5 things small businesses should do before holidays

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It is that time of the year when the workflow decreases as everyone prepares for the festive season and the New Year. As a business owner, you too would be taking a break.

Considering the vibes of the holiday season, this is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with your existing clientele. Make sure to do the following 5 things before you wind up for the year-

Christmas is meant for surprises, and it certainly is the right time to up your game in business. You can get a discounted website, if you don’t have one from a quality web design agency locally, without having to spend what you would do after a few months! Every business needs a website in this era of technological advancement, and sooner or later almost every business would have one. Also, you get a legitimate point to advertise and surprise your clients with what “new” thing you’ve come up with, this Christmas.

As we always say, the key is to “engage”. The more you engage, the more your clients would remember you when they need you. Share your year’s journey in brief, or just send them a heartily wish to show gratitude for trusting your work.

You can use the free version of Mailchimp wherein, you can send a newsletter to a maximum of 2000 recipients. You can even get the paid version for advanced options of designing newsletters, and increased recipients.

In the festive season, people are always looking forward to discounts and offers. Share different offers relevant to your business- whether it is an e-commerce store, a stand-alone shop, or a service-oriented job, you can provide discounts to your clients and hence, increase your clientele. We are currently offering a whopping 25% off on web design and are getting a great response!

Even when you’re off from work, make sure to share the bits and pieces of your holidays on your social media. Always remember, making relationships is more powerful than just advertising. Be it sharing a small boomerang of the Christmas tree at your place, or the décor in your nearest area, the aim is to engage, interact, and grow.

Share your post-holiday plans, or your new year resolutions for your business, workmanship, quality control, or enhanced customer service.

You can also share last year resolutions that you have fulfilled. This way you’d create quality content that people would like to read in their fun time too. All you need to do is, draft a small article, get it published on your website, and share it everywhere on your social media or even in the newsletters.

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