3 Alarming Effects of Bad Website Design

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Starting your own business or running one, is more than a full-time job. And while you are on top of everything, putting 100% of your efforts, you would not want a technological aspect to hinder the potential of your business.

A good web design can do wonders to your business, and a bad one can exactly do the opposite. When most of your potential customers/ clients are present online, it is essential to have an identity of your business that represents you appropriately, that is, have a professional website for the win.

A bad web design can affect your business as much as a bad office space- the analogy here holds true as both are the mediums via which the customers/clients come in to know about you, and then decide further to hire you as a service provider or not.

Following are the effects of a bad website-

Inefficient User Experience & Brand Image

As they say, first impression is the last impression. In this era of technological wizardry, every customer is smart enough to Google you at first place, and then decide further. A bad web design, with unorganized graphics, cluttered or unnecessary content, too much whitespace or none at all, and unresponsive website design can widely affect your brand image and reputation, even when you provide top notch services in reality. Nowadays, user experience decides if you would get a heads up from the lead, who will be in front of the screen to know about you. With a bad website, bad user experience comes handy. Now that the user isn’t happy about the presentation, design, and the look of the website, he would jump onto your competitor’s website who may not be that efficient in work- but would nail the first impression!

It seems as if you are unaware of current trends

With so much advancement happening every day, it is important to stay updated and enhance the portals that speak for your business, one of which is your website! Let’s say for example, you have a website with relevant content optimized for the web, but if it is not responsive to the mobile or tablet users, you lose the show right there. To have an edge over others in your industry, your website design must be your top priority.

It gives rise to reliability issues

The users of your website, or your potential customers would not think twice before hitting the back button and never land again on your website because of an unimpressive design and layout. Your website is proof of how reliable you are as a business, and can put your customers as stake if it’s designed inefficiently.

Experienced web designers at Make My Website are backed with experience and are updated with the current trends to make your website look stunning and professional.

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