How Does An SEO Agency Help Increase Organic Traffic?

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With the cut-throat competition in the service and business sector, we are every day trying to find newer ways to increase our customer base. And this being a digital world, we try to do so by adopting several SEO tactics. With over 1.8 million websites acting in the digital world, to make the best out of the digital wave, you need to stand out. Otherwise, your website and therefore your business will be lost in this sea of millions. And this is where SEO i.e, Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture. As 68 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, the need for a search engine optimized website needs no further elaboration.

Now, the traffic that your website receives can be both organic and inorganic. But as the top five organic search results receive 67.60 percent of the total clicks, attracting organic traffic is key to the success of any website and SEO goes a long way in attracting this said traffic. That explains the popularity of SEO agencies these days. So, today let’s have a look at how an SEO agency helps increase organic traffic.

What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic as the name suggests refers to users who land on your website organically through search engines and not through the means of paid ads. When a user types something on the search engines there is a never-ending list of websites that pop up, other than some ads that are shown at the top and when a user clicks on any of these websites, they become a part of that website/company’s organic traffic. While clicking on these ads generate inorganic traffic, unpaid content that ranks on google leads to organic traffic. In layman’s terms, organic traffic is what you can call free traffic, traffic that comes to your website simply because it’s relevant and not because it’s been advertised.

Importance Of Organic Traffic?

According to a study conducted by BrightEdge, 53 percent of website traffic comes from organic searches. From being cost-effective, sustainable, targeted to being more credible, the benefits of organic search traffic are numerous.

1. Long-lasting Results

Research conducted by Smart Insights shows that over 30 percent of organic clicks rank first on search engines and they remain at the top for a long period of time. While inorganic traffic stops pouring in the moment you stop the ads that attract them, organic traffic is more durable as it is based on relevant searches. Here, you do need constant Google ad management but simply create SEO content and your website will always come at the top whenever the search engine receives a query related to your website.

2. Targeted Audience

Organic traffic is synonymous with your targeted audience visiting your website. While ads bring in all window shoppers to your website, organic search results only bring in those who are actually interested in the products and services that you offer.

3. Better Conversion Rate

Organic traffic has more probability of getting converted into customers. The more the targeted audience visits your website, the more the chances of them engaging with the services and products you offer. Like window shoppers, they don’t just come in to “have a look” but come with the intent to buy.

SEO: A Driving Force For Organic Traffic

When it comes to attracting organic traffic to your website, there is a lot that one can do but if not done in the right way, it will just be another wasted effort. That is where an SEO agency comes to play. Any SEO agency has a team of SEO experts who are well-versed with all the factors or tactics that can attract the target customers to your website organically and they can incorporate them all into the framework of your website without leaving space for loopholes of any kind. So, let’s have a look at the various fronts on which an SEO agency works to increase organic traffic.

1. Keyword Optimized Content

They first identify and then incorporate keywords into the content of your website. Incorporating keywords into your website is one of the most effective SEO tactics when it comes to attracting the target audience to your website. When people use the search engine to look for a certain product or service, they type in certain keywords to the search tab, and if your website has content relevant to those keywords your website is more likely to pop up, therefore, increasing the chances of more users visiting your website organically. And an SEO agency helps you create this said keyword-optimized content.

– Local SEO

When it comes to local SEO, keywords are the way to go. With “near me” searches gaining a lot of popularity using keywords specific to the targeted location contributes a lot towards bringing in organic traffic. And that explains why people are engaging more and more in the creation of local landing pages that are high in local SEO content.

– Long/Short-tailed Keywords

When it comes to keywords, both short and long-tailed ones are important to generate desirable traffic. An SEO agency knows the right balance between the two and how to incorporate them naturally into the content of your website. For an amateur finding the right keywords, then managing its frequency can be a difficult task, but it all comes naturally to an SEO expert.

2. An Informative And Updated Blog Section

Nowadays, it’s a common trend to have a specific section on your website dedicated to blogs. The reason behind this is their contribution towards attracting organic traffic. Our reliance on blogs to find answers to the questions that we have is increasing day by day. And blogs which are informative, easy to understand, and answer the queries head one are more likely to create a trustworthy and credible reputation for your brand.

Simply put, if you read a blog and find it reliable and informative you are more likely to visit the website associated with that blog. But that being said, for blogs to create this desired effect, the blogs should be interesting to read, be informative, be rich in keywords but have a proper balance, have proper headings, and subheadings targeting the keywords. And this is what the content creators for SEO agencies specialize in and that’s one more way how SEO agencies help increase organic traffic.

3. Visual Content: Videos/Images

As per the research conducted in the field of visual studies, 65 percent of the global population are visual learners and are more attracted or influenced by visual content than the written word. So, if you wish to organically reach and attract this said 65 percent of the population, having top-notch visual content on your website is a must. While blogs have their own charm, video content is more easily understandable and more widely accessed. That explains the popularity of YouTube. Also, according to Buzz Sumo’s study, articles with images are two times more likely to be shared. And while creating visually pleasing, informative, and high-quality visual content is in no way an easy task, SEO agencies undertake it all for you in the most efficient fashion.

4. A User-Friendly Website

A website that is difficult to navigate by users is a lot less likely to be visited again and therefore, a user-friendly website is of utmost importance to first attract and then maintain organic traffic.

So, let’s have a look at some key features of a user-friendly website:

– Mobile Responsive

Considering the reliance on smartphones for conducting quick searches, a website that works well across all devices including all smartphone models is a must.

– Informative

If a good website could be anything, it should be informative. All the important information like contact details, address, services offered, etc, should be easily accessed. And all this information should be provided in an SEO-optimized manner.

– Voice Search Optimized

Considering the popularity of voice search and the popularity of bots like Google assistant, Siri, etc, a voice search optimized website is more important than ever.

When you hire an SEO agency for your website, these are some things that they give a lot of significance to as a better user experience means more organic traffic.

So, it’s while incorporating it all into your website that an SEO agency helps increase the organic traffic of your website. So, if you think this is what it takes to help your website/business reach its desired heights then reach out to us at Make My Website and our team of SEO experts and web developers will support you through it all. Get in touch with us today for holistic assistance.

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