How To Generate The Best Leads Via Instagram

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Do you find it odd that the solution to all your marketing issues is the same these days? Have you figured out what I’m talking about? Yes, it’s SOCIAL MEDIA. More importantly, Instagram as it’s all about the hype these days. So the question is, how does one boost their business via Instagram. The answer is very simple, by generating leads. But hold up, what exactly is Instagram lead generation? It’s warming up your customers towards your product or brand so that it makes them more inclined to avail your services.

These leads would help you greatly along the way because all of your audience are potential life-long customers. Do you see the dollar signs yet? But this is only possible if you know the right method to reach your target.

At Make My Website, we want the best for our customers. So, here are some tips and tricks for you to get them best leads:

Put out ads on Instagram

According to a survey, people’s decisions about their purchases are heavily influenced by the content that they see online. Using instagram ads is one of the most basic methods to publicise your brand online. There is a special feature called Lead Generation. For this, you need to have a facebook profile and your instagram profile should be under the Business account category.

Once you’ve created your profiles, all you have to do is go to the create ads category and design your ad. Ensure that you define your target audience keeping all your important business factors in mind.

Have a subtle but attractive bio

Writing a bio is similar to the class assignment of defining yourself in a few words. You have to define your business in a few words but you have to do it so articulately that it drives your customers towards you. It reflects your business’ credibility and authenticity.

So what makes up a perfect bio?

● Your brand name
● A relevant picture
● A descriptive category
● The most important part- Description
● Use hashtags
● Your website link or a relevant CTA

Add relevant links to your instagram stories

Sharing attractive and informative content on your instagram stories is not enough. You need to make your business accessible to your potential clients. You can do this by adding links to the stories. This is a tried and tested method frequently used by big hotshot brands where they add swipe up links to their latest products and services.

Use Hashtags

We’ve already discussed the importance of using hashtags in your bio but adding them to your content is equally important. Moreover, one should try to establish their brand specific hashtags and encourage their target audience to use them along with the pictures of your products. This way, potential clients will be redirected directly to your profile or posts on searching those hashtags.

Consistency is the Key

The quality of your content is extremely important. However, it is equally important to be consistent with your posts and stories. You are allowed to slack off with your content quality occasionally but if a client has lost their interest in your brand due to inconsistency, it is very difficult to gain them back.

Make frequent use of polls, quizzes, and interactions in your stories. Ask for people’s opinions to increase engagement.

Collaborate and Support

Collaborate with influencers who believe in your brand and are willing to promote it. Support other businesses and influencers on your platform. A healthy competition is never harmful but seeing you support others will allow you to gain the trust of potential clients.

Share, be relatable

It is easier for people to trust your products and services if they can relate with the face behind the brand. Share relatable content. Go live frequently, specially to mark important milestones for your brand. Engaging with your audience is very important if you’re serious about generating leads on instagram.


Gratitude is necessary. Appreciating your existing clients is a sure short way to gaining new ones. Share people’s reviews, posts and stories about your brand. Reply to their comments nicely. Do not ignore anyone except spam messages.

Develop a Strategy

Some people are under the misconception that navigating the world of Social Media Marketing is child’s play. However, the truth is that it’s a cut throat industry in this day and age. It is important to have a plan on how you plan to achieve your targets.

If you think that you need some guidance in the department, our social media marketing team at MMW is always happy to help.

Now that we’ve shared these awesome tactics with you, make sure to use them and let us know if it helps. We’re always happy to hear from you. Visit our blog page for more helpful information where we always have something to help boost your business.

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