Countdown To Halloween With Genius Marketing Games

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Halloween and its musings offer endless possibilities for growing your brand and marketing with the right campaigns. If you hit it right in the bull’s eye, you can nail every campaign you build for your niche.
For your marketing gig to be taken for what they’re built, you would need to circumscribe them with goals that match it. Align it with practical options that can be easily done and interpreted by your audiences.
Halloween is all about the new surprises and roles that people take on to add a twist to the themed parties. Giving them new inspirations only adds to your glory.

Keep reading to know about games that you can incorporate to make your campaign more impactful.

Horror Movies Game

You can have your audience guess the movie by placing relevant objects and props that have been used in famous movies or scenes. This way you can play with a variety of props as in a photo booth and at the same time have your guests be rewarded with goodies and merchandise from your brand. You can also have a digital setup for the same.

Spot the Differences

This game can be better for your online space as there you can virtually present the two pictures and shuffle a large variety for users to spot the differences and win big. The horror and dark-themed illustrations can charge up the Halloween moods while allowing users to associate with your brand better.

Photo Contest

As a cosmetics brand, you can really invest in this one for a vast reach. You may ask your customers to try new make-up looks and post them with your hashtag, on your feed or by simply tagging you. This will allow people to connect with your brand while also displaying their choice of products which can in turn act as recommendations and let people learn from one another.

The looks can follow different themes and have people designated special characters that they may want to represent through their make-up.

Identify the Famous Personality

Another fantastic idea can be to have people guess the person behind a broken or disintegrated picture. This can have famous celebrities who would be dressed in a costume or scary make-up, confusing people on their identity. The users will have to guess the person and probably also where is the look they are carrying from.

This easy and fun campaign can be easily put together and displayed on various platforms of your social media and website.

Candies’ Poker

What can be more amusing, fun and thrilling than a game of cards or poker? You can have it played around the crazy themes of Halloween and have people be rewarded with candies. This virtual trick or treat can have one be motivated about playing with the right cause.

A vast variety of chocolates and desserts have the capacity to lure even the most disciplined of adults.

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