How is the new Instagram update affecting social media marketing?

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The new test update by Instagram which came in action just a few days back in Australia has changed the way Australian users see their social life.

Having said that, from now onwards, Australian users who choose to be a part of the test, would not be seeing the number of likes on the posts they follow. However, they will be able to see the number of hearts they got from other people. If at all they wish to know who liked the post of the Instagram account they follow, they can click on “others” and view the names.

Now that social media marketing Werribee targets users and grabs their attention with the content, this update seems to work as an advantage for brands and businesses. When the number of likes is not visible, you as a user, are sure to like it with your own will and not because “n” number of people have liked it.

For a small business, who has just started, it takes time to build and inculcate a sense of loyalty amongst the followers on social media and therefore, this would not let people ignore creative and thoughtful content that businesses create to impart what they have to. The people would now judge the content by its quality and the message it delivers and not just the number of likes. Social media marketing Werribee would not be affected in a negative manner, if this is sure to happen because what marketers like us focus on is the content and the strategy that follows, regardless of the number of likes.

However, since it has not even been 10 days, it cannot be said that this new update will work out well in the future as well, but it can be concluded that this feature is definitely intriguing.

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