share it on different social media platforms. The blog post or a video to which they are etched, they would want to share it on their respective profiles. Add a “Share on Instagram”, “Share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter” underneath and utilize their keen nature. Once they share your website links at different platforms, you get more viewers through them! What’s next? You get a lot more traffic through people sharing your blog posts. The catch here is to make sure the content is interesting and eye catchy. It must align with the user interests, only then you will get relevant traffic on your website, which can then convert gradually.

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