How To Improve Your Blog Conversion Rate.

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Today, while everyone on the internet is trying hard to enhance their reach and improve the conversion rate, blogs definitely have become an important tool. May you be a budding artist, business, or a well-established one, a significant amount of time is spent creating these blogs. And nowadays, most websites even have a separate blog section included in their website design, and that acts as a testimony of how important blogs are to improve your conversion rate.

But for blogs to do that, you need to craft them in the right manner and it is easier said than done. To enhance your conversion rate, you don’t need just any blogs but the rightly-crafted ones. And how do you do that? Today we will give you a few tips on how to improve your blog conversion rate. Stay tuned and know more about how it all could work in the favor of your business.

1. Find a blog topic that sells.

First things first, how do you make sure your blog first reaches and then interests the target audience? There is no point in creating blogs and dedicating them a specific place in your website design if the target audience is not going to engage with them. It literally then becomes a scream into the void. To ensure your efforts are not made in vain you need to choose a blog topic that revolves around the services offered by your business and is of interest to your target customers. For that, you need to research what’s trending in your niche and create blogs around it.

Tips to find the right topic for your blog.

  • 1. Research and find a topic relevant to your audience and niche.
  • 2. Your topic should trigger your audience’s curiosity. It should be interesting enough to make them want to read further.
  • 3. Your blog should first raise a question and then propose a valid answer or solution.
  • 4. The topic should be timeless, it should remain relevant in the long run.
2. Properly include your CTA.

If your blog doesn’t have your CTA in place, it would be like putting something out there and not telling the audience what to do with it. A CTA is what highlights the services that your business offers, it invites the readers to check out your website and engage with it professionally. As the name suggests, CTA is a call-to-action and unless the CTA is clear, the audience would have no reason to follow your website once the blog ends. So, you have to make sure that while you put forth a blog that has some use, it should have a proper CTA ingrained into it.

Types of CTA’s to include in your blog. 

  • 1. End-of-the blog CTA.
  • 2. Comment CTA as it promotes audience engagement.
  • 3. Sidebar CTA relevant to your company.
  • 4. In line CTA’s in the form of links.
  • 5. Connect on social media CTA in the form of social media sharing icons.
3. Aim for both quality and quantity.

Keyword hero helps in searching profitable keywords for your industry detailing their ranking difficulty, search volume etc. Google Search Console might help with some keywords but Keyword Hero shows all the organic keywords including session metrics. It does so by gathering, analyzing and uploading the data.

On top of all this, it also helps to predict your rank in the SERPS, distinguishing between brand and non-brand traffic and recognizing whether a query is transactional or informational.

4. Market your blogs on social media.

Social media is where people spend a considerable amount of their time. So, if your blog topic finds a way to make an impact there, the conversion rate is meant to rise exponentially. So, don’t just leave your blogs to be a part of your website design but make a place for them across your social media handles too. Whenever you write a blog, make sure you share its link on all your social media handles. If you wish to give them an extra push, you can engage with certain social media campaigns that will enhance your content’s visibility.

Ways to promote your blogs on social media.

  • 1. As mentioned before, include connect on social media CTA in the form of social media sharing icons. That makes your blog easy to share.
  • 2. Incorporate images and videos into your blogs. That’s how something becomes an object of interest on social media.
  • 3. Find and post at the optimal time for posting to ensure maximum engagement.
  • 4. Engage in forum promotions.
  • 5. Join social communities relevant to your niche.
5. Never shy away from rewriting your blog.

Rewriting anything does seem to be a long and tiring process but is one that always reaps the desired results. The way everything changes with time, you have to make sure that your blogs do too because that’s how you ensure that your blog doesn’t lose its relevance with the changing currents. So, while you need to keep rewriting your blogs before the final copy makes it to your website, you also need to keep revamping it constantly. For instance, if you find that your blogs are ranking lower on google now than before, go through the ones ranking higher and incorporate into your blog everything that you find missing in yours. That way your blog stays on top of the search engine for a longer period of time. That ensures better reach and better reach means more conversions.

6. Make sure your blog is SEO-friendly.

Today, your blogs seldom receive the deserved attention and appreciation unless they are SEO-friendly.  The benefits of SEO-friendly content are not one but many. They improve your ranking, lead to higher conversion rate, reduce the bounce rate and increase brand awareness amongst a larger audience. So, by creating SEO-friendly blogs you kill not just one but many birds with one stone and therefore are of utmost significance.

Tips to write SEO-friendly blogs.

  • 1. Make sure you research and include all the necessary keywords into your blogs.
  • 2. Your blog should always have a clear structure: an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • 3. The topic should be crisp and should speak for itself.
  • 4. Include subheadings wherever possible.
  • 5. Paragraphs should be short and crisp.
  • 6. Include links redirecting readers to relevant sections or blogs of your website.

So, these are the few steps to increase your blog conversion rate. Incorporate them all and see how your blogs start generating more traffic or leads than ever.

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