How Being An Entrepreneur Changes You As A Person

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Starting a venture of your own is an experience of its own kind that changes you as a person. Ask any person about how entrepreneurship brought changes to their life and their first few answers will always be about how it made them into the person they are today. There’s just something about doing business, it takes a lot from you but at the same time gives you multifold, in kinds you never thought of before. Entrepreneurship is an art that takes more than just tactics and market knowledge. It’s a skill set that is developed with time and practice. These are things you would already know. But the thing people don’t know is that entrepreneurship gives your personality too an immense shift. The shift that makes you not just do things differently but also think uniquely. It’s a change in perspective.

Below we have underlined some ways that we found common to all entrepreneurs alike in changing their vision of the world rooted in running their own business.

Accountability & responsibility come naturally to you

What earlier was an option is now something that comes to you without trying. You start to feel responsible about various things in the world which may not even be work-related. You take charge and get things done and in this way, your leadership and interpersonal skills keep polishing.

Apart from growing up and maturing, entrepreneurship also adds to one feeling accountable. This accountability comes into play for things that aren’t even in your control like traffic, health issues, coinciding commitments and quarrels. You learn to take things for as they are and control only what is really in your hands.

Empathy is a major lense to your vision of the world

Running a business has you navigating through various setbacks, failures and backlash that you would’ve never seen yourself sail through. When you move through so many things and see for yourself how to manage them, there is a different level of empathy and understanding you develop for people around you going through something or another. At some level all of us are going through struggles and running your own venture makes you humble down to grace because that’s where the resilience is rooted at.

Your heart goes out to all those that have been in a dark space and managed to pull themselves out of it. This empathy helps you understand people better by standing in their shoes once in a while and seeing what they see.

Confidence and assertiveness are glued with every stance

Once you go beyond all the disappointments, betrayals and setbacks, there is a different aura of confidence that surrounds you, protecting you at all times. It’s almost like you can take on anything and accomplish anything for yourself after that point and its not impulsive but comes from a very meaningful space within layers of experience and passion. You develop this grit for being able to take anything and move forward. All anxiousness, depression and lethargy are tamed and you see yourself winning from then on.

It is essentially these downtimes that make you work and hustle, hustle to shift and change things. You learn how things really work and are brought into the forefront of a world that’s as real and rewarding as tough and confident you can get.

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Businesses are constantly changing and so are their modules but the real fun begins when you see yourself evolving and being refined in the process of building something from scratch and seeing it come to fruition. This creation in the form of your business can shift, change and transform but the skills and experience it leaves you with are immeasurable.

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