How to Enjoy Your Break While Being Active on Social Media

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The holiday season is one time everyone wants to take a break from the mundanity of their routine and spend time with themselves, their likings, loved ones and enjoy the festivities in the air. While holidays are something, we all look forward to, there is so much you can do to make the most out of them. Since Christmas and New Year break is one time everyone is off work, relaxed and midst their family, they have more attention to spare and spend more time social media.

You can easily schedule your content and make sure you make the most of the great volume of traffic that’s online during the holiday season. Don’t miss the golden opportunity of connecting with your audience in the most personal and regular manner in these celebratory times by planning ahead of time. Enjoy your holidays while your automated content is posted on different platforms of your social media accounts but remember to not make it monotonous and keep the spark and uniqueness alive. Set up reminders to prompt and keep you in line with the calendar you’ve prepared for your social media handles.

Let’s look into some points to help you better utilize your holiday break in building your online reliability quotient.

Use Tools to Automate Posts

Social media gets heavy traffic with few active marketers hence making your actualization power multifold. Use this golden time period of increased online presence and willingness to spend, to build the ground for your new brand or spread the branches of your existing one. For a few apps scheduling can be done in the app itself for others, the tools come handy. Like Facebook’s app is well-equipped for scheduling posts in its own settings while Instagram doesn’t have the options so you might want to try apps like Later and check if they work for you. Similarly, for Twitter you have Tweetdeck and as for LinkedIn, you can keep your content with texts and graphic ready for the scheduled times. Further, you can also use other tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to better manage your social media posts and it’s automation.

Since it’s the holiday season, make it brand-specific while keeping it crisp and simple, delivering your message most coherently. Use aesthetic pictures with holiday greetings and make it relatable for your users so you don’t have to spend your time answering or clarifying the content put up. The promotional offers and discounts should be clearly and distinctively visible for everyone to see.

Keep your Customer Service Up & Running

Apart from everything else, ensure that your customer is sufficiently prioritized and taken care of even as holiday season washes all over us. When you automate customer service or bot messages you already put yourself ahead in the game. It is actually more in the little things, like greet the new visitor or your newsletter subscriber, thank the customer for ordering with you and ask for feedback on quality and service after a while. All this actually sends the message across saying “We Care” without actually saying it. You can further link contact forms to your FAQ’s page and let them know when you’d be back.

Mix up your Content

Keep your audience hooked by keeping only 1/4th of your content asking of things with the rest being fun infotainment or entertainment. This way you can slide in your promotional stuff without sounding too direct or pushy. Further, since the human brain processes most of the information in terms of images, try to use more graphics in your content. That way you’ll be able to capture more eyes and let people have a taste of your world especially as we all celebrate! Also, use different styles in publishing your content like infographics, case studies, blogs, videos, photos and don’t let mundanity come in the way of your interactions.

Keep it Interactive & Spontaneous

Automation doesn’t mean you lose the human quality of your content. Prioritize and decide which conversations you can afford to have and show involvement and interactions on those. Maintaining a personal touch is extremely crucial otherwise your content would lose all its meaning and connecting power. Holidays are a time to build your reliability quotient and don’t leave any stone unturned in doing so.

Interactions also offer a fool-proof feedback mechanism to know how your content and engagement campaigns are doing. Monitor your audience’s interaction through comment threads and mentions or reposts. This will help your audience know that you’re actually thoroughly integrated into the process of posting and when you respond in time to notifications, it brings them closer to your brand identity.

For this reason, sure creating calendars and having alerts to remind of scheduled posts is good but make sure you include real-time posts and pictures of you holidaying and doing Christmas-New Year decorations. Nothing beats the spectacular fireworks behind a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, post it up!

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