How To Conduct Keyword Research To Find The Perfect SEO Keywords?

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As we move forward in our SEO journey, we often hear seo companies mentioning the importance of keywords. You might be aware of that on a surface level, but let’s dive deep into the process and see how the keyword research is conducted to find the perfect SEO keywords.

Whenever you think of availing the SEO services, the prime step that an SEO company makes is to find the best-suited keywords. It isn’t just a matter of selecting and using random keywords in the industry context. Finding the relevant and top-performing keywords involves research, brain-storming and probability analysis. So much so that the whole strategy, including content marketing, depends upon the choice of keywords that you choose to play on.

So without further ado, let’s get to the basics and see how keywords are hunted for the purpose of SEO.

What is keyword research, and why is it important?

Keywords research is finding the keywords you can include in your content to rank your sources on the search engine. It basically includes the search terms that users type on the search bar to get the desired results. For instance, If a user needs to search for a handbag and you specialise in a particular range of handbags, you can include it as your top keyword, which is —handbags for weddings and so on. This way, you can work with different combinations of words and accordingly plan so that it can rank on the search engine.

The prime element that matters is thinking about it from the user’s perspective and then working out your chosen list of keywords. If you skip this part, no matter how strategically you carry out your keyword research, it won’t get you to the point you are trying to reach.

So let’s try to understand how keyword research is done in proper order.

Steps to conduct keyword research for your SEO campaign

Understand your Target Audience

It starts with understanding the nature and scope of your target audience. To dig for the best keywords for your campaign, it’s important that you define your goals and objectives and understand the intent before deciding the final course of action. Knowing your audience and their preference goes a long way, whether it’s deciding upon the keywords or strategising the action plan for content marketing. If you think keyword research works on the superficial level, try it once, and you’d know there’s more depth to its analysis than what seems on the surface.

Involve the use of Research Tools

When it comes to finding the keywords, there are many tools available that provide thorough guidance on which keywords are performing well and how you should choose them for your industry-related search. Google Keyword Planner, Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are among the most popular ones that SEO companies utilise for their keyword research. These tools lend great help in getting insights about search volumes, keyword difficulty, related keywords and more.

Having the availability of the tools is one thing, and making their best use to get to your desired goal is another. That’s why it is always recommended to rely on an expert SEO company so that you save yourself from unnecessary hassle and get fast and effective results.

Analyse Keyword Metrics

Doing proper analysis after shortlisting the keywords is crucial. Finding keywords that have high search volume along with high competition isn’t always the best-case scenario. Finding an optimal balance between the search volume and competition is the key to ranking your chosen keywords on the search engine. If you wish to play safe and desire guaranteed results, it’s better to go for keywords with moderate search volume and less competition. It would be easy to get them ranked, and you’d be able to achieve your goals much faster.

Find the User’s Intent

While you are analysing your chosen keywords from all angles and aspects, it is important to find the user intent to ensure you are proceeding in the right direction. There are 4 types of search intent: informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial. Informational intent is where the audience wants to learn; navigational is where they are looking for a specific product/service; transactional is where the audience is comparing two sources and commercial is when they are prepared to buy. Accessing the stage and incorporation the befitted keyword is the key to achieving the intended goals.

Do Competitor Analysis

Apart from doing your own research, it is important to have a fair look and analysis of the competitor’s keyword strategy. How they are incorporating keywords in their content and how it is performing on the actual ground gives you many insights about making intelligent use of keywords and employing them to the advantage of your campaign. Also, involving this step in your keyword search allows you to assess the competition and plan accordingly.

Refine the Keywords

Once you have hunted the long tail keywords which actually perform better than the other keywords, you can refine them according to your specific needs and requirements. Ensure they are relevant to your products and services. Refining the keywords involves bringing them in alignment with your business and audience’s intent so that the desired results can be brought. You may include the use of tools like Google Keyword Planner to analyse the keyword strategy from time to time, and this is something that you cannot turn a blind eye to if you wish to sustain the results that you have achieved from your past efforts.

Monitor and Update

Incorporating keywords isn’t a one-time affair. It’s an ongoing process and requires tracking and analysis from time to time. Constantly keeping an eye on the performance of the keywords and seeing if they are getting the desired results is crucial. SEO companies tend to measure performance by utilising Analytics tools. The full and final stage might seem simple, but it requires a great deal of precision and analysis to find whether the campaign is following the right pace or not. Utilising the tools becomes a crucial aspect that provides a detailed view of how the keywords are performing and where the gaps are. Understanding the facts and building timely strategies is the key, even if it requires changing the entire course of action.

Take Away

With this, we hope you’ve got a fair idea of how keyword research is conducted and how a reputed SEO company takes care of the crucial aspects. The keyword selection might seem to be an hourly affair based on the usage of modern and advanced tools, but the research and knowledge that professionals apply have no limit. It keeps on evolving as time progresses while discovering the new paths in the realm of digital marketing.

For this reason, keyword research should be left to the professionals and must be performed following their expert guidance so that they can save your time and get your business the timely success it deserves.

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