Finding The Perfect Content Title? Not A Cakewalk.

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Wrote an awe worthy piece of content but don’t know what to put at the ‘metaphorical top’? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Just the other day, I had the same issue which made me think about it and here I am, putting it into words.

Idealistic writers go crazy when asked if a piece is represented by its title, they believe that the content should hold all the weight and they’re not wrong. But in this age and century where people judge any and every thing only if it’s “worth the hype” and have the attention span of a goldfish, do you really want to risk it?

Look at me going on about how we need to choose the perfect title but why would you believe me if I can’t back my argument, so let’s talk about the WHY.

If you don’t have an attention grabbing post title, you risk turning away readers which results in reduced traffic. However, when it’s the opposite, quality traffic will pour in, you will be rewarded and you might even gain some new readers!

Don’t believe me? Conduct an experiment and try both the approaches. At the end of the week, analyse both the content stats, see the magic and then come back here to read the rest of the piece.

But if you decide to take my word for it, here are some steps to put that cherry on top:

Generalise your title at the beginning.

For example, here I started with ‘The perfect content title for your post’ as my initial title.
You just need to find the crux of your content and form a title.

Jazz up your general title.. Multiple times!

That’s right. Come up with at least 8-10 different titles from your general title. Use synonyms or phrases. Fire up the creativity inside you.

But hold up! 10 different titles doesn’t mean that you come up with gibberish. Your blog title should be:

  • Descriptive- The title should explain the content, so make it descriptive.
  • Short and sweet- a. Long titles can seem boring

b. They get cut off in search results.
Keep your titles under 60 characters for them to be favoured by search engines. Before you scroll up
and count, yes this blog’s title is under 60 characters xD

  • Accuracy matters- Don’t go into the details but include enough information into your title that the readers know ‘exactly’ they’re getting themselves into.
  • Powerful- Avoid generalised, overused words. Make use of words that are creative and give off a powerful vibe
Make it a competition

Now that you have some titles, you need to find the one that stands out. But instead of just comparing the ones you came up with, google your general title and compare all your titles to similar content titles worldwide.
Shortlist the great ones and then crown a winner.

Now you must be wondering about how to choose the winner. Well that’s easy, just choose the one that has at least one of these:

  • Juxtaposition- People notice when something stands out or is different. Make use of numbers instead of typing them out. See it for yourself
    “Five tips to boost your business”
    “5 tips to boost your business”
    Which one did you read first even though you were going in order?
  • Alliteration- It makes your title more attractive and catchy when you use a string of words with the same letter. But make sure that you don’t go overboard and end up with a tongue twister.</li style=”margin-top: 20px;”>
  • An interrogative tone- Turn your titles into questions rather than statements. It makes the reader curious about the answer.
  • Suspense-Just like the main lead in a horror movie, the readers are more likely to get into something that has just enough suspense to not seem like a clickbait but arouses their curiosity.
  • Specificity- Sometimes to make a title seem creative, writers may veer off course from the main topic of their content. The title should be descriptive, creative as well as specific.

Here’s to hoping that you find your perfect content title the next time you write a piece. But hey! If you find the whole process tedious or difficult and somehow are unable to turn your thoughts into words, we at MMW are here to help you out.

Our content creation team will write content for you from scratch, giving meaning to the thoughts in your head that too with the best titles possible, all you have to do is visit our website and get in touch with us at or 1300769302.

To read more such informative blogs or to find some inspiration, visit blog page. our Happy Reading!

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