How To Ace Up Your Content Game This Holiday Season?

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The holiday season is something that we eagerly wait for the entire year. The entire vibe that festivals bring to your home is something to look forward to. While holidays brighten up your life, it also does wonders for your business. And to miss out out on this opportunity would be like denying your business a chance to make it big. So, don’t let that happen to your business and adopt the right strategies to make the best out of any holiday season. Now, how do you do that? To guide you through it all, from our experts we have compiled for you some top tips to help you ace up your content game this holiday season.

Anticipate and plan ahead

When it comes to driving your business towards success and earning those extra customers during the holiday season, slow and steady never wins the race. If you wait for Christmas eve to plan for festive content, by the time you are done with the planning and work towards its execution, the holiday would already be in the past, and making the best of the holiday season would remain just a dream. So, what you need to do is anticipate the festive trends using past data and use it all to create a content strategy beforehand. That way, by the time you are into the holiday season, you would be all prepared to give your business that much-required festive push by attracting festive traffic.

What all should you consider and incorporate?

1. Create a responsive websites

The festive season means shopping season. And in this digital world when you could buy anything with a click and tap, not many people bother to bear the holiday rush and actually go out to shop. And more than a laptop, people use their mobile phones to access the web. According to a study, 67 percent of people use smartphones to shop during the holiday season. What you need to do is create a responsive website, which works well across all devices. That way you will attract more viewers and more viewers mean more customers.

2. Attractive holiday discounts

A holiday season is incomplete without holiday discounts. Holidays are never friendly to your pocket, so people try to save as much as they could. And therefore even the thought of a discount becomes the most attractive thing. So, if you are an e-commerce website make sure that you offer some discounts that no customer could say no to while meeting your profit margin. You can also organize some festive quizzes and games to attract more customers.

3. Incorporate holiday-related keywords

We all know the role that keywords play in giving your business that much-required push by promoting visibility. So, while creating holiday content, make sure you do proper research and include all the holiday-related terms in your blogs and descriptions.

Revamp your existing content

During holidays you don’t just decorate one corner of your room but lighten up your entire space. Similarly when it comes to your website, just adding new festive content while leaving the rest “unfestive” would be doing just a half job. And imagine a website, a few sections of which look “Christmasy” while the others lack any festive vibe. That would seem odd, wouldn’t it? So, while preparing for the festive season, make sure that you give a festive touch to every part of your website by adding festive content of all kinds.

Tips to revamp your website, festive style.

  • Add seasonal images, fonts, and videos that match the festive vibe. You can change the entire look of your website and incorporate festive-friendly designs.
  • If you have previously written some blogs for the festive season like holiday tips, tricks, and gift ideas, update them to the current year.
  • If creating new content in bulk seems too time-consuming you can always use the existing content like blogs and revamp them by linking them to some festival trends.
Know your audience

If your website is meant to attract customers, you need to ensure that it caters to their needs. So before you dive into the festive season, conduct a survey of some sort to know what your target audience is planning to buy or do during the holidays. Through your website, you are targeting a particular audience, and if you are engaging in holiday content creation without proper market research, it’s like catering to the needs of an imaginary population. So go out there and know your audience what they want before you come up with a proper plan. You can always refer to previous data regarding festive trends but it’s always good to start afresh and conduct proper research by yourself.

Ways to cater to your audience’s holiday needs.

  • You can only cater to the needs of your target audience when you know what these needs are. So the first thing to do is know about the festivals specific to a region, the celebrations associated with them and then offer products and services associated with it all. Like if it’s Christmas, know what kind of products and services that they engage with and offer them as per the niche of your business.
  • Don’t go for a universal approach but different ones for different ages and genders. Depending on your age and gender, your needs and likes vary so make sure you attract them all through your campaigns, products, or services.
  • Organize surveys asking generic questions like “what are your plans for the holiday season”, or “how could your brand help make their holidays more enjoyable”. That way you will get your audience’s honest reviews and come up with plans that will work well with them.
Don’t shy away from social media marketing

If you are not promoting your content on social media during the holiday season, your business will be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Today social media is how people interact with the world around them and most of the time it’s through social media that find the things that they wish to buy or services that they wish to avail. So, any holiday-related content that you create, promote it across all your social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. You don’t have to create different content for all platforms but create just one and publish them across all these platforms.

This was our guide as to how to ace up your content game this holiday season. This much is enough to get you started but in case you need someone to guide you through it all, you can get in touch with our experts at Make My Website. From web development, content creation to content marketing, our team specializes in it all. Get in touch with us today.

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