How To Do Better Online Marketing


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Online is a place where most people are for a majority time of the day which is why when it comes to marketing, doing it online is your best bet! While various online strategies keep trending and being recommended, there are some concrete ones that for sure are going to bring the differences you are looking for.

Mentioned below are some ways of marketing online that are sure to boost your presence, performance and proficiency at reaching out to new customers and retaining your existing ones, effectively.

Utilizing them can not only help you grow your business but also put a lot of processes on automation.

Build with Web Design​​

Your website is your number one bet at marketing and it is something people don’t realise or think about. All advertising and marketing strategies ultimately redirect your audience to your website or page which needs to have the retaining power to have the desired impact. With your website being the focal point of all marketing, it needs to be speedy, smooth and captivating.

When your pages are clean, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate with optimized content, you are sure to retain customers. If you aren’t equipped proficiently to build and refine your website, you can hire a professional web design agency
like Make My Website to do it for you.

Employ Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation also popularly known as SEO is the term used to include on-page and off-page strategies that help you rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages for keywords. This associates your business with specific keywords helping someone searching online to find and contact you.

On-page Search engine marketing includes boosting your speed, backlinks and inclusion of keywords on titles, URLs and banners while keeping your content up-to-date. While off-page strategy includes getting backlinks from reputed sites. SEO helps you reach out to more potential customers in your area as well as around the globe.

Once you explore the possibilities of SEO you will find endless strategies for growth as the returns are extremely high on investing.

Make the Most of Email-Marketing

Emails when used proficiently can help you connect with your customers, communicate with them while keeping them updated with your business so they can know you better. You can also segregate and compile your email lists to personalize your emails based on your user’s preferences and behaviour.

Sending additional information and resources on something your customer is searching on, builds their trust in you as they invest more. Simply sending generic emails would not help you, you will need to study the behaviour and preferences of your customers and approach them with what they need. Segmenting and email lists help here to make marketing more personalized.

Make sure to add an opt-in button so your existing and potential customers can subscribe to your mail list and keep a close look at the purchasing and navigating habits to build an effective strategy.

Invest in Paid Advertising for Balance

You can pay for advertising online through Pay Per Clickoptions which will not only redirect relevant and coherent traffic to your site but will also make sure you only pay when people click on your ads. This way you can be sure you are not wasting time on people who are not interested in your products or content and redirect your energy in the right place.

The highest bid on keywords places you on top of the search results for them under sponsored links. Marketers and web design companies target a higher ranking on result pages through a higher bid too apart from SEO and you can see the difference in the traffic volume the moment your ad goes live.

Further, you can also use paid advertisements for remarketing by showcasing the browsed products or services again to customers who left in between to motivate them to return and complete the purchase.

Content Marketing Reigns

The number one priority should be of maintaining a blog that is updated with quality content regularly as it serves many purposes together. You get to optimise and put your keywords in place as per your SEO strategy. More importantly, you get to offer advice and guidance on topics you are well-versed with to help your clients and let you connect with various readers who read your blog. This builds trust, reliability and a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Creating forms of content with e-books, guides, blogs, social media posts to emphasize your content puts your company in a higher position to assist people. Make sure to not write like an ad in persuasion, rather educate people with valuable information while talking about your business. Having reputed sites and bloggers/influencers share your content builds your reputation and ranks your site higher.

You can use online press releases to get your information out in the public domain. With such a formal setting and announcement you don’t have to create content as newspapers, blogs and other media formats write or speak about them. A public relations professional can also help spread the word of your business in newspapers and articles to build a concrete presence.

Hire a Coach or Consultant

If you are not well-versed with how to have an optimized web design that helps you market better with search engine marketing then you can have experts help you in making the most of your platform. Our team of professionals at Make My Website have delivered highly proficient website designs and marketing strategies for businesses from all segments and industries.

An experienced web design company in Melbourne such as ours can not only help you design an excellent website for your business but also assist you with Content marketing, Pay Per Clicks, online marketing, web and email hosting, Content writing,
social media marketing
 and more.

We help small businesses take the flight they need with the necessary tools and consultation while helping big businesses make the changes requires to get success and expand progressively.

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